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    1. AdriaNN

      where is squadron, ops squadron is no more.Just some farmers for nosgoth.
    2. AdriaNN

      i just reported something ,and i ask if abuse or not. Stop spaming and let the admins to say what they have to say ,
    3. AdriaNN

      chundandah cry is free boss, next topic.
    4. AdriaNN

      looks like if you invest more in w3 your rate is dropping very low, below 10%.
    5. AdriaNN

      chuky , what ? too much investment in w3?? and still you get K.O from normal character??
    6. AdriaNN

      yeah , gg . Admin is very happy . keep making.
    7. AdriaNN

      only me dude, so glst !!!! and read properly nob, "over" means more than 15 , totaly "overall 30
    8. AdriaNN

      over 15 faills for w3 and number is increasing fast.So do something about.........it is usseless.
    9. AdriaNN

      full of farmers !
    10. AdriaNN

      niceeee ! gg .Up !
    11. AdriaNN

      happy bitrhday !
    12. AdriaNN

      finaly reporter , you cach him :)). GG. Nice !
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