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    1. @ADMIN is it possible to have a roadmap and maybe a special thread to discuss S17 related things like pentragrams, new bosses, going from socket to ruud sets, ruud drops rate etc
    2. I don't really know any gaming community doesn't have any toxicity, and i've played a lot of games in my life. The anonymity makes ppl feel entitled to behave toxic. Also, they spend money to play a competitive game so they get attached and become vocal. Only a few vocal toxic ppl make the community feel toxic as a whole. This aside, i really think there were some good changes this DB, and for the rest, the feedback will be awesome to use in future projects. I would really like in the future to see less boss fights and a bit more solo content. Having so many bosses drives the community in 2 guilds, because everybody wants a piece of the pie. I also think classes should be balanced 3 times during the lifetime of a DB (early, midd, late-game). I know this is a lot of work, but it would make all classes viable at all time and would allow us to avoid some classes one shotting. (as it was in inception) The number one reason in my opinion for why Phoenix was not that successful is because we all want something new. We have being playing the same thing over and over for to many years already. I would really love to see a sub-forum or why not, a new forum, as soon as possible for S17 and a roadmap for it. On the forum ppl can start giving feedback for the season server, because i'm pretty sure that we have a lot of players that have played new seasons and can provide with great feedback. The best S17 server won't build itself, so lets get going.
    3. As the title implies, i want to address something that has been discussed before and is probably on everybody's mind. First, i would like to state that i don't think anybody is playing OldSquad for the fact that it is season 6, a season that is known for few bugs. I think everybody that is playing oldsquad, is playing because of the quality of the server that admin was able to create, his ideas, vision and most important because of the community and friends. Secondly, i think that there are no season 17 servers out there that could stand a chance in my opininon to a NewQquad server S17. I'm 100% sure that no changes or fixes to season 6 could ever bring to OldSquad the amount of players a S17 would bring and i honeslty believe that S6, the way it is right now is at its peak, but ofc if admin belives that it can get any better, who am i to say no. I would love to hear ur guys impression about the future of OldSquad and if you would like to move forward, play a new season and of course, play with a lot more ppl that would join.
    4. Note: Energy Elves are removed from gameplay so you can have 1 main + 1 alt. Note2: The Energy Elf build is made only for Castle Siege using a free stats rebuild before each Castle Siege. I recommend u read here, because there are a lot of interesting things explained:
    5. Hey Limited Connections: Maximum of 2 accounts on same IP/HWID
    6. I would take out from early boxes the following items until a certain stage of the game: Early Old Box 16% chance - Loch Feather. 8% chance - Monarch Crest. Just imagining that somebody could kill a rabbit before anyone has level 1 wings and get a feather is painful. I would at least add those here: Content release before Break 1 (few days after start): - BoK+2 Goldens.
    7. Than i wish it wasn't based of RNG drop. Maybe we can craft it after farming X materials or something like that?
    8. I think this is not ok. I think it advantages the most BK and RF, classes that are already OP in late game.
    9. maybe there can be set a colddown after banning a buid. like if u ban ice arrow this week, u can't ban it again next week
    10. As in the title, i would like to suggest removing happy hour from blood castles or make XP higher in all blood castles, to match the one in happy hour. Why? - it creates drama between party members - it 'forces' you to do bc during HH to stay in top - it 'forces' all 5 members to be online at those hours, otherwise using teamviewer to add a party member inside doesn't work, because you don't have time to take ur char and the oter one inside - it advantages ppl with better PC, because they have better FPS and can click faster to get inside
    11. I personally thing that the old jewel is fine, looking at the costs. Could it be used to add a 4th option though?
    12. I would like to say that i really like the new system and where its going. If quiz is getting removed, i would also prevent somehow low level alts from farming low BC's for chaoses. I think BOK+3 items should be moved with BOK4 and BOK5 because items that can drop here have a lot of armor and would make silver and golden medals worth nothing. Example: BOK +1,2,3 can drop exe legendary armor, golden medal drops legendary armor. I would really like to know the drop rates from early,midd,late old box system. Is the drop rate the same among all dropable items?3 LE: Are there any plans for PVM points? I would really wanna be able to buy boxes with PVM points. Currently PVM points are almost worth nothing. Personally i would like all events to give PVM points(in small amounts). Can we expect some kind of Moss Merchant where we could buy boxes with zen any time soon?
    13. I like season 6, but would definitely try out a newer version. Maybe Pheonix can be the foundation ground for it to happen.
    14. I think this is to much. Some classes would be impacted a lot more than other classes. For example, u can ban SMG but he will go EMG and still do something. If u ban AE, it has to go buffer otherwise it can go AFK.
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