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    The Curse of Inception Episode 5


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    A fairytale battle took place on the eternal battlefield called Valley of Loren, a battle like none ever seen before, a historical one that will remain written by the blood of these fighters in the stones from which the great castle is built. Four guilds took part in this epic bloody battle: Hardcore, Purge, Diamond and FORMOZA

    The guild that holds the supremacy of the server, Hardcore, led by No1LiveEr, as usual, prepared an almost perfect defense, upgraded the gates and the statues thus recovering 40% of the deficit which was not negligible (-3500 points). They started the fight being organized even from the first gates, trying to slow down the attacking guilds. The warriors of this great guild had a very difficult mission, an almost impossible one, considering last week's balanced fight.

    Purge, led by Snook, the guild that launches the attack, has once again brought in 25 of the best fighters ready to shed their blood to break this glorious Hardcore domination which lasted since this server's debut, followed by Diamond led by HVMAN, a guild that failed last week to make the threshold of 2500 points , but with a good performance, especially the "Glowing" Glowa which stamped number one in the previous battle, and the guild ranked with the fourth chance, FORMOZA, under the leadership of Mamelcia, a guild that takes part in this war for the first time.

    Due to the fact that we have three attacking guilds, the gates and statues fell very quickly, so, after the first 10 minutes have elapsed, the fight moves inside the castle, and the madness begins: the elves from Hardcore and Purge move amazingly, buffing, freezing, running, I can barely follow them, at the switches the fight is chaotic, Purge manages to register first, but next,  the most focused stampers seem those from Diamond who manage to register pretty fast, although HVMAN and Snook are constantly hunted by Hardcore's elves and cannons. 

    The fight is spectacular, we enter the last hour of the fight, and the score is commensurate, Purge leads accumulating so far 2942 points, followed by Diamond with 2050 points accumulated, Hardcore who managed to reduce the handicap quite a lot holding 1604 points and the last were those from FORMOZA with only 200 points.

    The crown switches from one end to the other of these great three leaders, Diamond takes advantage of the fierce battle between Hardcore and Purge and begins to gain precious points when they hold the Crown, while Hardcore is recovering points step by step due to the multiple kills made by RuSuLeTzZz "The Machine Gun" , Mu3rTe "The Death Bringer", "The Stunning" Mael  and BugBless "The Terror" . Purge counterattacks using its legends, "The Amazing" Zutto, "The Insane" Chukundah, "The Bloody" FKingCunt helped by MindPower and Duke. 

    "Glowing" Glowa makes wonders again on the top switch and Almighty fights on a par with the other stampers for the bottom switch, so Diamond have countless chances to register, some successfully crowned, Achilles' heel for Diamond is still HVMAN which due to the fact that it was low level (297) was killed much easier than the other leaders but he still fights from peer to peer with them for The Crown.  

    The fight continues to be dominated by Hardcore's countless kills slowly proposing in the first place, Diamond dominates with important minutes over the other guilds holding the crown on HVMAN's head for the longest time, they take full advantage of the fights between Hardcore and Purge, those (although we see a little chaos in their fight) seems to have the balance of the game with the cannons focused on Hardcore, being one step behind them. After we enter in the most important 30 minutes of this battle the score is: 12493 for Hardcore , Purge follows with 8192 points and currently holds the crown, Diamond accumulates 6640 points, and FORMOZA manages to accumulate 831 points and gives up this fight. 

    As we approach the last 15 minutes of the game, Purge is about to overtake Hardcore but HVMAN snatches the crown from Snook's head, and Purge seems to lose clarity and morale, everything balances and when there are 6 minutes from the game the score looks like this: Hardcore 13806 points, Purge 13337 points and Diamond who still own the crown, has 9438 points. 

    Everything is possible at this time, If Diamond keeps the position of defenders for another 6 minutes, they can win, if any of the other two leaders registers, will win the battle. The fight for switches seems to be dominated by Hardcore who manage to register when there are ONLY 4 minutes left in this battle and everything falls apart for Purge and Diamond, who have to settle for Lord Boxes so hard-worked, 4 for Diamond and 4 for Purge . 

    Fantastic final for Hardcore in this battle, which continues to be the guild that dominates and hold the supremacy for 4 consecutive week. The warriors from Purge feel that they need to change something and start a reform, a reorganization to help them win next week, the leaders of this guild have decided to disband the guild and rebuild a new one, this is called "Neutral". Diamond were the surprise of the week, showing strength and unity, if last week they failed to cross the threshold, this week astonishing us all were on the verge of winning!

    Congratulations to all for this great fight!

    Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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    Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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    Great CS, congrats to all participants, again.

    Can't wait to watch the next one.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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