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  1. Wigle

    Isn't RF op in the upcoming stages of the DB? And those classes you mentioned gets worse the longer the server goes on? From what i've gathered.
  2. Wigle

    wtf? thats sickening. But why did u have to call him a cheap brazilian? No reason to include a country.
  3. Wigle

    Ur all garbage, why steal items over disagreements? Anyway, ppl can suit themselves for sharing passwords.
  4. Wigle

    Nice interview, gave me another view of this player :)!
  5. Wigle

    Yes, as is the case with most MU servers
  6. Wigle

    As a newcomer to this server i first got the impression Hardcore were the toxic ones (which many of their stupid players are) and Purge were made up of the "nicer" good players, but now im not so sure anymore given Purge's comments/actions here and ingame.
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