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    1. salam

      Getting iced is okay, getting killed by the same spell is not.
    2. https://www.captiongenerator.com/2213731/NONE-start-new-Phoenix-server rip kekw
    3. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - balance Content - i will skip the part where AE is simply OP overall at the moment, dominating PVP and PVM and stick to a single point: Ice Arrow is supposed to be a Crowd Control spell, not a damage/finisher skill. The skill is strong enough due to the long freeze time, unavaliability of Rings/Pends +4 and the bug that doesn't let you attack while frozen. The high damage it deals currently is the cherry on top. How the suggestion could bring value - It would add a little balance to AE (alt
    4. As the game progressed, my suggestion no longer stands. Ignore
    5. salam

      Low levels buy items from high levels - fine Low levels get jwls/creds from high levels - fine Low levels get consumables (IT/BC/DS mats) from high lvls - not fine Low levels don't have anything that high levels need, leading to prohibitive prices. Suggestion is make IT/BC/DS mats drop from a lower level, high lvls need to buy from lower lvls. Same applies to zen. Find solutions to stop jwls/zen farming, its ABSOLUTELY META atm. Everyone has 2-3 farmers. (e.g. Make zen pickup always divide by 5, no matter how many members in a party)
    6. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - Economy/Drops Content - This suggestion is related to the flow of items in the game between 3 player categories: top players, chasers and newcomers. In my opinion, in MMOs there are 3 type of items: gear (Armors, Weapons, Wings, Spells), currency (Jewels, Creds) and consumables (materials, zen, imps) and the three player categories above. To have a functional economy, these items should flow between the 3 categories. The market on this server looks very good so far, and what makes it fluid is IMO zen and credits (a
    7. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - balance (for future editions) Content - I find the idea to remove EEs from the game very interesting, it levels the playing field and removes some of the most boring aspects of the game. However, this has an unwanted effect: using Defense to progress through the maps scales a lot worse than using DSR. When EEs were a thing, defence would scale with 2 factors: character defense (increases as you upgrade your set) and elf buff (increases with EE's level). Of course, the 2nd factor does not exist anymore. DSR sca
    8. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - Economy/Items Content - First of all, i really like the balance to the economy compared to 1st Phoenix edition (last one i played). It's really cool to see that almost all drops from the mobs are somehow useful. However, i have a small issue with access to low/mid ancients. They start dropping in CC4 (requires level 300+). At level 300+ a set from 1st tier (Warrior, Apollo etc,) is completely useless, the defense is way too low to survive even Kanturu1 for example. Furthermore, at this point (300+) nobody is gonna invest jewels in up
    9. I'm one of the ones that quit before the server ended, and i keep in contact with other people that did so too (NONE guild). I suppose it isn't worth investigating too much into this, because tbh there's plenty of reasons: - it's summer, people want to chill on the beach, not grind Devil Square - most mu players are 25/30 +, we need a break from time to time to deal with real life shit - the old mu server model where people played the same DB for 2-3 years is simply not viable anymore, mostly because of the previous reason. i think OS does a very good job about this, bringi
    10. salam

      I think there's no reason to be upset. It's just the natural cycle of Mu servers. This edition has been running for almost 4 months now, and there are still hundreds of active players. That's amazing for a private server and there's a lot of effort that's been put into this. Phoenix still gets constant updates and incentives for new players to join. Also, it's summer, so it's normal that people are not so active as during winter. The number of players will slowly fade, yes, but there's a new edition on it's way and there's still a lot of stuff to do on Phoenix. That's the best part
    11. salam

    12. salam

      With all the respect for all the nice fights we had so far... I'm so tired to hear this excuse with "not enough players". This is a MASSIVE Multiplayer Online RPG. CS is on Sunday now. It's Smurf's job to step up your game, recruit new people and help them grow. Sharing that sweet sweet loot with newer players ain't gonna hurt so bad. As long as i was GM of NONE, you didn't bring much competition to the table, sorry. If you want to play in 5 people, i recommend Diablo III.
    13. salam

      This is a great idea, optional participation that can be incentivized with a reward (maybe higher XP), but at a higher risk.
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