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    1. Kenpachi

      This server Agi does not effect Soul Barrier in the Formula page you can find :- Mana Shield: Max Rate: 35%. Formula: 1(%) + (ENE/60)(%) - Capped at around 2k ENE or lower with ML.
    2. Kenpachi

      I agree normally dual spec is not healthy for game for sure , I think if there was no quest system for getting reset would be totally fine but I seen a lot of energy RF /Str MG / Ene BK that can not compete at all for budges or white wizards , I think it is like giving them a fighting chance to do the quest otherwise due to the server being very active right now there is huge player base that budges and white wizards disappear in seconds some people might end up being stuck at quest for month, Maybe a Different way then at level 400 when people are progressing the quest they unlock /build 1 an
    3. Kenpachi

      I would suggest that if quest happens , the target of the quest (hunted person) can not teleport to different maps , and if they switch character it count as if they got killed so they lose points, some people are pure chickens and run away for 15 minutes straight teleporting between each map back and forth.
    4. Kenpachi

      -Character Name:- Kenpachi -Suggestion Type:- Multiple builds per character -Server:- -Phoenix Content :- We are approaching the level 400 when people will have to focus the quest system and some of the task will not be easy for certain classes/specs such as Energy BK / Energy RF and few others because they won't have strong PVM to be able to last hit a budge or last hit a white wizard which could be very frustrating to a lot of people. My Suggestion is to have 2 build per character (/build 1 - /build 2) with a set cooldown of 3 hours but able to reuse during event such as Golde
    5. Kenpachi

      I would recommend going around trying to party people on spot , most people have /re auto on so you will automatically get invited if you try to party even when they are AFK, a lot of times too there is post from people looking for new member for their groups if you keep an eye out or make a post of your own that you are looking for a party.
    6. Kenpachi

      from what I understand there is no recovery HP on wings anymore, I could be wrong.
    7. This is not a Squadron opinion, this is my personal opinion, ever since I started this new edition in PVP maps I was confused why someone who I do not even see can push me away, Every edition I played I always made suggestions maybe you forgot this is not an excuse this is a suggestion since this is the suggestion forums last time I checked, Maybe for most people it is not as bad but try playing with Lag when everything for me register slower since I live in U.S I only found out after CS that horse push is 10 range away which was very confusing for me , since all other classes ability's a
    8. Character Name:- -Kenpachi Suggestion Type:- Gens Bonus Reward Server:- -Phoenix Content :- -Currently there is 927 Duprian Gen and 266 Vanert Gen which is very unproportionable ,There needs to be some sort of incensement to motivate people to switch or have it balanced, my suggestion is to give some sort of bonus Exp for the lower amount of player in V Gen maybe 10-15% more that decay the more people on V Gen so eventually when it is 50/50 no bonus but if for example it is 80%/20% the 20% side should get 10-15% Exp bonus then when at 30% the Exp lowers by 3-4% till eventually i
    9. Character Name:- Kenpachi Suggestion Type:- Castle Siege change Server:- Phoenix Content :- -To disable Friendly Fire on Horse push? last Saturday there was more than 100 people fighting and super laggy most of time the character is just getting pushed left and right without even seeing any Dark Lord on screen , The horse push range seem higher than what it says as well. having to worry about enemy horse push and friendly horse push is really not ideal at all, makes it not fun what people will do is just stack DL, It is not fun when you can't contro
    10. Kenpachi

      Suggestion is if all other classes wings are disabled because we are level 200 then Dark Lord Horse bonus should be disabled too.
    11. Kenpachi

      I added discord but you did not accept me.
    12. Kenpachi

      who is TwoChicks 🤣. need some typo checking before posting bro. a lot of missing information need to do more research.
    13. Kenpachi

      Admin already checked logs and took away items from people who were traded duped items.
    14. Kenpachi

      Only Tommy/Michas/Yorven did those shady stuff, Weew did not abuse anything, you can see admin post who got banned and who got items taken away, Weew is always been legit player. @Shurykdon't accuse people who did not cheat.
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