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Selupan / Nightmare ect

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Hello there everyone !  

Im here to ask your opinion , about main mu content bosses .  

What do u say about , to increase main boses like selupan , nightmare  spawn times ? And add max entry possibilty 1 time per IP 

I fell like situation now is a little abused , im not here to cry but just to talk about this. 
Like there is no secret that top players and 2 top guilds are on endgame phase were they acctualy dont need nothing and mostly farming for alts or wings 4lvl.
As im not top player i wait for the moment when we could have our shot for some bosses  , we mainly go as 5-10 man group to try kill medusa / queen / nightmare ect.. But we just got rampaged by  players  Sockets sets +15 fo sockets sword/sticks fo ect.. black fenrrirs and stuff like that.   At this point we end up on this sesion with out any sockets wep farmed wont even say anything about wings 4  :D   

I know many tops will say u can farm ... u can get descent set .. to participate later.. No way it doesnt work like that .. U cant compare +13 dd/hp set +ddi vs 1 VRF with 2x pss holding gate..  They just 1 - 2 shot every one whos comming.  

Once i allready tryed to say that comunity is too big to have 1 main boss every 24 hours with exact timer. At the end there is no new competetive players who acttualy could play  Castle siege and stuff like that .. There is 800  to 300 online with around 100 acctually holding every single  event on this server.  

2#  Do we really need   best mob spots in lostmap 6 / 7 right next to kundum spwan .. like its not nessecary  lostmap 6 is allready abused by VPN wich is allowed as i understood.   But when kundum spawn in this maps.. its half Hp boss inta cuz of  24/7/365  VPN alts farming last spots.   
2.1#  As option its possible  to some how rework fenrrir part drops ? Its so abused again by VPN .. Main players dont lose the time to farm up xp /ml /events stuff .
( Ofcourse you can alweys pk , in the end u will end up  against TOP guild  Mains wich are going to fuck up your game experience untill u quit :D ) 

 Anyway Top players should understand .. If u want to show how BIG is your D  .. Then let others players to catch up with something atleast so u could have more fun killing EVEN geared players.  

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Would be nice to have some more spots that drop fenrir mats. Maybe k5/k7 could also have a chance to drop? 

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I'm not sure increasing the spawn would help..... would mean the top 2 guilds could have more shot at it is all

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I agree with almost everything he is saying.

I dont think increasing Boss Spawns is the correct solution -> right now it's just ridiculous that these exactly timed mobs got exclusive drops like socket weapons.

At core he is saying we need more abilitys to farm items from bossdrops, fenrir parts, hell - even the "randomized" golden invasion get farmed completly in 5minutes.

Be 2 minutes late and that's it. And by telling me "you couldve been there when it started" -> even less players will profit even more off of that..


Something definitly needs to change for some items availability. I get that items like socket weapons should be rare but right now they are literally unobtainable. The entry idea is really good

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Boss Invasions / Socket Drops / Item availability needs some good ideas..

It's way too unbalanced and predictable right now imho

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