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  1. minimal.ro

    Wanted to say kinda same thing u did there, but then i thought he ain't worth the time.
  2. minimal.ro

    yes but Chain Drive hits 6 times. I do get the point, and i agree. I'm just hopping its gonna be as good as promised in late game, without getting nerfed if its to good because of all the shit we had to take till late game.
  3. minimal.ro

    @Colossus u need more STR bro than AGI for more damage, especialy at lower resets. And im not gonna say RF is good on PVM, because it defently isn't, but remember that u hit with a single attack 2-4 times each mob.
  4. minimal.ro

    first time i agree with Chukundah. Also, wanna talk about RF? But i guess its another Threat opened by DIEEEEEEE after 10+ Nea Iancu's.
  5. minimal.ro

    I do agree with Colossus a bit. Also did some tests with him on the test server. I'm not gonna talk about the late game, because the tests were not really late game focused (items, sockets, M level points etc), but the fact that a RF gets 1 defence every 7 agility points, makes him struggle on spots, even with high VIT. PVP wise, not great, not bad. PVM wise, not great, not bad. I see a simple solution here, that is buffing RF sets defence, sacred fire, storm zahard, piercing grove a bit?
  6. minimal.ro

    i don't care about the gems :)) was just pointing out the fact that indeed its bugged ❤️
  7. minimal.ro

    @ADMINjust happened to me aswell 30 minutes ago
  8. minimal.ro


    there are around 150 ppl with 5 resets. where were u yestarday at CS? afk i presume.
  9. minimal.ro


    Although i'm in Rampage, i wouldn't mind you adding 380ilvl from bok+5 with max 1 option and 25% luck. It would still make the castle relevant, and would put a stop to ppl QQing. edit: maybe ppl would start playing the game and be less AFK than also edit2:In my opinion, the only thing that was wrong here is that we only had 25% xp for the first ministage. 35-50% would have been better.
  10. minimal.ro

    I need party for my summoner/AE, will be on ingame 24/7. PM me for constant party.
  11. minimal.ro

    Starting class/class: AE/Summ Hours online per day (character online): 24/7 Hours active per day (player online):3-4 working days, 12+ weekend Looking for stable or looking for starting party: looking for stable party
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