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    1. dontpanic

      2v2 3v3... 5v5 duel could be nice to have. no reward, no gamble, no anything. just for fun. I don't also mind unequal match (3v2, 3v5. etc) you don't gain anything from it anyway could also be a great way to practice team pvp how to implement: only party leader can invite and accept this type of duel PT-Leader-1 will enter "/ptduel <PT-Leader-2name>" Pt-Leader-2 will receive message and should type "/ptduel accept" to accept *note: this should only work if all party members are inside lorencia safe-zone (to prevent abuse) - roun
    2. dontpanic

      Well I would rather fight player with good items with same rr as me rather than figthing player with good items as well and double my rr. ohh well. it's still a great server tho.
    3. dontpanic

      But if all tournament of different group happen at the same, it is hard/impossible to use 2 char to PVP at the same time right? and if they somehow find someone to pilot their alt, I would consider it as another player. Yes it might not be designed for newbies, but it might make newbies more interested in the game.
    4. dontpanic

      what if we group the tournament base on rr? (for special 1 & 3 only) there could be different prizes for each group 1-3rr will get low tier items/jewels/credits 4-6rr 7-9rr 10-12rr 13-15rr 16-18rr 19-21rr will get high tier items/jewels/credits this will give low rr players confidence to join the event and all will have a chance to win something
    5. dontpanic

      Totally agree with point ratio/reset. We can also give 1 "trouble maker point" to guild started OGW. After getting 3 points, they will either 1.)Get banned from using OGW for certain duration, or 2.)Get labeled as "the trouble maker" and will be at war with all guilds for certain duration ( I actually prefer 2 )
    6. dontpanic

      GUILD WAR PROPOSAL yamete Server Guild master can declare war againts other guild. think of it like duel gamble system. but larger scale Will add spice to guild PVP and players would have to think very carefully which guild to join Mechanics *new feature - Guild treasure - GM can set Mandatory/Optional collection of Credits/Jewels/Zen (TAX) Guild master can start war with other guild. There will be 2 types of war, Ordinary Guild War (OGW) & Gambled Guild War (GGW) Gambled Guild War (GGW) - both GM must agree to start war - GM can gamble item
    7. dontpanic

      hi @ADMIN we've tried it on crypta and condra
    8. dontpanic

      hi all, why is in forum character guide, MGs fireslash formula is; Fire Slash Defence Reduction: Max Rate: 20%. Formula: 10% + ENE/60(%) - Capped at 600 ENE. but when tried on test server, same increase on damage after fireslash with(600) or without(15) ene. is this bug or guide is just outdated?
    9. dontpanic

      okay thanks!
    10. dontpanic

      sso at 10rr you get 45% extra damage??
    11. dontpanic

      ohhh right. it stopped working when CS started. thanks!
    12. i was able to use RF buff on crywolf and balgas then suddenly I cant. it still working prefectly fine on other maps but not in cryworlf and balgas. i was in the middle of my dark elf quest when it suddently stoped working.
    13. dontpanic

      appreciate the response but the problem is not using hp and mana at the same time. what I am suggesting is the addition of mana potion in MU Helper (PvM). cause I noticed that, when out of mana, the char stops using skill for a bit (0.5 - 1 sec I guess?) before using mana pots then use skill again. that's why I would like to add this feature so we could maintain our mana on a certain percentage (using MU helper) to avoid the prob. I'll attach a photo of what I mean.
    14. dontpanic

      i dont think decreasing mana cost will solve it. it will reduce the MP you need but you will still experience the stuttering whenever we don't have enough mana. also, it might ruin the pots system of the game. current pot system is just perfect imo.
    15. dontpanic

      mana potion is only used when we don't have enough mana to use skill. this stops char attacking for while. i think bk is greatly affected by this since it resets its combo after using mana / stops attacking (correct me if im wrong). if we could put mana potion on MU helper to set our mana level consistent, we can prevent stuttering attacks. just imagine the attacks we could had overtime made without those stutterings.
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