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    They're here! World Bosses - Call to Arms!


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    • Giant Mammoths HP nerfed with 60%.
      • This will make sure the Dark Mammoth is both spawning faster & it will be also easier to purge the Carnage (but well, you can't purge Carnage in 5 people).
    • All bosses got a 20% HP nerf.
    • Dark Giant duration raised to 18 minutes as well, from 16.

    I'll share you few tips that should help you manage this fight better:
    1. The hardest boss is by far the Dark Mammoth. It must be spawned as fast as possible and attacked in groups of many people (not 1 by one, else you'll just die).
    2. The second boss in difficulty is the Dark Iron Knight. It is not that hard, but you're playing it wrong, losing a lot of DPS on it:
    Ideally, you want melee characters to immobilize it in a centered area from where he can't move unless melees dies.
    In this way, range will have enough space to spread from others so not everyone is getting the disease (like it is happening now).
    You're currently putting it in a corner and losing 50% of the area where characters can stay, which results in 80% of players getting all diseases => a lot of DPS loss.
    Iron Shield - must be purged as fast as possible so you're not losing any DPS on the boss. Ignoring it or not purging it fast enough means a lot of DPS loss.
    The best targets to kill during Iron Shield are clearly the ones that have the disease, because their DPS is already lost because of the stun.
    Play it smarter, respect the mechanics and you can kill it in a pretty fast way.
    3. Dark Giant is the easiest boss from all 3, and it's just a gens family fight - DPS race, but you need to get the people from your own family into the fight, you won't clear the boss with only 10-12 characters from the same family.

    They may have been over tuned a little before this tweaks, but still, you did way better when you didn't know anything about them (killed 2 bosses). This time Dark Giant survived with 46% HP, Dark Iron Knight with 41% HP and Dark Mammoth wasn't touched, while last time you managed to kill 2/3 in time.

    Yes, it is a challenge, but this is the fun part, you must all work together and split correctly between the bosses, respect the mechanics and you'll manage to win, you must just get used to the fight.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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