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  1. AdriaNN

  2. Hi, i come with a suggestion for next project " first 3 players from one srv, if they are playing again on a new edition, to get some reward ( some small reward , it a good help on a freshstart) for their performance on oldprojects.Ty . Archie gj for playing to beat me on rankings, you can give thanks to Mafy, Maki, otherwise you lose nr1 place. :)). Enjoy. Have a nice day.!
  3. AdriaNN

    Niceee, TY. 😋
  4. AdriaNN

    Chuki , you should Respect me also , i ve killed you 5 times this cs.2 time (1vs1). anyway . Niceee .
  5. AdriaNN

    what is with this photoshop picts????realy? He erase his mg with muren set, he hide his name but in ss is writing MRxO. realy??ProPlayer :))
  6. AdriaNN

    Nicce job guys. Mu3rTe - 60% on spot , 40% for Events , invasions ,:) .
  7. AdriaNN

    Nice interview !🙂
  8. AdriaNN

    Ds ez,feather/ crest ez.Just play .Ty
  9. AdriaNN

    deci , trebuie sa va lingeti acadelele,gen sunteti prieteni(bff) doar ca sa nu stati in genunchi in fata noastra.Practic dovediti ca ambele guilde nu sunteti pe masura noastra .
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