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    1. CeptaVista

      Bk dmg is even 1:1:1 Str / Agi / Ene thats why Flat Agi build is most best .. Compared to SM who scale dmg from agility .. U just dont know and i guess u didnt test anything before u speak kalsiur , U need to read servers formulas
    2. CeptaVista

      Any new info?
    3. CeptaVista

      Hello there everyone ! Im here to ask your opinion , about main mu content bosses . What do u say about , to increase main boses like selupan , nightmare spawn times ? And add max entry possibilty 1 time per IP I fell like situation now is a little abused , im not here to cry but just to talk about this. Like there is no secret that top players and 2 top guilds are on endgame phase were they acctualy dont need nothing and mostly farming for alts or wings 4lvl. As im not top player i wait for the moment when we could have our shot for some bosses , we mainly go as 5-1
    4. CeptaVista

      https://ibb.co/72Bk8HL https://ibb.co/YdDCRL1 Bonuss https://ibb.co/9ysXRtn This from alt account random char ---> Main acc is Estrella Sum Situation explain Relic event nightmare .. Like we attend 2 man relic.. both summoners , Main boss drops sum stick .. as its not my friend and guild mate he starts to asking for stick ect event if he was lover resets lover stats i got most dmg i got kill on boss.. Player is just too toxic on it. At the end i made a deal were i asked some jwl for it.. 10b10s for raven stick edr , He got his stick ect so it can be counted as s
    5. CeptaVista

      then u lost aprox 800points so far.
    6. CeptaVista

      its 3pts per level game were u get 4pts passed marlon quest ? Were do u miss points?
    7. CeptaVista

      Gion u asked me to get info about PVN users ect.. Here u go .. https://ibb.co/PTpd6ZJ Half of the " Great " hardcore donated acc to him .. Rusuletzz , mafy ect. Dont acctually care if you do something or not .. But there u have the most explained problems about ppl who say that this server is pay to win ect.. Its not that ... Its about each of top plays 2,4,5 farm ect , There u have answers why do we have only 2 guild on CS from 800 online , why do we have so much over boosted early chars .. With gem , feather , ect .
    8. CeptaVista

      GG for 5 years Im active on every single golden invasion , white wizzards ect... But that master class hunt from top guild are just legit .. No matter what we do here or what we want to do u cant match the top 100 , its not about xp boosts or smth .. The game starts from point were u get close top resets and most important is 1 pvp set. wich u cant get , and ill explain why .. TOP guild farm goldens like in 30 seconds , when it comes to Relic event .. Hue hue fuuny .. They split in 2 group 1 group insta farms from entrace of relic . 2 group does event .. and that like from first day ... O
    9. CeptaVista

      From all what did he wrote u just look for mistakes and ignore the real truth about illusion temple and golden rush , phatentic , get your pants jizzed of this Dl and RF dominace in game.
    10. CeptaVista

      Nerf Dl defense .. or w/e , i played 1 illusion temple , there is no real possible ways to kill Dl with an orb .. So = no point to go IT and get warned and banned from it , just because you do nothing .! I would suggest to remove Dl horse from IT =More balanced IF Dont beleave me just Test it by your self , i mean kill With the same stats points and same wepons a DL with horse and average dd +12 set
    11. CeptaVista

      Drama, drama , drama .. Chunkundah u are garbage
    12. CeptaVista

      TC lol ... U can fell free to make your own server and get 900 avg online
    13. CeptaVista

      Well , in my opinion server stays bether for each its day , but there is something that i don't acctualy understand , and things i dont know how they work. 1# Is that , golden event is pretty unreachable for new players same as Pershing said .. budges are farmed with first goldens and newbies cant contest them . I tried it by my self pretty hard even if u find it first like golden goblin.. mostly u gona just lose it cuz u have not dmg to kill it first .. my suggestion is to move budges on high maps as its been farmed by top players mainly and low lvl or newbies can try to contest cc1 fo
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