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    1. Hello, We're currently working on finding and stopping the root of the attacks we're facing. We'll for sure offer some compensations when we'll fully get rid of them. Until then, please be patient, we're doing our best, but it is not as easy as it sounds due to the new type of attacks we're encountering. Cheers!
    2. Probably many faced the problem that Mana and HP is enough for a maximum of 2 hours, of course this is not a problem for people who do not leave the PC, but most need to sleep anyway. I suggest that you raise the count of Health Potion(No large) and add Medium Mana potion with 50+ pieces. As well as increase the number of stacks in Health potion (no Large) because without Elves we need to buy a lot of Potion for regen HP
    3. I noticed there are no arrows/bolts in aida only npc, the potion girl. Everywhere else there are. Basically you waste zen on tp because u have to switch towns. Fair and right would be to add them in every potion npc on every map. Thanks.
    4. Hello OldSquaders & New comers, Less than 15 hours remained for the grand opening of our second edition from the Phoenix server. The Server does start at 18:00 GMT+3 (Server Time) - watch website countdown. You will be able to make sure that client works, make parties, etc. The MOBS will spawn at 19:00 GMT+3 (after 1 hour). Important Info: !!!! Don't forget to choose the 'Phoenix' Server when you are logging on site, else you will be logged on Inception and you will be able to use the Inception services/options instead of Phoenix!!! In order to use the SITE FUNCTIONS you need to ACTIVATE your ACCOUNT on EMAIL! (It takes 1-5 minutes to be sent). You can make DL, MG, RF from level 1 since server starts if you get VIP, else you need level 150. Don't forget that ENERGY ELVES are OUT OF GAME! Their buffs are useless on normal server. Note: You can still play EE at CS where buffs works, but there you can adjust points with /rebuild command, only for the CS. Note2: Also don't make TANK builds (VRF/VDL) as they can be used "for free" at CS via /rebuild, only for the CS. Don't forget that EXP STARTS REALLY LOW and does get HIGHER as you progress in Levels. Note: The same things does apply for mobs on spots, starts from 4 and gets to 7-8 on highest maps. You have access to OFF-Attack for up to 5 hours (no auto-pick). VIP is boosting its duration/adds auto-pick. Except of Golden Budges & BoK+1 goldens, all goldens are disabled so they won't disturb you in the early stages. Note: They will be released progressively as people will be able to hunt them. You can join Public Test Server anytime to check out anything you would like to know/test. You can warp from SITE if you are PK - but it costs much more! First CS will be held on 19.04.2020 (2 weeks after start). Note: The rewards will be progressive, first CS will have no rewards except of Defenders status for the 2nd CS. Each week will unlock a new reward at CS, last one being Senior Mix. This is an 100% International Server, that means you MUST write in English ONLY on /post and Gens Chat. If you won't do this you can get Muted / Warned and even Banned! First GENS rewards will be delivered on 31 April, and they consist in OB3s & OB4s, numbers depending on your rank. Mercenary Squad will be unlocked after Break 1 (level 280). You will need at least level 250 to join Merc Squad, as well as to start a Merc Quest. Professional VIP will be released after Break 2 (level 345). Add luck from website will be unlocked after Break 1. Until Break 1, you can only upgrade from website from +9 to +10, after Break 1 you can upgrade to +11, and after Break 2 to +12 as well. Increase ADD Option from website will be unlocked after Break 1. Wings Protector & Talisman drop from OB5 will be unlocked after Quest System is unlocked. Up to 60-70% of content is adjusted/custom so you REALLY need to read all of our info in order to have a good time. Also, we want to share you some of the important topics and info that you MUST read for a full experience here: Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2884-phoenix-official-information-everything-you-need-to-know/ Info about CREDITS: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2895-phoenix-info-about-credits/ Characters Info, Builds & Buffs Formulas: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2931-phoenix-everything-about-characters-buffs-and-formulas/ Server Rules: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2897-phoenix-server-rules/ Bonus - Reporter's first topic for Phoenix: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3663-phoenix-2-bring-the-light/ If you need any kind of assistance please contact us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/OldSquadMU - we will be there most of the time! OldSquad Team #MakeMUGreatAgain!
    5. Hello, Test server for Phoenix is now up. Client can be downloaded from Downloads section. Note: Characters were moved from Inception's Test-Server to reduce your time, just adjust them for Phoenix's stats. Note2: Server is like 85% done, we're still working and we'll work until Friday, so expect some things to not be fully working. We would appreciate if you can bring feedback related to the PvM concept to make sure all chars are fine under the new EE settings, as well as the difficulty of the bosses/mini-bosses. Test server commands: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2921-phoenix-test-server-commands/ Cheers!
    6. Hello, This is the official topic for discussions about Phoenix #2. Feel free to ask questions or bring suggestions.
    7. Hello OldSquaders, It is well known that we are experiencing darker times due to this COVID outbreak, so we kindly ask you to let us bring the light and give you some occupation while you're at home, more exactly let Phoenix bring the light with its second edition! Yes, you heard it well, our Project Phoenix is rising for its second edition, coming stronger than ever, with a lot of new fun systems for you to enjoy while you're staying home! Phoenix is featuring our CS V2 System, Mercenary Squad V2 System, End-Game Quest System, a new Progressive Gameplay and a bunch of other great things, to make sure you have a nice stay in our community! Prepare yourselves for another great journey brought to you by OldSquad Community! Grand Opening: 03 April at 18:00 GMT+2 (Mobs will spawn at 19:00 GMT+2). Full Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2884-phoenix-official-information-everything-you-need-to-know/ Test-Server for Phoenix will be opened to public with few days before launch! #MakeMuGreatAgain!
    8. Hey, i used to play your servers some time ago, and im thinking of getting back into mu, but i would like to play on server that is gona open soon/fresh server. So , i was wondering do you plan on opening a new server any time soon ? anything below 300xp would be perfect. Cheers.
    9. Hello, Phoenix edition has reached its deadline and due to the amount of players left active there is no point in keeping it online longer than it was granted. I am personally proud of what Phoenix achieved, born from NonReset mistakes it reached a very high quality level for its first edition, a quality that wasn't touched on any of our previous projects, in my opinion. It was also the server with the least problems. The only (bigger) downside it had was the population, it barely reached 580+ online but it was really stable in terms of population (some good months without getting lower neither bigger). But it is understandable, it was a pretty new concept that was hard to understand without playing it (non reset fans were afraid of the optional resets while reset fans were afraid of non reset stats), judging from advertisements and on first view, without reading info. It wasn't perfect, but it was really good, and due to your honest feedback across its life-time, we expect the next edition to be even greater! The 2nd edition will start somewhere between February and April, in 2020. As for now, Phoenix will be closed tomorrow (22.11.2019) between 20:00 and 23:00. HoF has been updated: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3047-hof-edition-22-march-2019-22-november-2019/ Thanks to everyone that took part in this project and especially to those that kept playing it on the long run!
    10. ---WEDDING INVITATION--- Dear fellow MUtizens, In this never-ending battle against Kundun and his hellish armies, or the fight over the rule of Loren Castle, sometimes warriors need some rest. And except battling let us not forget that other things can happen too In MU continent. Events that not include battle, events bring only happy moments, tears of joy and unite all guilds and alliances to have together some fun. There will be lots of joy and fireworks!!! So without further delay, put on your most shiny set, put off your wings, weapons and helm and everybody is invited to the wedding of our beloved fellow guild members and friends DeCepTikoN and GISELLE. This Wednesday 28/08/2019 around 18:00, Devias chapel. Everybody is welcome to celebrate with us the union of these two wonderful people (who btw are already married in real life, it’s a 100% serious wedding event, not just somebody marring his alt)!!! The ceremony event is powered by our wonderful Administrative Team, so one more reason to be there is to see Gion doing the priest :p Wednesday 28/8/19, around 18:00, Devias chapel! Don’t miss it!!!!
    11. I am walking through Valley of Loren, I am near bridge and the silence is harsh. It is that silence that makes you quake, gives you creeps, and makes you tremble, I don't even know why, is it, maybe, the thought that everything was lost? Everything seems lost in the void of big dreams and high hopes, the sun is setting, but shadows and whispers are rising with the coming of the night ... Everything is cold, so cold ...but when I pass through the first gate of the walls that surround the castle, a flash of memory makes me stop. I remember!! Ohh, I remember the last fight! A fight that made these gates quake, I remember that NONE attacked last time on Phoenix and PRiME defended, what a fight! I start to head to the castle and when I reach the last gate, another thought flashes through my mind: it was a fight in which the titans of the server measured their strength for the last time. "NONE, weakened by the Curse, prepared a final fight, gathered all the warriors remaining alive, tightened the lines and attacked. They wanted to prove that they can win, they wanted to prove to everyone that they still have the prescription of the antidote by which they defeated the curse and all the guilds that wanted to seize the riches of the Land of Trial. They had hopes. This time, PRIME guild no longer had any help from anyone, so it's time to crush them as they did to us in the past -NONE thought- but they hit a wall, a solid wall that didn't break at all, this time, not even a scratch was made in the defense of PRiME. NONE warriors did not give up, they continued the assaults to the end without giving one second back, they attacked even when they knew they were overwhelmed by enemies and had no chance, until the last man standing! They are fighting the Curse." I headed towards the castle, I passed the last gate and another flash strikes me: my mouth is dry so I sat down and tried to drink water from the secret spring that hides behind the ruined statue. From the first sip I felt the taste of blood. The blood of so many brave warriors. Another flashback comes into my mind, but it is so cold that I don't know for sure if it was a dream or that really happened, an illusion or a flash of memory? I stood up and I got inside the castle. Now everything is clear : "WhiteRaven was planning the defense. Well, no... he was not alone, he was consulting with his officers and together they arranged the defense teams and the defensive lines of the last fight. Those warriors seemed still embarrassed by the accusations made by NONE after last siege, the ambition could been read in everyone's eyes, but no one knows what happened.... Were they betrayed and left without the support they had in past? Did they gave up of it because of the accusations? No one seems to care anymore, the only goal is to defend the castle with any cost! Just them! The first NONE assault came, they managed to keep their temper and repel it, followed another attack and another and another .... until time ran out and the winners came out. What a victory! A victory that brought silence to the NONE members. " I feel dizzy, looks like I was lost in the dream world too much time, I need heat, food and water, everything is poisoned here, blood flows on the rivers of Valley of Loren and I go to Land of Trials, the gate is open, I got in and I found some "young" gentlemen who are fighting on the few spots. One of them told me that BDSM is holding now the castle and left Land of Trials opened for all. He also says that all the springs here are full of venom, after that he handed me a teleportation scroll and returns to his seek for ancient items. I used the scroll that teleported me to Lorencia, I went straight to the bar, then I have enjoyed some Ale and some apples. After that I discovered a new world and my hope was kindled again!! Phoenix is alive ! A lot of people around, some of them are still buying, the others are selling, all builds sets and items, even guilds, nothing is lost !! I found out from the pretty lady at the bar called Lumen that the Curse has also buried PRIME guild, she confirms that BDSM have conquered the castle without too much effort and that now there are new Phoenix warriors who want to provoke this guild that seems to have been reborn.
    12. Another episode of Castle Siege was written by the strongest players on this server, who, of course, worked hard to build the strongest guilds on Phoenix: PRiME started the assault in the first minutes. It was a rapid assault like a thunder, before the warriors from NONE grouped themselves, the crown was on WhiteRaven's head, then PRiME started their defensive, a controversial defense strategy because some voices say the Valkyrie people came to fight with the intention of helping PRiME. The fight has been tight even though the score has not shown it. NONE, the guild who has "wiped the floor" in the past few weeks with PRiME players on the battlefield is getting weaker, last week fighters of this great guild seemed to be focused only on hunting enemies on spots without anyone seeing them doing experience or anything else than initiating these little wars on the server. Those signs show the Curse began to be immune to the "secret recipe" with which NONE has managed to survive it so far, they are getting weaker, they bring less and less force to the battlefield, and, if you ask me , I think the victory of the Curse is near even, so NONE warriors did not give up, fighting to the end, they also successfully sealed several times. Castle Siege ended with the NONE guild losing, and PRiME celebrating its first victory against NONE, a victory shadowed by controversy and accusations, but isn't this the goal after all? Not showing the full power to the enemy, and this is what I saw on both sides. We are all witnessing the beginning of a new era, PRiME's era. I started a little investigation of these guards from Valkyrie Guild at the end of the siege. I had a word with both guild masters in the throne room, where, after a long time, Aqvila was a "guest" . Aqvila (Krass was on character at that time) said that Valkyrie brought one party at this Castle Siege , and he said that they had no other intention than to help PRiME. He also said that they blocked the switches so NONE can not register. On the other side , WhiteRaven said that Valkirye came to take the castle, not to make anti-game, but when they saw they have no chance, wanted to abandon fight so he offered them to join PRiME, he also said that those events took part in the first hour of Castle Siege. I also talked to DIEEEEEEEE and he said that Sparkle, Almighty and Escape joined PRiME only after he was accused on post for anti-game. I've asked NONE if they had proofs, suggesting them to post prints or videos on the forum, but there seems to be no evidence, maybe yet.
    13. Summer came and we all can feel its effect on server, as it is normal for this period, some players closed down computers and went in vacations to relax, I see some players thinking that server dies but those are false rumors, I don't see any player with full stats or fully equipped , next edition will start in more than 1 month so still a lot of work for our players here. I don't see any reason to quit in the middle of a server life , yes maybe some players did quit but players were quitting since server started it is not something new, so stop spamming guys and dare to make guilds strong enough to challenge NONE, play events and get maximum gear! A new fight for Castle approaching, this week some wars were started on server and safe zones became more populated than ever, hundreds of wounded warriors have been seen on the most important player versus player maps, also non player versus player maps got populated . NONE started to provoke all V gens players , hunting them and hoping that they will find some enemies to fight with as they are the dominating guild on this server. They seem to look for an enemy that can actually face them, so being a top guild without any enemy to fight with is boring? But waking up all the "sleepy giants" isn't too much? They did something like this in past and their arrogance made them lose the Castle. Last week PRiME tried few assaults and then they gave up pretty fast as NONE's power was too much for them .... on the other side NONE's warriors smashed them so hard that they forced them to quit early. NONE seems invincible since Smurf disbanded because no GUILD has enough power to stand up and face them, PRiME was close in their first try, two weeks ago, but then something happened because last week they failed . Another guild came up and registered to Castle Siege , they registered last week also but didn't showed up, is Valkyrie too scared to attack? Will they come today? They don't look bad but also not that strong to win as they have just a few of top players, but will be nice to see SoulStrike and hes crew on battlefield, not only on top rankings on website, or are they only exp robots? I am rising this questions because since Evangelion and hes permanent party left Smurf they disappeared from servers main picture, some "voices" say that The Curse hit them so hard that they still feel it. Last week NONE guild leaders promised that as long as they are the owners of Castle on this server they will open Land of Trial for everyone every weekend, in this way they are helping our community as it is a good opportunity for newbies to get some decent player vs monsters equipment!
    14. Some interesting moves were made last week on the "chess boards" of the leaders involved in the battle for the server supremacy. Those who want to preserve and defend the throne have tried and prepared defensive moves, and those who yearn for this throne that brings glory but, at the same time, a ruthless curse, have prepared the offensive, an offensive that has not been seen on the battlefield in Valley of Loren for a long time.... Last week, a new guild came to light over the grave of the guilds who took part in the last castle siege. WhiteRaven created the guild PRiME, and initially recruited most of the Smurf/Void members, the guild of which he was a part, in the past. After that, next move on the "chess table" made by PRiME was absorbing the most active members of Lemuria, including their guild master killua, which led to the dissolution of this guild, a guild that seemed to be just a ray of hope for server balance. NONE has received fresh forces recruiting Javaraya, having the same strong guild core that we have already got used to. They prepared a defensive strategy which was based on at least 4 parties, and on something like defending all on one switch ...this strategy didn't worked so well, so they changed their mind and went for defending the crown. All NONE Agility Elf's where targeting WhiteRaven's vitality, the Rage Fighters where sent to hunt and kill all Energy Elf's enemies (trying to break PRiME's main defensive powns from the chess table ), and Summoners were sending Zutto to sleep which made this attack .. less powerful. On the other side, PRiME , leaded by WhiteRaven and DarkMaster, started a little bit late, as they are a new Guild , they lost precious time while organizing , they had many Energy Elf's( like Smurf had when kicked NONE last time), but this time this strategy was a weakness for them: "one Agility Elf is not enough, and it is too hard to kill WhiteRaven with many Energy Elfs..."(at least that is what Joli Garcon said). Also, a strategy was to hunt Aqvila, but some players went to fight for switches, so the power was divided and precious time was lost. Another mistake was regrouping too slow after losing the crown , it took too much time to get back in throne room, and NONE warriors were faster. The Crown was switched between guilds more than 5 times, during this Castle Siege, but the guild with the most points at the end was NONE. They were more solid and more organized this time, and once again proved their guild core can fight vs anything and anyone, as Coco said : "Castle is Cursed!!!! But we have an antidote, and the antidote is that we are from start together and we never split like BDSM, MuPPeTs or Smurf, tbh we are not having any problems in guild now ." PRiME proved to us that they have the resources to face NONE, and with a better organization maybe they can win. As you all could saw on forum, both sides complained about the "damage vs defense balance" as no one couldn't kill Aqvila and WhiteRaven died maximum two times during this fight so Admin, listening to what people wants, as always, made some new interesting updates. Check them out here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3258-patch-1760-04072019/ But my questions for the players who are taking part on this major event are : Castle Siege can be fun even with immortal guild masters?Can guilds evolve making different strategies not that simple as "lets kill the guild master" ?
    15. NONE is not far away, as they lost again The Castle, and now they are probably confused as they where so confident that no one can take "The Crown" from them, and some of them are probably asking themselves "Why HOSTILE had to leave? " . Signs of future shows dark clouds above both guilds and a Curse which seems to have no sleep until victims are buried . Last week, the Smurf guild has become weaker than ever, losing some of the major players, only a few brave warriors have prepared to defend Yami's crown. On the other side, NONE members had a quiet week in which they bandaged their wounds and prepared for the next fight, without having any major losses of strength . The Curse seems to focus on the other guilds, and avoids them at the moment. Few weeks ago a new guild began to rise and shine, this guild got my attention because a few players from the former HOSTILE , led by killua, created it and moved fast in recruiting top warriors, the power of this guild was growing day by day from the day it was created, but it came to light at the end of the week when they registered to Castle Siege to test their strength. The name of this guild is Lemuria, and this name is predestined for conquerors. Sunday came, as well as the time of this major Event, in which the most important guilds on the server are fighting for supremacy in the game, and for the treasures that Castle and the Land of Trials brings for the winners of the Siege. Smurf brought one party, without hoping too much to be able to defend the crown until the end, but these remaining guild guards just did refused to let NONE warriors having an easy win. The warriors from NONE have stormed the gates of the castle (a Castle that seemed just a ruin), smashing everything in their way as a hurricane. They took the crown very easy and once again put it on Aqvila's head. Smurf's few warriors didn't gave up, even without a guild master(Yami was offline all the time during this Castle Siege), and attacked NONE until the end. Lemuria, the new guild led by killua, started assault after about 15 minutes since Castle Siege started, and brought only few of their warriors. They fought well but they just need more members if they want to compete with NONE, this is why I said it before, it was just a test of strength for them, and they seem to have "nerve" for this . Signs of future looks good for this guild if they keep recruiting top warriors and bring them to the Castle Siege. NONE guild won again the supremacy on server this week, maybe easier than ever, and they seem to have a strong CORE of players which this Curse cannot brake, at least until now, because they survived it even without HOSTILE on their side. The Smurf guild seems to collapse and looks like it's close to its end ...Did the Curse already added them to the list of buried Guilds? Just like it already did with BDSM, MuPPeTs and last but not least, HOSTILE? (After disbanding alliance with NONE, HOSTILE became another ex top guild name in Phoenix History , because now it is just a "cemetery" for players who were once involved in the most important guilds that dominated this server) With Smurf been almost history, will Lemuria challenge NONE next week?Will they bring enough forces to get a balanced fight and maybe take the crown from them? One thing is sure, NONE will not give up easy, as they never did. If anyone dares to challenge them needs more then 2 parties, and an united team. Here are some screens with the most important moments from this Castle Siege : NONE preparing the assault NONE guild assaulting throne room and taking the crown fighting vs Smurf's few guards... Lemuria`s first assault : Score before last 30 minutes:
    16. Many things happened since Chapter V was written, so I will start to say that there were fights disputed on 2 major fronts , one front was forum, and the other one was in game. In game, HOSTILE disbanded alliance and NONE got weaker (or at least this was what I thought), but on the other side, in game, Smurf guild was more silent than ever (they replied to NONE attacks on forum) ,but in game, they barely got 1 party active on most of Big Bosses, and even when they were more than one party, they still lost most of the fights vs NONE... Even so, it was an active week for both guilds, with all the noise, especially on forum, NONE waked up a sleepy giant... rumors says that this was their intention, to wake up Smurf guild provoking, and trying to humiliate them on forum, on bosses fights, and on all possible ways, they made even a funny video (the best I ever saw), check it out here :https://www.captiongenerator.com/1427602/Yami-wants-to-win-CS But Sunday came fast and Castle Siege started ... After taking all jokes and humiliations from NONE players, Smurf assaulted Castle with more than 3 parties; I never saw that much force coming from their side for a long time, and crushed NONE defense in like 30 minutes, killing NONE warriors like they were flies. They took the crown and then prepared for NONE attacks. On the other side, NONE seemed shocked by this Smurf attack that paralyzed them, they waked up only after 30 more minutes when they sealed successfully and took back the crown. Smurf tried second attack even harder than the first one, and in like 10 minutes, the crown was again on Yami's head . Last 45 minutes NONE seemed to be so confused about what was happening, as they assaulted castle again and again, but they couldn't do much, as most of their strategies were blocked in the throne room, where they were hitting a solid "wall". NONE didn't had the force to protect the Castle this Sunday, after their arrogance waked up Smurf, and ended up losing castle after an unbalanced fight, as Smurf dominated this Castle Siege from the beginning to the end. And now they have an inactive King, even without a Crown .... On the other side, Smurf proved that with balanced number of active players they can dominate NONE, and silenced them up. At least for a while ... The thing to broke balance and made Smurf win this fight, was the power of Energy Elfs , as they were at least 3 on Smurf side, and they were active like crazy. I barely saw one or two EEs on NONE side. Also, Smurf used main damage dealers focusing on Aqvila, they did not seemed to be to interested in defending switches. "All on Aqvila" was their strategy. And it damn worked ! Right after the Castle Siege, I saw important members of Smurf outside of guild. This kind of sign shows us that something is still rotten there, and that they are still trying to find the antidote for The Curse..... . Here you can see some prints I took on this Castle Siege , fight was really nice and i think all the players had fun!!!
    17. I missed the last Castle Siege, so I started to ask questions here and there about what happened, and the short story sounds like this: At the last castle siege, NONE crushed Smurf from the beginning to "the end" (if you can say that, because the fight lasted for like 30-45 minutes). When I tried to reach NONE side version, I found first Coco online , he redirected me to Krass and Tool, as Krass was the voice during the last fight, and Tool is an important member of the guild, who takes part in their strategy build. I started a short interview with them to figure our their point of view. On the other side, I got a few Smurfs participants at the last Castle Siege opinions, and they, mostly, are the same : NONE can not beat them on equal number of players, but they won because they have at least twice more members active than them. At the end of my research I found out from NONE leaders that HOSTILE is considering to disband the alliance, probably not now, but that's a possible scenario, and Aqvila, the great lord of NONE, will no longer be able to play actively. The Curse is doing his "thing" there, on the other side I saw that some members started to quit Smurf guild, and they are getting weaker on each week (at least on Castle Siege). Judging by the signs from today, it doesn't look too good in the future for both sides, as NONE with Aqvila been inactive for an undefined period, and losing the advantage they got from HOSTILE active members, will they remain strong enough to face the next opponents? Also Smurfs seem to tilt because even if they thought that if the Castle Siege will be on Sunday they will have a chance to win, obviously they were wrong, as NONE knocked them out in less than 1 hour, and now (again) they complain about numbers .... NONE's Antidote for Curse was in Aqvila's hands? What will happen with them without him?(as now there are rumors that HOSTILE will disband ally). Will the remaining leaders continue to keep NONE's supremacy on Phoenix, even if HOSTILE breakes the alliance? Smurfs are so weak that the Castle Curse broke them down in short time after they lost the Castle? They seem to struggle and cannot find the power to bring enough forces to at least stand up 2 hours of fight vs NONE, second week in a row... Since I didn't found any Smurfs players to give me an interview, let's see what NONE leaders said , below you can see a short interview: Reporter: "Hello, Krass, Coco just told me that you were the voice of NONE, during the last Castle Siege, is it right? " Krass: " Yes, it is right. " Reporter: "Can you tell us what happened ? " Krass : "Well, basically Smurfs didn't manage to Seal last Castle Siege, that's why we won with a very big points gap...we tried our best, so their Guild Master couldn't seal. The strategy we planned worked so well. " Reporter: "What was NONE Castle Siege strategy, and which players from your guild involved in the strategy for Castle Siege? " Tool: "We had a plan to keep Yami away from throne room, so we had SMs Ice Storming last gates, to slow down their momentum, and AEs icing him, and we killed him there and walk out again, did not matter if there was other enemy inside. Krass is the author of the plan, I was just icing the gates more or less. " Reporter: "How many players from Smurf attended to this Siege? What about NONE's? " Tool : "Smurf - not enough, us = didn't count. " Krass: " Around 4 parties we had, and Smurfs 2 or 3 (maybe)." Reporter: " Have you discovered Smurf's strategy? What was it ?" Krass : " Well, their strategy is basic, just kill switch and seal, which is sooo basic and sucks." Tool: " We staid where we were supposed to apart from that, hadn't seen any logic on the attack they could have, at least use a second DL with summon to get their gm in to throne room more often, but i don't know, all want to be DPS, i guess, they don't see the usefulness in summon." Reporter: " So, are you saying that Smurf guild basically sucks ?" Krass: " Not literally, base on siege and compare to us, they Sucks!!!" Tool: "Well, no, not me , they have few skilled players, but because they can't gather enough force, they know they won't take the Castle, so they just come in for fun, I guess. That would explain the straight forward game play of theirs." Reporter : "I tried to get in contact with your GM, but I couldn't. Why is Aqvila offline? " Tool : "He said he will start working on his porn star carrier more seriously, and he needs more time." Reporter : "So Aqvila abandoned the game ? This means The Curse is hunting your guild? " Krass : " Aqvila didn't quit ... he will still play every Castle Siege. Also, he still involves on our group chat." Tool : "I would not say that it's THE CURSE , it's just life." Reporter : " How did you lost the castle to Smurf, in the past?" Tool: "A lot of people were off." Krass :" A lot of people were off, and there was a BUG ?" Reporter :" What BUG?" Krass: "I don't know, but that's what I heard from the others... Anyway, literally loads of ppl were off."
    18. Last Saturday was a pretty unbalanced fight during the Castle Siege, but still a lot of things happened, so here are the most important ones: Smurf tried to defend the throne even tough they seem to have no chance from the very first minute, they resisted about 30 minutes, then their defense collapsed. Smurf didn't gave up and tried to attack more than half an hour after NONE took the crown, even if NONE had twice as many active players than them. On the other side, NONE took the crown in the first 30 minutes, as they outnumbered Smurf and they did that without a great effort. After NONE warriors did the "hardest part" , taking the crown from Smurf , they had some "fun defending", another 30 minutes until Smurf decided to quit and move on spots. In those two weeks that passed, NONE and Smurf members complained that they can not give their best shot on Castle Siege because the event is Saturday and Saturday is a bad day for this major event, arguing that Saturday is a day for parties (real life ones ) or a day in which they spend time with family etc., even if one and a half months ago there was a Poll, where the majority of players decided that Castle Siege should be held on Saturday. As NONE took The Crown back from Smurf (being a premiere on Phoenix), they answered one of the past questions, and have proven, once again, that they are a strong and an united guild that can stand up against anyone. It is premature to say this, but maybe they got the antidote for The Curse? Smurf will have a chance to prove that they are better than NONE next week, when the Castle Siege day will be fixed... Admin listened to both guild members complaints and reopened a POLL to fix the best day for this Major Event and majority decided that Castle Siege should be held on Sundays from now on.
    19. Castle Siege History, First guild to own the Castle on Phoenix was BDSM . They held the crown for several weeks and they lost the castle in MuPPeTS favor, Evangelion (the guild master of BDSM) disbanded the guild a short time after that defeat. One of the reasons was: internal fights ripped them apart because they divided in two different guilds, half of them followed Evangelion and merged with Catarina`s team, so that's how a new guild was born :Smurf The other half followed Ganja in a brand new guild named HOSTILE and then merged with NONE , this "upgraded" NONE succeeded to create a top and a strong guild who took the Castle from MuPPeTS. MuPPeTs , the second guild who owned the castle on Phoenix seems to also tilt, and follow BDSM direction because they lost (or kicked) a lot of players (only 15 players inside guild before next Castle Siege), will they be strong enough? Will they try to find the resources to rebuild? Or just disband as the last Castle owners? One thing is sure, last Castle Siege MuPPeTs was just a shadow of the guild who took Castle from BDSM and dominated Phoenix. NONE, the third guild who owned castle and dominated server got new fresh blood after merging with HOSTILE, and they did to MuPPeTs same thing that MuPPeTs did to BDSM, now they are "on the wave", the only guild who can challenge them at this moment seems to be Smurf. I guess that time will tell us how the story will be written, also will bring the answer to the main questions : "The Castle is cursed ? Is this just a strange coincidence that the second guild who got and lost the castle is almost history? What will happen to NONE if they will lose the castle?" We'll keep you all up to date after each Castle Siege so: To be continued…..
    20. Two days passed since the last Castle Siege was disputed. The remains of an epic war can still be seen in Valley of Loren's battle field,.In front and behind the castle gates, you can "hear" the silence that gives you the creeps that "stains your skin", and on the famous bridge, dried blood spots are still covering the stones on which it's built. The past week was an intense one and a lot of things happened since I have posted the last article about the Guilds involved in the fight for supremacy, I will relate bellow only the most important ones: Last week was the last one for the greatest MuPPeTs, they disbanded, as the Curse of the Castle wants to prove,it has its own will and only a really strong guild can face it. This curse seems to be a disease for which only a few guilds had an antidote in the past, but they kept it secret and were finally buried with it. Most of the MuPPeTs players moved to the new guild, named Void, then made an unexpected move : alliance with Smurf . The Smurfs, absorbing this power, hoped that it will be enough to take the supremacy. The fight was tight in past, even without this new guild Void on their side. Saturday came and Smurf guild with its new fresh power attacked hard, the fight was balanced, but in the end, NONE proved again that their team is stronger and more united than ever, and sent a message to all the guilds who dream about the Castle and about the Land of Trials: “Anyone who wants to Take the Crown from Aqvila`s head needs to try harder than this”. Will Smurf be better prepared for the next Castle Siege ? Will they finally send the Curse after NONE?
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