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    1. How will we get items for lvl 1 wings mixes if drops from medal and mobs are always +0 add and JoL will be available from events only (i suppose events that are quite late in the game)?
    2. You should repair the items at blacksmith when doing 380q, it's much cheaper
    3. IMO the custom damage percentage class vs class is way overdone. For example damage done to SM is too low. That's why people use them as stampers in CS. Bit weird if you ask me
    4. Likes: - Mercenary squad system - rewarding, fair and engaging - Arena system looks good, except for LMS with class limit. I won because i was the only DL there, doing horse rides for 10 minutes. Maybe move class edition on Monday and leave FFA on last day? Dislikes: - some non exc items missing from the game, but their exc counter-parts are still there (Raven Stick, Sword Dancer). I don't understand why, they would be worse than BoK+5 weapons - removing rings non exc +2-4 doesn't make sense if the exc rings can drop +2-4. Makes crowd control spells extremely OP in the start and they will be ditched as soon as you get an exc replacement. - the META is having 2 main chars and 2-4 farmers in lower maps. Going full Mamed mode with 6 chars is simply OP in terms of zen/jwls income. Who wants to pass the 2 accounts/IP will do so easily, especially with a 2nd PC/laptop. Farming cannot be removed from Mu, this is the core of the game, but take a stroll from devias 2 to atlans 3 and you will see what i mean. If it's possible it would be nice for the drop rate (items and zen) to increase with the number of players in the party, just like XP - removal of EE and nerfing of mobs made access to high level maps too easy. There were level 300-320 parties afking at Karutan2 with 1 week gear because some builds/sets are too effective without EE. Same with Vulcanus later. This is a reset server, it's not necessary and fun to stay in the same maps for all 5 resets. Maybe you should be able to AFK at Vulcanus only a bit later in the game - introduction of w3 mats in IT5-6 at 1st reset is too early, maybe unlock this later. W3 are supposed to be near end items, not month 1 items. In general, maybe some content should be released slower for RR DBs - AE Ice arrow is a crowd control spell, not damage. Also, Hybrid AE is too strong in PVM Suggestions (mostly for future DBs) - fix non excellent drops for GD Armor, Hurricane armor and other high end sets dropping in too high maps, making them useless. At level 395 (when you can go to Swamp) it's NPC fodder. GD armor could drop at Raklion 1st mobs for example, +0. - agree on golden and other spawn spots, they can be learned. i imagine they have more statistical chances to spawn in big rooms in certain maps. maybe the random formulas can be tweaked further
    5. Getting iced is okay, getting killed by the same spell is not.
    6. https://www.captiongenerator.com/2213731/NONE-start-new-Phoenix-server rip kekw
    7. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - balance Content - i will skip the part where AE is simply OP overall at the moment, dominating PVP and PVM and stick to a single point: Ice Arrow is supposed to be a Crowd Control spell, not a damage/finisher skill. The skill is strong enough due to the long freeze time, unavaliability of Rings/Pends +4 and the bug that doesn't let you attack while frozen. The high damage it deals currently is the cherry on top. How the suggestion could bring value - It would add a little balance to AE (although this alone is not enough IMO) and add some player skill element to playing AE: stun opponent with Ice Arrow, finish the skill with Multishot, Penetration etc How the suggestion could be implemented: Lower the skill damage for the skill
    8. As the game progressed, my suggestion no longer stands. Ignore
    9. Low levels buy items from high levels - fine Low levels get jwls/creds from high levels - fine Low levels get consumables (IT/BC/DS mats) from high lvls - not fine Low levels don't have anything that high levels need, leading to prohibitive prices. Suggestion is make IT/BC/DS mats drop from a lower level, high lvls need to buy from lower lvls. Same applies to zen. Find solutions to stop jwls/zen farming, its ABSOLUTELY META atm. Everyone has 2-3 farmers. (e.g. Make zen pickup always divide by 5, no matter how many members in a party)
    10. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - Economy/Drops Content - This suggestion is related to the flow of items in the game between 3 player categories: top players, chasers and newcomers. In my opinion, in MMOs there are 3 type of items: gear (Armors, Weapons, Wings, Spells), currency (Jewels, Creds) and consumables (materials, zen, imps) and the three player categories above. To have a functional economy, these items should flow between the 3 categories. The market on this server looks very good so far, and what makes it fluid is IMO zen and credits (available to newcomers and chasers). However, there seems to be some disparity between demand and offer (offer is way too low, giving too much leverage to top categories over bottom ones. Just look at the prices on the market. Gear flows this way: Top players have the leverage in gear market, demanding the price they want from those below. Top players >>> gear >>> Chasers >>> gear >>> Newcomers Top players <<< currency <<< Chasers <<< currency <<< Newcomers All fair and square, Top players and Chasers invest more time/effort, they get the rare stuff first and can price them whatever they want. Currency is generated this way, causing inflation (10B is nothing for a top player, takes 3 days to gather for a newcomer): Top players - high amount of jewels/creds generated (higher maps drop more jewels, top players get weekly rewards etc) Chasers - medium amount generated Newcomers - low amount All fair and square, because it's a game and you have to feel you progress. Consumables are currently flowing the same way as gear, which is a problem IMO. Top players >>> consumables >>> Chasers >>> consumables >>> Newcomers Top players <<< currency <<< Chasers <<< currency <<< Newcomers In real life economy it may be fair, but this is a game and you need balance. In order to give some leverage to Newcomers over Chasers and Chasers over Top players, i think those above should depend on those below for farming consumables for them. This doesn't happen currently for two reasons: - top players and chasers started to make zen farmers, a lot more efficiently than a newcomer can. check the price of a small DL cape to see how many farmers there are - most players level up in maps that drop materials below their current BC/DS/IT level, so they have to buy them from higher level players How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the fluidity of the market and give some leverage to lower players, that currently get shafted in all item categories (gear, currency and consumables) How the suggestion could be implemented: Regarding materials, i suggest tweaking the drop levels so that a level 340 player leveling in Karutan1 would need to buy the materials from a level 320 player leveling in Kanturu2 end for example (or fill his vault with materials for future events if you are cheap ). Regarding zen, unfortunately farming is an issue without a solution in every MMORPG. However, i think you can add some balance by adding rewards that are harder to farm (maybe rework the classic NPC quests and limit them to once per account). Sorry for the novel, i can't sleep
    11. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - balance (for future editions) Content - I find the idea to remove EEs from the game very interesting, it levels the playing field and removes some of the most boring aspects of the game. However, this has an unwanted effect: using Defense to progress through the maps scales a lot worse than using DSR. When EEs were a thing, defence would scale with 2 factors: character defense (increases as you upgrade your set) and elf buff (increases with EE's level). Of course, the 2nd factor does not exist anymore. DSR scales with 3 factors: base DSR (given by a character's agility), the number of DSR items you wear and ERF buff. All these 3 factors are still present. As you could see in Rankings, most top characters will use a DSR set, even for classes/builds that normally would use something else to survive (pure defense, DD, etc). The options to choose a set for higher maps are currently limited, as it would be a lot more expensive to play a low agi build and up a set +11 to survive Karutan2 than to simply use DSR+0. I should point out that in this stage of the game (break 2 almost over) the problem seems to slowly disappear, as there are more resources available to up other type of sets (DD, HP, etc). It is still an issue for those that will start later and for future editions of the server. How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the diversity of choice in building a set for levels 300+, making other type of sets viable (for example high tier non excellent +9, mid tier ancients) How the suggestion could be implemented - this is the tricky part with this suggestion... I am not completely sure on any of these suggestions and how they would affect other aspects of the game (i'm thinking they could apply in a future edition): - increase jewels availability between break 1 and break 2 to make it easier to up intermediate sets to +9/11 - slightly reduce mob damage and leave attack rate as it is - provide alternative ways to buff/debuff (for example increase the effect of Weakness in PVM only)
    12. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - Economy/Items Content - First of all, i really like the balance to the economy compared to 1st Phoenix edition (last one i played). It's really cool to see that almost all drops from the mobs are somehow useful. However, i have a small issue with access to low/mid ancients. They start dropping in CC4 (requires level 300+). At level 300+ a set from 1st tier (Warrior, Apollo etc,) is completely useless, the defense is way too low to survive even Kanturu1 for example. Furthermore, at this point (300+) nobody is gonna invest jewels in upping such items, because there are more useful items available (BoK+3 exc etc). The same would apply to mid tier ancients (CC5+, lvl 340+). I can see someone using Kantata for example at level 300 (in Kanturu2 etc), but not at level 350 (Karutan etc) How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the diversity of choice in building a set for levels 150-250 (low tier ancient) / 250-350 (mid tier ancient). How the suggestion could be implemented - in my opinion, a better distribution of ancient drops in CC would be: CC 1: Level 100-179 | Low tier (10% chance) CC 2: Level 180-249 | Low tier (20%) CC 3: Level 250-299 | Low tier (20%) Mid tier (10%) CC 4: Level 300-339 | Mid tier (30%) Low tier (10%) CC 5: Level 340-374 | Mid tier (50%) CC 6: Level 375-400 | 50% Random tier CC 7: Level 400+ | 50% Random tier
    13. I'm one of the ones that quit before the server ended, and i keep in contact with other people that did so too (NONE guild). I suppose it isn't worth investigating too much into this, because tbh there's plenty of reasons: - it's summer, people want to chill on the beach, not grind Devil Square - most mu players are 25/30 +, we need a break from time to time to deal with real life shit - the old mu server model where people played the same DB for 2-3 years is simply not viable anymore, mostly because of the previous reason. i think OS does a very good job about this, bringing something fresh every 4-6 months. To all the haters, don't take it the wrong way. NONE will most likely be back, but now it's summer, time to chill
    14. I think there's no reason to be upset. It's just the natural cycle of Mu servers. This edition has been running for almost 4 months now, and there are still hundreds of active players. That's amazing for a private server and there's a lot of effort that's been put into this. Phoenix still gets constant updates and incentives for new players to join. Also, it's summer, so it's normal that people are not so active as during winter. The number of players will slowly fade, yes, but there's a new edition on it's way and there's still a lot of stuff to do on Phoenix. That's the best part about this game (server). You get bored, you take a break, and if you feel like playing again there's always an interesting edition going on.
    15. https://www.captiongenerator.com/1427602/Yami-wants-to-win-CS
    16. With all the respect for all the nice fights we had so far... I'm so tired to hear this excuse with "not enough players". This is a MASSIVE Multiplayer Online RPG. CS is on Sunday now. It's Smurf's job to step up your game, recruit new people and help them grow. Sharing that sweet sweet loot with newer players ain't gonna hurt so bad. As long as i was GM of NONE, you didn't bring much competition to the table, sorry. If you want to play in 5 people, i recommend Diablo III.
    17. This is a great idea, optional participation that can be incentivized with a reward (maybe higher XP), but at a higher risk.
    18. Encouraging some behaviour (active play in our case) should be done by rewarding the action, not directly punishing the opposite action. Random spawn times for kundun is good game design, for example - you get rewarded if you are active and able to react fast, without a direct punishment if you don't.
    19. Not a good idea imo. PVP is when the one you're attacking fights back, not killing AFK players. This will just reward the ones who are on 24/7 for almost no skill involved. If you want to discourage AFK play you need to increase xp for events and in PVP maps or set a steeper zen cost curve in the mu bot. If you want to encourage more PVP, either make something similar to Royal Rumble for high levels, a party based PVP arena, or even an event like you mentioned, but only if you register for it you can get tagged as a target and with a limited time period. Another idea would be to give up on the non-pvp invasions.
    20. Yes, we won't intervene, and i advise NONE and HOSTILE members to stay out of lot during that period
    21. There are 7 spots if i'm not mistaken. Unfortunately we can't do anything about the drop rate, but as far as i know, the more players in a map, the better the drop.
    22. As i said in the previous thread, if we win CS again we will have a surprise for the rest of the server. Land of Trials will be open to the public for one day, this week. When? Lot will open to public on Friday evening (around 18-19 server time) and will stay open until CS time, on Saturday How? Just go Crywolf > Loren Valley > Land of Trials and start farming :). We will not enforce any PK/KS rules, it will be free for all and we won't intervene in any conflicts. Why? We know how difficult is for players outside the top guilds to compete for ancients and we want to give them a chance. We want to support new guilds appearing and competing. Why not do something different? We're waiting for visitors, starting Friday evening!
    23. It might be 14, too bad you're enjoying it by yourself That aside, idk if you played NonRR, but we have the same core group of players for over 6 months (Cows, Coco, Youpi, Noisy, Cottonstar, and many others). We stick together and enjoy the game, being it competing for high level bosses or simply screwing around as a low-tier guild. Level and gear doesn't matter, as long as we have fun
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