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    1. RushMePls

      Like i say, is not Bad Language, is just a bulling and provoke. Thanks. P.S: Play for fun this game, not to insult ppl in games, bulling etc.
    2. RushMePls

      You keep bulling and provoke, not me, so who is that obsessed? Seems you are describe yourself...
    3. RushMePls

      you was inside in duel, after in lore you was in front of me, so ......no makiavelii in this story
    4. RushMePls

      https://imgur.com/a/JlBcEvc Don't know exatly where to put this man, he is keep bulling, provoke without any reason, then he come to blame about we are provoke him.....
    5. RushMePls

      https://imgur.com/a/w8xfQr8 Keep avoid, and try to insult more and provke, then say i talk from 2 accounts, and provoke you....
    6. RushMePls

      Alot of ppl what you insult on server, then you come alwayse to try avoid the BL, a mirror is a racist? Be a normal men not a girl, and insult all the ppl!
    7. RushMePls

    8. RushMePls

      https://imgur.com/a/WjpGoEc https://imgur.com/a/j2IFbBM
    9. RushMePls

      Bad language of sonkiMG Translate: sonkiMG :I am pee on your mother sonkiMG: Your mother will suck me https://imgur.com/a/xOR9HWT
    10. RushMePls

      Cancel. Was double posted
    11. RushMePls

      Hello, Like a suggestion, i think if not all chars can use Fenrir like RF in my case, can we think about to do something, i mean i understung have 10% more dmg, but to don't stop from REF, like how i am stopped from all spels, bk have stun to stop him, RF have nothing, he got mini-stunes and who have fenrir nothing, he stay in 1 place and right click..... Or we can go again to ARF... MG - Its really OP, no1 can beat him. Sum - Too much attack speed i think. BK - i think is ok now DL - if stay near him is hard with his dmg, but is ok... RF - i think he got enought nerf, 1 vs 1 without tu run and hit cant beat nothing, if he runs (but if he can run coz like i mentions up, he got alot of ministuns). Its the personal vision what can be improve if is good. Thank for your all support.
    12. RushMePls

      Its my opinion, ofc your opinion will be other than mine, we can stop to be ironic? Tnx
    13. RushMePls

      Hello, and hope you are all good! 1st - Too many jwl are droped from bounty, mby we can raise a little bit flame, feather, scrolls e.t.c 2nd - Like a suggestion to put on drop from golden boxes rings+pendant, with a lower chance ofc how will be fair as drop.. 3rd - Would be better to add again /qchange, was very usefull when are events, and ofc on mercenary if u have lvl 200 and have to beat a lvl 400 its a little bit harder... 4th - Tnx for your activity and improvement. Wish you all the best!
    14. RushMePls

      I know the late will be ok, not OP but ok, but in this moment is very very hard, cand win a mercenary, can't do more thinks with it, now DL and ELF rampage
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