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  1. Team: Banana Captain : (PUDGE) (RF) Player 2: (Defuze) (SM) Player 3: (Xeronil) (MG) *Back-up : (Lele7) (BK)
  2. PUDGE

    guys this are just news ... real or fake he's doing his job really good to put some intrigue in his topics and between his readers.... you know how it is paparazzi 😁
  3. PUDGE

    I don't really know if he can accept or not the requests. I mean if he receive the request and manually has to press ok ,I don't know if its working that way, but I assume he had /re auto and I just sent him a party cause I saw him there beside me in bc5 and he was in our party and the party recognized him as being part of it and also beside us(same map, coord) like the party is not showing him in other map. You guys may know better what sort of bug this is but yeah thanks for fast reply.bye-bye
  4. PUDGE

    so it's not just a visual(graphic) bug if you are able to party him and actually interact with him. 🙂
  5. PUDGE

    Yes true sir my party mate couldn't see him , only me . I could party him too so yeah I thought this would go here for bug section.
  6. PUDGE

    I am in bc 5 which requires a certain level , but this guy its way smaller lvl than me like200 and I see him in bc 5 beside me ? He can accept party , the party recognize him as he is really beside me https://ibb.co/tY9pWGJ
  7. PUDGE

    I don't know if I'm allowed to comment here, but dude, tbh your storys are so good. I feel the dedication you put in this and is very nice . keep it up
  8. hi ,the min.level from the warp command window when you press '''m''' it's not accurate to the actual warp level. I cannot warp in those maps at the level showing.
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