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  1. posting because my friend jayce DCed 30 seconds after we won, i do not that screenshots of him ingame because we dint expect him to dc but 30 before event ended he got dced, is there anything admin can do like generate his reward . ps: this is the only proof i have, you can ask Ganja, selphie,FatAss or me(COONISTIC) that he was in fact playing Illusion temple+6 and he got dced a few seconds before the game ended https://gyazo.com/1ec2c29f9eeedc99f1ddde8cc5027396 (can't upload picture directly on here because of the weight.

    my party members got IT warning after the game was done and they warp somewhere else

    Thank you all for your feedback, i will try to see how to make a better guide theres only room for improvement !!! i will try to make another guide a better one !!🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀
  4. Hello guys this is CamaraRD here! Id like to bring you this sweet guide for everyone to learn some useful tips!🐀🐀 This guide will be about using the helper obtaining option in adding extra item, some important things to note and get full advantage off. When hunting Loch's Feather remember to use the (') Loch's very important you might no pick it up if you simply put Loch, or you can try also Feather. This will make you will always pick that Sweet Loch's Feather no matter what while you are AFK. Also you should always check /entries to see what invitation you need to join Devil Square, Blood Castle, Illusion Temple. These events happens daily! and they have rewards and really good exp! but that information you already knew that. The trick i'm about to show is that after you see what entries you need you go to obtaining extra item and simply write depending for example Bone +6 (there a space between Bone and +6) so when your with auto helper on you will always pick the needed items for your events invitation and you will never miss out on the FUN!!🐀🐀🐀🐀 This will be all for today CamaraRD tarteiv here! Remember guys Enjoy the game Have fun and make friends!
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