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  1. I cant find hotkey button for quick selling items from inv. When i open npc shop - i sell every item manually putting to shop. Its very boring and annoying. I tried different buttons, but unsuccessfully. In newer mu versions, i just press right mouse button. Its very important and very useful info for all, because players often use npc shop for selling items (need zens for rr). Thanks in advance.
  2. teamer

    How can you verify this ? Forum s account not linked with ingame account I voted only once (i swear), but if would i wanted - i could vote many times. Vpn, change browser, internet cafe with many various pc - it is easy for many players, especially those who are interested and want something
  3. teamer

    Sad I know who most wants and is interested in alliances. Hardcore players like me, who played in any serv with same way - they gain lvls, meanwhile alt chars in ally guilds farming anc 24/7 and selling it, earning thousand of credits\wcoins. I m bored of this, thats why i voted NO in second poll. I want competitive spirit, challenge between players on this unique server. The server settings prevented the usual pattern, forcing to recruit alts into the main guild, or farm ancients by main heroes (and lose exp), making guild weaker for rivals. Now it will be possible to throw alts into other guilds and negotiate with the strongest rivals, saving each other time and effort. I am sure that there will be rivals, but now there will be less competition. We will see.
  4. teamer

    1 day later I open chat
  5. They spam a lot in global. I dont know why do not they use PM for communication with each other. it seems they knew about the rules and mute, but still ignored
  6. I would be grateful if someone would say why EE stops raising zen after some time in afk. Is it helper"s problems ?
  7. teamer

    sorry for my english
  8. teamer

    You came to difficult server for hunting feathers, thats why all icarus spots has occupied 24/7. If they will add more spots, just will increase more afk not vip players, feather - hunters p.s I m talking as the one who occupies strongest icarus spot more than for 2 days with 3 characters who trying to find feathers (no vip) How admins can remove these spots if they created for 380 lvl quests items ? 1 feather per week with non stop afk in icarus ?
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