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  1. Statkis

    Of course we can test, but the thing is, Im not the only one who complains about your combo. It’s ridiculous when you can one shot 6500hp VRF with PS set. It doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t see balance here
  2. Statkis

    Well I died few times on crown getting bypassed by you and I had full 4000hp, so I dont know what are you talking about. Im happy for you that you were sleeping well during CS
  3. Statkis

    Totally agree, I dont see here balance when he can bypass my 4000hp 2700def 42% soul barrier and w3+15 with one combo on CS
  4. Statkis

    In my opinion, all classes are quite equal with certain gears and build except RFs.
  5. Statkis

    I think the problem is not dmg. Problem is 380 armor+helm, they regen too much SD and make players unkillable.
  6. Statkis

    Hi, it can be any char of our party. We will share reward thanks.
  7. Statkis

    https://streamable.com/8u6gt bugged at last gates before Gaion Boss...
  8. Statkis

    Hi, today at 12:00 pm CC7 bugged, I was alone inside with invisible mobs. Tried to killed mobs outside with ES spell as showed in the 3rd screenshot, but couldn't do any damage to them. In game nick: Coco
  9. Statkis

    guy called Impera afk at IT
  10. Statkis

    Time to grow up, he played well that IT, and start to talk nicely:)
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