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    Rework consumables drop level


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    Character name - Aqvila


    Suggestion type - Server - Economy/Drops


    Content - This suggestion is related to the flow of items in the game between 3 player categories: top players, chasers and newcomers.

    In my opinion, in MMOs there are 3 type of items: gear (Armors, Weapons, Wings, Spells), currency (Jewels, Creds) and consumables (materials, zen, imps) and the three player categories above. To have a functional economy, these items should flow between the 3 categories. The market on this server looks very good so far, and what makes it fluid is IMO zen and credits (available to newcomers and chasers). However, there seems to be some disparity between demand and offer (offer is way too low, giving too much leverage to top categories over bottom ones. Just look at the prices on the market.

    Gear flows this way: Top players have the leverage in gear market,  demanding the price they want from those below.

    Top players    >>>    gear           >>>    Chasers    >>>        gear           >>>    Newcomers
    Top players    <<<    currency    <<<    Chasers    <<<        currency    <<<    Newcomers

    All fair and square, Top players and Chasers invest more time/effort, they get the rare stuff first and can price them whatever they want.

    Currency is generated this way, causing inflation (10B is nothing for a top player, takes 3 days to gather for a newcomer):

    Top players - high amount of jewels/creds generated (higher maps drop more jewels, top players get weekly rewards etc)

    Chasers - medium amount generated

    Newcomers - low amount

    All fair and square, because it's a game and you have to feel you progress.

    Consumables are currently flowing the same way as gear, which is a problem IMO.

    Top players    >>>    consumables       >>>    Chasers    >>>        consumables       >>>    Newcomers
    Top players    <<<    currency                <<<    Chasers    <<<        currency                <<<    Newcomers

    In real life economy it may be fair, but this is a game and you need balance. In order to give some leverage to Newcomers over Chasers and Chasers over Top players,  i think those above should depend on those below for farming consumables for them.

    This doesn't happen currently for two reasons:

    - top players and chasers started to make zen farmers, a lot more efficiently than a newcomer can. check the price of a small DL cape to see how many farmers there are

    - most players level up in maps that drop materials below their current BC/DS/IT level, so they have to buy them from higher level players


    How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the fluidity of the market and give some leverage to lower players, that currently get shafted in all item categories (gear, currency and consumables)


    How the suggestion could be implemented:

    Regarding materials, i suggest tweaking the drop levels so that a level 340 player leveling in Karutan1 would need to buy the materials from a level 320 player leveling in Kanturu2 end for example (or fill his vault with materials for future events if you are cheap :P).

    Regarding zen, unfortunately farming is an issue without a solution in every MMORPG. However, i think you can add some balance by adding rewards that are harder to farm (maybe rework the classic NPC quests and limit them to once per account).


    Sorry for the novel, i can't sleep :(

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    • 2 weeks later...

    I'm not quite sure about the suggestion, is it related only to BC/DS/IT, etc. materials or what exactly? Excuse me, though, would like a TLDR version haha. 

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    Low levels buy items from high levels - fine

    Low levels get jwls/creds from high levels - fine

    Low levels get consumables (IT/BC/DS mats) from high lvls - not fine


    Low levels don't have anything that high levels need, leading to prohibitive prices.

    Suggestion is make IT/BC/DS mats drop from a lower level, high lvls need to buy from lower lvls.


    Same applies to zen. Find solutions to stop jwls/zen farming, its ABSOLUTELY META atm. Everyone has 2-3 farmers. (e.g. Make zen pickup always divide by 5, no matter how many members in a party)

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    I see, I'll think about the mats.

    Well, farm is part of this game, and there isn't a proper solution for it. Your divide suggestion isn't bad, though it can't be done currently (it is a dev-side option, not our own script).

    Though I do believe the way we made the drops system does work pretty fine versus farming. If you want to farm zen and/or bless you have to farm with low level chars and in low maps, for maximum potential.

    If you want to farm souls/lives/creations etc. you need to advance in farmer level and farm higher maps (which on most of them you can't resist alone, and even if you do, you miss on higher zen/bless).

    In the end the mains are the ones farming more on high maps than the farmers, but still zen is important in economy and without such farmers it would be pretty hard to keep up with zen spendings (just looking at reset cost and senior mix cost in zen is a big reason, apart from daily usage).

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    I would like to join Salam in some of his thoughts here.

    I have tried to sit on spots in aida2 / k1 a few times (high as I can kill fast right now). and the drops are just abyssal. But I only last 1-2 days at most, it just feels so bad. The fact you get shit all zen in a party since its /5 just makes it worse.

    The game is so much more efficient to just divide and conquer (split up and farm lower maps).  I agree this makes it shit for people trying to find spots, but as mentioned you are just rewarded so much more for doing so its hard to ignore it......

    Therefore I agree something needs to be done, but i would argue against the fact only the top levels get currency. I would argue anyone farming low maps gets the currency, be they top/chaser/newcomer. 


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    • 1 month later...

    Mats thingy - Accepted & implemented.

    +40 credits.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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