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  1. I'm one of the ones that quit before the server ended, and i keep in contact with other people that did so too (NONE guild). I suppose it isn't worth investigating too much into this, because tbh there's plenty of reasons: - it's summer, people want to chill on the beach, not grind Devil Square - most mu players are 25/30 +, we need a break from time to time to deal with real life shit - the old mu server model where people played the same DB for 2-3 years is simply not viable anymore, mostly because of the previous reason. i think OS does a very good job about this, bringing something fresh every 4-6 months. To all the haters, don't take it the wrong way. NONE will most likely be back, but now it's summer, time to chill
  2. salam

    I think there's no reason to be upset. It's just the natural cycle of Mu servers. This edition has been running for almost 4 months now, and there are still hundreds of active players. That's amazing for a private server and there's a lot of effort that's been put into this. Phoenix still gets constant updates and incentives for new players to join. Also, it's summer, so it's normal that people are not so active as during winter. The number of players will slowly fade, yes, but there's a new edition on it's way and there's still a lot of stuff to do on Phoenix. That's the best part about this game (server). You get bored, you take a break, and if you feel like playing again there's always an interesting edition going on.
  3. salam

  4. salam

    With all the respect for all the nice fights we had so far... I'm so tired to hear this excuse with "not enough players". This is a MASSIVE Multiplayer Online RPG. CS is on Sunday now. It's Smurf's job to step up your game, recruit new people and help them grow. Sharing that sweet sweet loot with newer players ain't gonna hurt so bad. As long as i was GM of NONE, you didn't bring much competition to the table, sorry. If you want to play in 5 people, i recommend Diablo III.
  5. salam

    This is a great idea, optional participation that can be incentivized with a reward (maybe higher XP), but at a higher risk.
  6. salam

    Encouraging some behaviour (active play in our case) should be done by rewarding the action, not directly punishing the opposite action. Random spawn times for kundun is good game design, for example - you get rewarded if you are active and able to react fast, without a direct punishment if you don't.
  7. salam

    Not a good idea imo. PVP is when the one you're attacking fights back, not killing AFK players. This will just reward the ones who are on 24/7 for almost no skill involved. If you want to discourage AFK play you need to increase xp for events and in PVP maps or set a steeper zen cost curve in the mu bot. If you want to encourage more PVP, either make something similar to Royal Rumble for high levels, a party based PVP arena, or even an event like you mentioned, but only if you register for it you can get tagged as a target and with a limited time period. Another idea would be to give up on the non-pvp invasions.
  8. salam

    Yes, we won't intervene, and i advise NONE and HOSTILE members to stay out of lot during that period
  9. salam

    There are 7 spots if i'm not mistaken. Unfortunately we can't do anything about the drop rate, but as far as i know, the more players in a map, the better the drop.
  10. salam

    As i said in the previous thread, if we win CS again we will have a surprise for the rest of the server. Land of Trials will be open to the public for one day, this week. When? Lot will open to public on Friday evening (around 18-19 server time) and will stay open until CS time, on Saturday How? Just go Crywolf > Loren Valley > Land of Trials and start farming :). We will not enforce any PK/KS rules, it will be free for all and we won't intervene in any conflicts. Why? We know how difficult is for players outside the top guilds to compete for ancients and we want to give them a chance. We want to support new guilds appearing and competing. Why not do something different? We're waiting for visitors, starting Friday evening!
  11. salam

    It might be 14, too bad you're enjoying it by yourself That aside, idk if you played NonRR, but we have the same core group of players for over 6 months (Cows, Coco, Youpi, Noisy, Cottonstar, and many others). We stick together and enjoy the game, being it competing for high level bosses or simply screwing around as a low-tier guild. Level and gear doesn't matter, as long as we have fun
  12. salam

    As the GM of NONE, my hope is that this won't happen to us. We and our allies have a strong core of players bound by friendship and team play, not by items or level. If we lose, this will only make us come back stronger. If we win and keep Lot, the server might receive a nice surprise
  13. salam

    I was solo in today's CC7 at 12:00, cleaned the mobs by myself, but the mob counter or mob positions were bugged. No mobs were visible, but the counter was at 21. Zooming in-out sometimes fixes this, but not this time. https://streamable.com/rv7xp Is there a possibility to get the reward for the bugged CC?
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