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    Hello there, as the tile says this is a guide for our mu-warriors.

    Lets start from the builds, there are 4 most known builds :

    1)Vitality BK

    2)Agility BK

    3)Strength-Damage BK

    4)Sweller BK

    Lets say we have around 2000 points (excluding the str  and agi points needed for equipping gear)


    1) Vitality BK

         Stats: Strength=====>>>> 500 points

                    Agility======>>>>> Meet the requirements

                    Vit=========>>>>  1300 points

                    Energy=====>>>>> 200 points


    That's a build for those who want to feel like a tank. The positives are that you will have high hp combined with the Swell life skill.

    The negative is that your damage will not be that great, although with elf buffs you will be doing good in cs, bc ds etc

    2) Agility BK

        Stats: Strength=====>>>>Meet the requirements

                   Agility=======>>>>1600 points

                   Vit==========>>>> 200 points

                   Energy=======>>>> 200 points

    That's a build for those who want to have better attack speed, evasion , defense and a bit of damage. This kind of BK is great for hitting fast and stay long in duels.

    The negative is that your damage will not be that high

    3) Strength-Damage BK

        StatsStrength=====>>>>1000 points

                   Agility=======>>>>600 points

                   Vit==========>>>> 200 points 

                   Energy=======>>>> 200 points

    That's a build for those who want to be competitive in duels, castle siege , taking over spots etc. This type has great damage and a also some defense that is making him a good damage dealer. The negative part is that your life will not be high so you can be easily killed also.

    4) Sweller BK

        Stats:Strength=====>>>>Meet the requirements

                  Agility=======>>>>Meet the requirements

                  Vit==========>>>> 500 points

                  Energy=======>>>> 1500 points

    That's a build for those who want to be have a more supportive role as a BK. The energy + vit  points make the Swell life buff to give a really good amount of health. Its really useful on castle siege mostly for the party members. The negative part is that you cant be in the frontline , because your attack and defense is low, but you can stay at the back and supporting by giving more health to your mates.


    Lets continue about the sets u can use:

    1) First option and the best one to level quicker is to have Vicious set(Helm, Armor, Pants and ring) + Hyon set (Boots, Gloves and hyon lighting sword)

    This way you will have 2 sets combined...Your damage will go really high and you will get some defense and life

    2)Second option is to make any set that has dd ref/dd hp/ or ref/hp option(excellent sets like red dragon , black dragon ,great dragon , dark phoenix etc.)

    This way your defense will be better and its more suitable for PVP

    Recommended weapons are:

    1)AA Sword that drops from box of kundun

    2)Exc bone blade with options like exc dmg, increase damage +2% ,increase damaga +level/20

    3)Flameberge or/and Sword Breaker with 5 sockets(you need to fill the sockets tho ) 

    Recommended rings and pendant:

    1)The best pendant you can have is with exc dmg,increase damage 2% and autohp recovery 3%

    2)About rings you can choose between DD REF/ DD HP /HP REF +autohp rec 3% according to you preference

    Recommended spells to use:

    1) Swell life which is a self buff giving you health increase

    2) Twisting slash to killing monsters, which is the most used skill from BKs

    Recommended items to do even more damage:

    1)Imp which increases attack power and wizardry by 30% 

    2)Demon which increases attack speed and increases damage by 40%

    3)Wings as much + as possible, best +15

    4)Weapon as much +as possible, best +15

    5)Excellent damage, increase damage 2% and increase damage +level/20 on weapon as options





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    On 11/09/2017 at 9:49 PM, Vjaceslav said:

    Better to keep vitality base and 200 ponts add to main stat.

    No way. If you keep Vatality in base, on any champ, you get hit with 1 good combo, and you're gone xD

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