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    Imbalance in PVM set choices caused by lack of EE


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    Character name - Aqvila


    Suggestion type - Server - balance (for future editions)


    Content - I find the idea to remove EEs from the game very interesting, it levels the playing field and removes some of the most boring aspects of the game. However, this has an unwanted effect: using Defense to progress through the maps scales a lot worse than using DSR.

    When EEs were a thing, defence would scale with 2 factors: character defense (increases as you upgrade your set) and elf buff (increases with EE's level). Of course, the 2nd factor does not exist anymore.

    DSR scales with 3 factors: base DSR (given by a character's agility), the number of DSR items you wear and ERF buff. All these 3 factors are still present.

    As you could see in Rankings, most top characters will use a DSR set, even for classes/builds that normally would use something else to survive (pure defense, DD, etc). The options to choose a set for higher maps are currently limited, as it would be a lot more expensive to play a low agi build and up a set +11 to survive Karutan2 than to simply use DSR+0.

    I should point out that in this stage of the game (break 2 almost over) the problem seems to slowly disappear, as there are more resources available to up other type of sets (DD, HP, etc). It is still an issue for those that will start later and for future editions of the server.


    How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the diversity of choice in building a set for levels 300+, making other type of sets viable (for example high tier non excellent +9, mid tier ancients)


    How the suggestion could be implemented - this is the tricky part with this suggestion...

    I am not completely sure on any of these suggestions and how they would affect other aspects of the game (i'm thinking they could apply in a future edition):

    - increase jewels availability between break 1 and break 2 to make it easier to up intermediate sets to +9/11

    - slightly reduce mob damage and leave attack rate as it is

    - provide alternative ways to buff/debuff (for example increase the effect of Weakness in PVM only)

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    Well, there's nothing wrong in having DSR sets an use, as they were made for.

    DSR, ZEN, MANA - best options to aim for for PvM, with mana a bit less important but still an improve to PvM.

    HP & DD - smaller impact to PvM but higher to PvP.

    REF - PvP option.

    While you can also PvM in a set with PvP favored options that will also help you to advance, using PvM option like DSR is obviously better if your interest is purely for PvM.

    What you're saying is basically "make DSR useless again" so the usual PvP sets will be used on both PvP & PvM with same benefits.

    Or at least this is what I understand, because any kind of buff / nerf you think at that would make normal sets to give same or very similar PvM power compared to DSR will make this option once again useless.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    • Group:  Legends
    • Content Count:  47
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    As the game progressed, my suggestion no longer stands. Ignore

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