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Big Rework - Next Level - 02.02.2019

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Based on your feedbacks and after many hours of intense work, we're here to announce a new release that is getting us to the next level!

We've finished the rework of all the spots & and mobs from spots from game!

It will be live on Saturday (02.02.2019) at around 20:00 - a server restart will be required and while reconnect is possible it is not guaranteed!

Main objectives of rework:
- Raise the competition for better spots while making sure everyone have a place to level up - with or without fighting for better spots.
- Raise the overall balance between all the maps to make sure the progress is made in the greatest way from lowest maps to highest maps.
- Raise the newbie's and even pro's awareness of all the spots from the game.
- Make all maps feel nice designed, without different or broken spots structures, without too close spots that can be abused, etc.

Spots rework:
- Some spots have been added, some spots have been moved and some spots have been removed.
- All the spots from game have been manually reworked.
- Now every map is progressive, this means that the more you move into the map the better the mobs/combinations of mobs will be.
- Now each spot is following a strict pattern of spawn coordonates:
1. For low maps (Devias1-4, Dungeon1-3, Atlans1-2, LostTower1-7) the 7 mobs spots are spawning in 6x6 coords and the 8 mobs spots are spawning in 8x8 coords.
2. For medium maps (Atlans3,Tarkan1-2,Aida1-2,Kanturu1-3) the 7 mobs spots are spawning in 7x7 coords and the 8 mobs spots are spawning in 9x9 coords.
Exception: Icarus that have only 5 mobs per spot and mobs are spawning on 6x6 coords.
3. For high maps (Karutan1-2,Crywolf,Relics) the 7 mobs spots are spawning in 8x8 coords and the 8 mobs spots are spawning in 10x10 coords.
- Now the number of 8 mobs spots is reduced overall and it is between 20% and 35% of spots.
- Now the 8 mobs spots can't be found at the start of the maps (you need to move and look for them).
- Now mobs can't run from spots for more than 2 coordonates on their own (only if lured by players they can move more).
- Now almost all mobs from game are included in spots (on almost all maps).
- Now the distance between spots is minimum of 12 coords (on restricted areas) and minimum 15 coords on non-restricted areas.
- Now I'm pretty sure there is no more broken spots, but if you find anything let me know, probably I passed it by mistake.
- Now all the spots are showing on MINIMAP (TAB)!
- Now you can keep the cursor on the spot marked from minimap and it will show you the mobs type from that spot.


New spots distribution:
Lorencia - 4 spots - 1 each entrance (bigger ones) + mobs all over map. 
Noria - 3 spots - 1 each entrance (bigger ones) + mobs all over map. 
Elbeland1 - 2 spots - 1 each entrance (bigger ones) + mobs all over map.

Dungeon1 - Quest purpose: 1 spot Larvas + Cyclops
Dungeon2 - Quest purpose: 1 spot Ghosts, 1 spot Skeleton Archer + Hell Hound, 1 spot Hell Spider + Elite Skeleton
Dungeon3 - 9 spots (combinations of monsters).

Devias1 - 11 Worms spots, 8 Hommerd + Ice Monster spots.
Devias2 - 3 Assasin spots, 8 Yeti spots.
Devias3 - 12 Elite Yeti spots.
Devias4 - 6 Elite Yeti spots, 3 Ice Queen spots.
Total: 51 spots.

Atlans1 - 4 Bahamut spots, 5 Bahamut + Vepar spots, 3 Vepar + Valkyrie spots, 2 Valkyrie spots.
Atlans2 - 5 Great Bahamut spots, 4 Silver Valkyrie + Great Bahamut spots, 1 Silver Valkyrie + Hydra spot.
Atlans3 - 11 Lizard spots, 1 Lizard + Hydra spot.
Total: 36 spots.

LostTower1 - 5 Shadow spots, 5 Shadow + Poison Shadow spots.
LostTower2 - 8 Poison Shadow spots.
LostTower3 - 4 Cursed Wizard spots, 5 Cursed Wizard + Death Cow spots.
LostTower4 - 3 Death Cow spots, 4 Death Cow + Devil spots.
LostTower5 - 2 Death King spots, 5 Death King + Devil spots.
LostTower6 - 6 Death King + Death Gorgon spots.
LostTower7 - 3 Death Gorgon spots, 7 Death Gorgon + Death King spots, 4 Death Gorgon + Balrog spots.
Total: 61 spots.

Tarkan1 - 6 Mutant spots, 7 Mutant + Bloody Wolves spots, 3 Bloody Wolves spots, 3 Bloody Wolves + Iron Wheel spots, 2 Iron Wheel spots.
Tarkan2 - 5 Iron Wheel spots, 4 Tantalos spots, 6 Tantalos + Beam Knights spots, 2 Beam Knights spots, 1 Beam Knights + Zaikans spot.
Total: 39 spots.

Aida1 - 4 Death Tree spots, 6 Death Tree + Forest Orcs spots, 4 Forest Orcs spots.
Aida2 - 4 Death Rider spots, 12 Death Rider + Blue Golems spots, 6 Blue Golems spots.
Total: 36 spots.

Icarus - 4 Alquamos spots, 4 Mega Crusts spots, 4 Queen Rainer spots, 2 Drakan spots, 2 Alpha Crusts spots, 1 Alpha Crusts + Phantoms spot.
Total: 17 spots.

Kanturu1 - 7 Splinter Wolves spots, 4 Splinter Wolves + Iron Riders spots, 2 Iron Riders spots.
Kanturu2 - 2 Satyros + Iron Riders spots, 7 Satyros spots, 4 Blade Hunters + Kentauros spots, 4 Gigantis spots, 4 Gigantis + Genociders spots, 2 Genociders spots.
Kanturu3 - 3 Kentauros Warrior + Gigantis Warrior spots, 3 Gigantis Warrior spots, 3 Gigantis Warrior + Genocider Warrior spots, 1 Genocider Warrior spot.
Total: 46 spots. 

Kanturu Relics - 3 Twin Tale spots, 3 Twin Tale + Persona spots, 4 Persona + Dreadfear spots, 2 Dreadfear spots.
Total: 12 spots.

Karutan1 - 6 Venomous Scorpion spots, 6 Venomous Scorpion + Bone Scorpion spots, 2 Bone Scorpion spots, 4 Bone Scorpion + Orcus spots, 7 Orcus + Gollock spots, 6 Gollock spots.
Karutan2 - 4 Crypta spots, 5 Crypta + Crypos spots, 5 Crypos spots, 11 Condra + Narcondra spots.
Total: 56 spots.

Raklion - 2 Ice Walker spots, 2 Ice Walker + Giant Mammoth spots, 2 Ice Giant + Collutin spots, 2 Collutin spots, 2 Collutin + Iron Knight spots.
Total: 10 spots.

Vulcanus - 8 Zombie Fighter spots, 2 Zombie Fighter + Ressurected Gladiator spots, 5 Ressurected Gladiator spots, 1 Ressurected Gladiator + Ash Slaughterer spot, 6 Ash Slaughterer + Blood Assasin spots, 8 Blood Assasin + Cruel Blood Assasin spots, 6 Burning Lava Giant + Ruthless Lava Giant spots.
Total: 36 spots.

Swamp - 1 Sapi-Unus spot, 1 Sapi-Tres spot, 1 Shadow Knight spot, 1 Thunder Napin spot, 1 Sapi-Unus + Sapi-Duo spot, 1 Sapi-Tres + Shadow Pawn spot, 1 Shadow Knight + Shadow Look spot, 1 Thunder Napin + Ghost Napin spot, 1 Sapi-Duo + Blaze Napin spot, 1 Shadow Pawn + Blaze Napin spot, 1 Shadow Look + Blaze Napin spot, 1 Ghost Napin + Blaze Napin spot.
Total: 12 spots (3 on each zone).

LoT - 2 Axe Warrior spots (5 mobs 6x6 range), 2 Lizard Warrior spots (5 mobs 7x7 range), 1 Poison Golem spot (6 mobs, 7x7 range), 1 Fire Golem spot (7 mobs, 8x8 range).
Total: 6 spots.
Note: Poison Golems are similar to Satyros and Fire Golem are similar to Genociders - profit by that.

Crywolf - 4 Werewolf spots, 3 Werewolf + Scout spots, 3 Scout spots.
Total: 10 spots.

Kalima(1-7) - 2 Aegis + Rogue Centurion spots, 2 Blood Soldier + Death Angel spots, 2 Necron + Death Centurion spots, 2 Schriker spots.
Total: 56 spots (8 for each kalima).


- Overall exp for level 1-400 have been increased on each level stage (with 5-25%).
- Overall exp for ML have been increased on each level stage (with 4-10%).
- Added a new quality of life feature:
You can write /maps from now on and you'll see the current amount of players from most important leveling maps (in order to decide where to go and try to find a party - more populated maps - or where to go to find a spot with your party - lower populated maps -).


Maps changes:
- Now you can get ML exp from mobs over level 95 (default GMO).
- Now non-pvp maps (Aida,Karutan1,Crywolf,Kalima7) are having 80% global exp instead of 75%.
- Now Kalima5 is a normal map not non-pvp anymore.
- Now Swamp is Battle Map while Relics is normal map.


Battle Maps changes:
- Swamp, Vulcanus, Raklion - 7 mobs on all spots spawning on 8x8 coords, +8% global exp compared to normal maps.
- Atlans - 7 & 8 mobs on spots, + 5% global exp compared to normal maps.
- Removed the Gladiator's Glory buff (vulcanus bonus exp) from game to make sure everything is balanced (while level of vulcanus mobs have been raised).


Mobs Rework:
- All the mobs from SPOTS (not events/quests,etc.) have been manually reworked, one by one.
That means all the mobs are more balanced and feel more smooth/progressive than before.
- Some mobs have also seen a cut in exp (their level) while others have received a buff.
- Difference between swamp mobs and the rest of maps isn't that big anymore but still noticeable.
- Now normally any similar mobs (in terms of level/exp) are sharing pretty similar attributes (dmg,def,hp,etc.).
- Some mobs are stronger now while others are weaker than before (in terms of attributes).

Now all maps can be played at full potential and in a balanced way!

I hope you'll enjoy this big rework as we had put a lot of soul and time into it!



"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Apart from this rework, we have made few changes on OSGM System:

- Added 4th and 5th places for weekly events (instead of only 3 places and consolations now there are 5 places and consolations).
- Reworked given OSP points:
First place: 50 OSP
Second place: 35 OSP
Third place: 25 OSP
Fourth place: 15 OSP
Fifth place: 10 OSP
Consolations: 5 OSP


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Updates are up!

Don't forget to update the client via Launcher in order to have the minimap spots!

Also, as a last part of this upgrade, we created a new quality of life feature for you.

You can write /maps from now on and you'll see the current amount of players from most important leveling maps (in order to decide where to go and try to find a party - more populated maps - or where to go to find a spot with your party - lower populated maps).

Let us know if you'll find anything wrong after this update (it was a big one, so we expect some reports).

Note: You'll experience guild bugs for some time, in order to fix it you can do a char relog.



"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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