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  1. RushMePls

    I know the late will be ok, not OP but ok, but in this moment is very very hard, cand win a mercenary, can't do more thinks with it, now DL and ELF rampage
  2. RushMePls

    Hello, Like some sugestion, i think in this DB have alot of changes, like the ELF who is OP for the moment, DL same like ELF, RF cannot beat nothing, only the spiders from lore, can think a little bit about what i say, ofc only if many players agree with this, because in this moment i think we have 2 classes who can own, and rest can't do more thinks. Last DB for me was great! This is too, but seems from my opinion need some re-balanced characters...
  3. RushMePls

    Good article! GG all of you! Best regards,
  4. RushMePls

  5. RushMePls

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