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  1. Kaladin

    im not sure if you are aware, but pvp and non pvp invasions don't work as intended. "PvP Invasions: Free PK near Goldens (no penalty for killing), while killed player is respawning close to the golden" i am not sure about the penalty, but you definitely don't re spawn near the place you were killed. "Non PvP Invasions: Not possible to kill players during this Invasions, as long as there are still Goldens alive on that map, and 8 seconds after." Yes, you can very easy kill other players, right next to the golden mobs in fact, i've been killed many times during the hunt in "non-pvp invasion" Can you confirm that this is a bug ? or is this something that was left in information from Phoenix#1 and was forgotten to edit ?
  2. Kaladin

    i disagree, i like the way potions are now. ppl who sleep less are rewarded more.
  3. Kaladin

    In slower servers, a 2nd sub-server is only a good idea , if the first server is full, and there are still people who wana get in and play. Even then, if its possible, its better to extend the player cap on the main server, rather then inflate the economy. (double all the events, goldens, boss kills, rabbits, etc.)
  4. Kaladin

    Hey, i used to play your servers some time ago, and im thinking of getting back into mu, but i would like to play on server that is gona open soon/fresh server. So , i was wondering do you plan on opening a new server any time soon ? anything below 300xp would be perfect. Cheers.
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