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So bought silver VIP yesterday...

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Decided to farm tarkan for 8 hours to see how many jewels and box of heaven i can farm with the extra drop.As you can see in screenshot that is my inventory after 8 hours of farming.Is this some kind of a joke?Xp is bigger but drops are way worse. So whats the point of VIP  if you only get increased drops on crap non exe items and your jewels and everything else is a lot worse ?Unless this is some sort of a bug i would like to get refund on the VIP i bought and spend it on something that is actually useful. Since i cant upload screenshot from mu because you forum for some reason doesn't allow it  here is an imgur link to my inventory after a night of farming https://imgur.com/a/gdoOhg2.


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Ok, we just checked the drops for VIPs and nonVIPS, because your guild mate Mutter reported the same thing.

Here are the diagnostics:

-The VIP drop is OK, nothing has been changed since forever, the drops are increased as against NonVip

-The NonVIP drop is also OK, which leds us to the following conclusions:

The drop is now based your your luck, if you buy VIP we guarantee that your chance will be raised with x%. But if your luck is 0, 0% * x%, you do the math.

Now it depends on how many mobs you killed, if you were killed after 10 minutes of being AFK, etc

Ty for understanding

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Thanks for quick reply.

I was not killed i was still fighting when i woke up.

I kill mobs fast Ae 350 in tarkan...

I never had worse drop without VIP than i did yesterday if this is considered fine drop for VIP i would like to get a refund if possible ? I mean whats the point if its not doing anything for me besides the extra xp.

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Better ask before than writing bull-shits after, please.

Drop is doing exactly what is written: It raise your droprate from 35% (server base) to 45%(Bronze VIP) and 50% (Silver VIP).
This increase is applied only if:
- You are solo.
- The members from your party have VIP as well.
(Simple logic, if 1 person have VIP and the other 4 from party doesn't, there is no logic that all 4 of non-vip to benefit from the VIP advantage of drop for free).

What the droprate means?
Simple, 35% means that from 100 mobs killed, 35 will drop something (zen, non exc items, exc items, trash items, jewels, boxes, etc.) while 65 will drop nothing.
45 % means that from 100 mobs killed, 45 will drop something (zen, non exc items, exc items, trash items, jewels, boxes, etc.) while 55 will drop nothing.

Tell me acc id in PM for remove of the VIP.

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