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  1. And Crywolf became PvP map =/

  2. Overseer112

    Not worth selling here i guess... Better put on market overpriced to get people attention. And the most players will pm or mail you
  3. Overseer112

    Spoke with Almighty, so i guess Escape tilted after that odd move with ball drop. As i have been told you had long conversation afterwards. Happens.
  4. Overseer112

    Problem everything what i saw here is only verbal proof. And personal dislike doesnt let IT be played as ahould. If players cant appreciate events maybe rewards should be lowered
  5. Overseer112

    Do you have video or something ? Even if i ask rest of party, they can say whatever they want. I guess, from now on, if i ll be online, i ll warp to IT and watch it on my own.
  6. Overseer112

    And again, need proof. Video or something.
  7. Overseer112

    What is Riddle Event ? I ll announce that there will be a riddle and what reward for it, afterwards any time in next 1 hour ( I ll pick random time, but in between events, invasions, bosses, etc. ) You have to know somethings about MU, but at start i wont over complicate event and wont choose any high level mob maps so new players can as well try. And to see how it will do with this event... So how it the game ? Server will notice - RIDDLE TIME and there will be a riddle about MU ( for start i ll pick locations, NPC`s or coordinates on map ) I ll stay hidden and you need to come to that spot ( answer ) and pm me, IF IT`S ASKED BEFORE RIDDLE, only when you are there. Because if its safezone or crowded spot, i cant decide by appearance on spot. I ll tell if need pm. If that player is right and he is at specific answer spot, I will announce winner and will trade you with reward. IF I DON`T ANSWER, SO YOU ARE WRONG OR NOT THERE. I will try to make riddles about 1 possible answer ... For example, i tried 1 riddle before where answer was CHURCH , and as you know there are 2 churches in Devias. And the winner was that who went to Devias2 church. Had to polish a bit riddle to be more specific. I know it will take time to polish and improve this event but i hope people can understand the basics how to participate.
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