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  1. esco

    Will do.
  2. esco

    If anyone else has same problem this solution still works
  3. esco

    Here is what i think about the issue, please keep in mind i dont participate in IT at all. I dont consider elitist behaviour as something completely bad but telling people to stop joining events because they are undergeared is just stupid in my opinion. Its very shitty behaviour that should be considered as griefing and treated like "antigame". IT should operate on a first come first served basis just like any other event. Sure it sucks when you get lowbies in your team but opposing team have the same chances of getting them so just suck it up if its your turn. Now about the ee complaints. Emg is pretty weak in pvp but its not pure support character like ee so it shouldnt get any special treatment. Thats all from me :3
  4. esco

    Thanks for quick reply Gonna try it now. Edit: It works! I can play the game now Thanks.
  5. esco

    Directx up to date. Not sure what you mean by reinstall. I just unpacked the compressed folder which i downloaded from server website and tried to run PlayPhoenix.exe
  6. screen Unfortunately i cant start the game. Im on win7 x64 running the game with admin privileges and xp compatibility. Also tried starting with av disabled with no effect
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