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    1. Am in top 10 when it comes to CC points on the entire server so trust me, am doing just fine. But I still believe that team ups for events where the purpose of the entire thing is to be chaos all vs all are just not right. I know discord exists so its impossible to eliminate, but the least that could be done is disable chat for anyone that is carrying the CC entrance item on them, as well disabling chat in the period before the actual CC Initiates inside for people that are inside.
    2. Character Name:- Anestarion Suggestion Type:- Disabling Chat during Chaos Castle event Server:- Phoenix Content :- Suggestion is simple, remove the ability to use Chat in-game during Chaos Castle event and before it begins once inside the Chaos Castle itself. How it will bring Value:- People in same guilds will be unable to form "gank" teams that gank up on other people, and when only same guild members are left in chaos castle, monopolize who is going to win and who isn't and who's going to get the rewards. Guild monopolization of event rewards on the server is already bad enough as it is so this could actually make at least one event more fair to everyone, rather than a very specific number of few people that form teams via chatting with one another during the event. The purpose of Chaos Castle is like the name implies, Chaos, it shouldn't be an event where people are allowed to communicate with one another and form teams to decide who wins and who doesn't, the winner should be decided by who is the last man standing, and not who a team from specific guild decides that should win.
    3. The word you're looking for is "martyr". And no, nobody cares about having a spotlight, as far as am concerned and from what I've been observing since day 1 of joining Phoenix, its constant toxicity and racism from the same individuals in /post, so if anyone is truly looking for attention and to be seen, its the toxic and racist people.
    4. Well.... can we see then those provocative insults and trash talks towards you and others that you classify as baiting and leads you to say the things you and others say towards Mael and others? How come are you guys not reporting them then if they are the ones leading to all of this?
    5. So lets say they are baiting, what does that make you and others to fall for these so called "baits"? You are literally, and unironically insulting yourself with your own comment... I think you need to learn how to use a google translate better, because if you used it properly you'd know that "dirty = brudne/brudny" while "brudasy" is directly referring to a group of beings and calling them dirty directly. From what I also can make out after doing a quick look up, its also in general a term used in polish that is often referred to people of lower living standards and a slang that is often used to describe african/arabic oriented people.
    6. He was intentionally racist while fully aware that the members of group of people that he was racist towards were present and reading what he was saying. Racism is against the rules of this server, therefore, yes, he should be banned. If you don't like it, make your own server with your own rules, plain and simple.
    7. I don't own a reddit account, so no, sorry to burst your bubble. And once again you seem to have a flawed understanding of basic dialogue and explanations when they are due, I am not crying, I am explaining to you how you're wrong with your flawed understanding of what racism is, so do the world, or maybe just yourself, a favor, and learn something instead of having your head stuck up your own ass. Whoever this Alkin person is, he's being a textbook definition of racist, that's a simple fact whether you agree with it or not.
    8. Its a demeaning description of what happened to a ethnic group of people during an event in history, its a textbook definition of racism. You either have a very flawed understanding of what racism is, or you don't understand english in general. Not only is it racist, but he was also fully aware that there are Jewish players next to him and that they will read it. Stop playing dumb.
    9. But, speaking in a demeaning way towards a specific race/religious community with regard to what happened to that specific community while fully knowing that these people are reading it, is racist. Am not a part of the guild, nor do I even know any of these people, but what's posted above is a clear indication of passive and intentional racism.
    10. Am not quite sure about who's the one having a brain aneurysm here given the details of the message my dude. Calm down, and seek some proper help.
    11. Its not just him though is it, I don't know who either of you are nor do I care but seeing you spam the same insults every day every couple of minute on /post in-game is really quite frankly annoying, not to mention sad to witness. I would go as far as to say that him saying that you're "unhinged" is quite appropriate, a sane person wouldn't do this every day. But at the same time, I might be wrong, and maybe you're doing it like you said, because you're provoked, but is /post really the best place for these things to be "resolved" in?
    12. You are an adult, playing an online game, and you act like a 12 year old child, mate. I don't know what troubles you but do seek some help.
    13. Images speak for themselves, not directed at me but I see this couple times a day every day from this person.
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