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    1. Banana did not make any "cry" on forum. Just reply to help some idiots have better views.
    2. Nope, monkey will be banned forever. Try to earn money by other ways. Good luck
    3. I did not see any BL and Racism here. There are chars name ZaooDog, EndoDog, HardDog..... BTW. I have seen many similar posts recently. Did Hardcore really stolen something? Are they hungry? Did they feel ashamed after?
    4. Nothing to say rather than that? It very simple to use google translate. Go learn more
    5. Dose it matter with pvm chars? Why dont you guys make pvm build? ADM stopping you guys? IF there is no record of the last week, how people can imagine the difference? There are many scenarios: 1. They are bad at Gaion now, but what reason? No buff (doople, elf)? Running with 4 or 3? 2.You guys can make more pvm build (no need to be full pvm). 3. I have seen you do it with 5 doople buffs ( including edr crit ?) 4. You can have vip to make more runs ....... Before thing become clear, just dont guess or saying nonsense.
    6. Do you have the record of their gaion times last week? it will be better for ppls to compare.
    7. Before you putting anyone into prison. You will need to provide enough evidence. Here only your words, how it possible? only your G mate believe that.
    8. Can you make it more clearly? How they can do it? Please
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