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  1. xcited

    Thank you. I missed that one.
  2. xcited

    I am interested in this. As it might change my build. Have you tested it? Can @ADMIN confirm the numbers? Thank you.
  3. xcited

    You basically admitted that you made a deal with ATTACK xd
  4. xcited

    I just responded to his answer
  5. xcited

    Doesn't work.
  6. xcited

    ... I don't want to loot any useless normal items. I only want to loot the specific excellent item. lol I'd give you an example so you can get it ;=; Say I want Scale excellent items to loot. I don't want to loot the non-exe Scale items, only the excellent Scale ones. No other excellent items.
  7. xcited

    Excellent item... I don't want to loot any non-exe. I want to loot an specific "excellent" item. Not all exces
  8. xcited

    What should you put on the helper, the extra item part to be specific, to loot an specific excellent item while unchecking the excellent box?
  9. xcited

    Str minimum for equipment. Get a decent agi to raise your defence so you wont die. Vit ~500 and rest on ene
  10. No. You can't ban someone who stole your golden. Lol.
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