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  1. Ammodytes

    Well , Mu is AFK Game , even original devs created Mu Helper to be able to play while afking. To call "trash" players , the one who afk-ing cos they have families , or jobs ...its a bit harsh , dont you think ? And what are you doing while you sleep ? You close PC / Laptop ?? or you continue lvling ?
  2. Ammodytes

    Tell me ing Name pelase
  3. Ammodytes

    Dont know how much you know about ML...in non pvp maps you gain like 4-6k / mob ML Exp , and for one lvl you need around 6 billions.... So what you're saying its to spend like 3-4 days fore 1 ML lvl ? Told you once , ill say it again. Dont try to be smart ass if you dont know what you're talking about , please
  4. Ammodytes

    Yea , imo to make battle map , THE ONLY GOOD MAP FOR ML , its not a smart idea , and yes , agree with you Amatv. This game is afk game . To not be able to be afk and farm ML , its kinda game breaker for me also. I could understand if a player kill me 1-2 times / day , just cos he feel like, but Krass its over the top. In 1 hr he killed our party like 4 times. Obvious is a frustrated kid . I dont know who's foult is for this mistake , as far as i know battle maps were choose by the players. I can understand a battle map , like Raklion , where Selupan is , but to be battle map on a farm map , this is wrong. Prolly ill take Amatv advice and let Krass to be the King of Swamp. To finaly have a joy in his sad life
  5. Ammodytes

    It happen to me also , not Sunday. During the Fifth stage. But its kinda my foult , i try to lure just one medic and mini-boss out of the room. Killed Medic , and half way to killing mini-boss, he vanish , and with him all remaining mobs , so yea. Couldnt continue event
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