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    SMG balance


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    On the last couple of weeks, I noticed and tested that SMG is the weakest class in this game in PvP, according to the post regarding class balance, it is mentioned that SMG should be better at PvP than EMG -> that is not true, EMG destroys SMG (along with any other class in this game, which makes SMG the weakest char in game).

    I know that the Fire Slash bug cannot be resolved, but. Being the most important PvP skill, I think it's mandatory to adjust the % ratio for his def/dmg or buff other skills in order to be viable for PvP -> and in my opinion, is not a players job to test if he can overcome the Fire Slash BUG that is on this server. A new topic must be opened where an Admin/Moderator tested out and came up with a solution for it: 

    Test with a range of points to see if the bug is there:

    Ex: Str 10k-15k -> Agi 10k-15k -> no fire slash bug (regarding weapons & set items that can influence that, it's the players job to test it)

    I tried changing the ML tree -> going defensive -> no dmg, going dmg-> you die in 1-2 flame from sm/1 combo from BK.

    If you can't/won't take any actions to balance a char that is mentioned to be Top Tier in PvP, just let us know so we don't invest months of playtime and credits in something that is not viable in mid-late game.

    If SMG is a confirmed build, we need to be able to use it and not change to EMG because we need to stay relevant on this server.


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    On duel, with my curent set/build i kill every emg/smg on server (win duel),but thats beside the point, to have a character that can only win againts his class,

    BK - Dominic / Monkey win 10-0 vs me (face to face )

    Elf - MarcoPolo Wins 10-0 vs me (face to face)

    SM - Almighty/MeOne/St3f/Amar 10-10 vs me (face to face no run/teleport)

    DL - Uranus 10-0 vs me (face to face)

    Summ - MissKittin/Krize 10-0/10-1/10-2 max (face to face they doont even need to debuff me.)

    RF - SushyRF 10 - 0 if he runs/kite

    EMG/SMG - I kill all of them, so the build is not the problem gravediga/imax/cursed/zigg/semperfi 

    if u ask all of the players that i mentioned above, they can confirm.

    (This si besd of tones of tests and rebuilds and after the rebalance that was already made.)

    On Bosses if more the 10 players - 0 impact. i cant even deal damage, i think that says it all, i can elaborate if need be, but i think i covered all

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    Hola, you know we are doing our best to balance the pvp, at least we are trying to and the characters are pretty well balanced imo but, ofc, since the game was never meant for resets (like the original game has 3k 4k all points) it will never behave like we would like it to..

    On the other hand, this being a permanent server we will have to adjust the settings from time to time based on your feedback, and this feedback will count as well xD

    Hopefully we will get to a set of settings that can fulfill all the character's roles soon without having to re-balance constantly.

    I wanna ask you some shit, but you might tell me a lie
    But, ayy, I barely care
    I no longer live in my feelings, shit, I'm barely there 
    I can never live in New York 'cause I can't carry there
    They say I can't live in my city 'cause it's crazy there
    I'm like "Shit, that's everywhere"

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    Like we disscus previous, there are few issues.

    • BK too much stun, and he kill easy after coz of dmg ( monkey beat me with TS from fenrir, cannot give him 1 shot ^^)
    • DL cannot be tank+carry in same time, insane DMG....
    • RF too weak on DEF....
    • MG is hit hard, but same like RF is weak on DEF....

    I think all of us hope a better balance in future, and we know you will try more to do the best...



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    I've been duelling a lot :D so imma give ya my honest opinion on it :

    SM- imo is on a good spot:
    Many of the sm's cry mostly versus melee characters, but at the same time they are used to a DL gameplay : Aka tank face to face - thus not using their character perks like bigger range to play it effectively ( i can guarantee you if i play with an sm properly, neither a BK - RF - SMG - ELF can come close unless you let them when you have an advantage (like eat their sd before and after go for the kill) 

    ELF - Elf is goodish (a bit weako)

    Either go for ICE for more of a supportive build with some lower DMG or go DPS either oriented to PVM advantage(i didn't fight elfs a lot but take MarcoPolo for example, he has ice and socket set, thus less dmg but is supported by his reflect)

    SMG - SMG is on a very weird spot (imo should have priority)
    SMG as it is right now its pretty unbalanced, mostly for the fact that fire slash is bugged. If its a big unsolvable problem, there can be other alternatives:
    An idea could be increasing fire slash debuff duration(right now it instantly disappears, so SMG dont have any other option than to use only fire slash) Debuff first and after use flamestrike, or powerslash if enemy running
    Increasing the duration of debuff could make also EMG more viable in PVP (aka debuff then skill, since Socket weapons have also wizardy increase). 

    RF -  Totally agree with above BUT ( the fenrir twisting slash thinghie, works only with RF's specificly - Low def (more twisting dmg) low pvp def rate(very few misses so a lot of stuns, since i have high attack speed)
    RF tho right now has more potential at mass fights than at 1v1's since EBK scales hp a lot and is the only race that can scale also DMG from buffers (erf gives raw vitality and increases his %Skill dmg)

    Summoners: good spot imo

    BK -  decent spot IMO 
    I know ya will say you say this only becouse you Monka BUT

    BK is the HARDEST character and the most skill based character on the server:
    1) Builds: Bk is a pain in the ass to balance since to make a good build you have to balance hella things 
    Just take into example attack speed, is not straight forward as other classes ( you just maximize your dps based on speed and how much you hit, you gotta be able to combo at that speed)
    Not talking about correcting combo when hit/ref stunned, or balancing energy effectively! 
    So imo it is right, when you are able ,skill wise, to make a strong bk to be strong :D 

    DL is broken just by holding right click, i dont wanna immagine what would happen if dl's start using stun effectively )))
    A big problem IMO, that could maybe help you with balancing would be fixing test server. Many people state that test server is not same as main server (formulas, balances ect) which idk tbh but I see no reason for test server to have points capped at inception level ... 
    Some negative feedbacks on balances might also be becouse of unbalanced and untested builds (which imo has to be avoided both from the players side, and also from you guys doing balances)

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