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Friendly Budge Dragon

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  1. Friendly Budge Dragon

    There is a difference between 'support' and blindly following because you have nothing better to do nor a voice. I'll support a project as long as it is aligned with what is interesting and fun for me on a personal level. The moment it stops being that there's nothing left to support. What I wrote wasn't a threat that ' I'm quitting!!!!!' but rather a warning because I'm not the only one who feels the same. I'll quit regardless. This is me (along with half the remaining active players) telling you that something is wrong and that you should check it. Again, you don't know me not have we had proper discussions before and yet look at the language you use in your reply. That is exactly what I meant when I said you shut down people's feedback the second it's not something that pleases you. At this point I doubt that continuing to reiterate my point will make any difference. And like I said, the people leaving will still leave regardless, but for the good of what's left of the project, I hope you finally take a good look at it before it's too late for even a new installment of the server. Cheers,
  2. Friendly Budge Dragon

    @ADMIN Allow me to rephrase and apologies if I didn't get my point across in the first post. My problem isn't that you're not listening, my problem is that at this point, no matter how many people and regardless of who tells you this, you've decided to ignore what people have been posting about over and over for the last month that i've been present: interest in the server is decreasing very quickly. Now, you can say that you 'don't care about who has CS' as many times as you wish but the fact remains that numbers are going down and simply rebuking feedback because you don't like a certain faction or because you don't appreciate the commenter doesn't change the fact that number are dropping and that you are talking to some of the last people left supporting your project. Numbers are numbers. It's not that we are threatening to quit, we wouldn't have stayed here so long if we didn't believe in the project, heck, some of the people here have been a part of the server since the first installment of 30rr. We're just letting you know that there is something very wrong happening with the server. I assure you it's the players more than anyone else who want to see the server live on.
  3. Friendly Budge Dragon

    I came back to 30rr by a friend's request on the condition that I would only stay as long as server was active. If not the last month of game play and the admin's inability to take feedback and listen to the people who are actually playing the server, then last CS proved that it's time to leave again. You can't expect players to stick around when even the people in charge cannot be bothered to be present for their own project.
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