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  1. Sparkle

    Inception is a nice server, idk if anything should be changed, mby improved but not change, we also have enough events , it is kindof impossible to participate in all, there are only 2 things i would like to be improved. 1. 380 weapons should be accessible for all players not only for Castle Owners as they are at this moment, so probably add a chance for a 380 weap drop on medusa or another boss as it was in previous versions. 2 A NPC in game or on web who can stabilize market to not get crazy, i saw jewels sold or buy for incredible prices like 10 b for 300 crd, or 20 soul for 10 bless, etc So at this npc should be some low exchange rates like : 10 s=7 b; 10 b = 7 s, Also credits should be added to this npc so we can exchange jewels for credits something like 10b = 100 crd ; 10s = 100 crd; 10 life = 120 crd; 10 harmony = 200 crd also should have vice-versa option so if you have credits you will be able to buy jewels and zen with them. 100 crd = 8 bless ; 100 crd = 8 soul; 120 crd= 8 life ; 210 crd= 8 johs etc. Can solve with this npc the issue with zen, I saw in past posts that zen lost value so, it would be nice to see in game option to exchange it for jw/crd etc. 10 bless = 100kk zen etc. 100kk zen = 7 bless etc. This npc should stabilize market but not kill it, so in game comerciants and farmers should be able to make profit but will also control abusing on other players. In game nickname Sparkle
  2. Sparkle

    KARIS Team Looking for OSSL matches this evening between 20:00- 23:00 serv time
  3. Sparkle

    Shaolin Soccer abandoned event...
  4. Sparkle

    KARIS Team Looking for OSSL matches this evening between 18:00- 00:00 serv time
  5. Sparkle

    KARIS vs Banana confirmed , 00:05 server time : 2-0
  6. Sparkle

    3Musketeers vs Karis : 1:1 @22:45 started i have only this print and this one
  7. KARIS Captain (weew) SUM Player2 (Makiavelli) MG Player3 (darkyoo) BK Back-up: (HakanSukur) (SM)
  8. Sparkle

    at 21:30 will start the final , we might intrerupt for BC or Cry if will take us more then 30 mins to kick @mafy
  9. Sparkle

    @admin , done
  10. Sparkle

    Fatality 0 -2 Love , Love goes to FINAL ! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/491358938760216586/640508525348388864/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/514861334530359298/640510602682564618/Screen11_03-13-05-0000.jpg
  11. Sparkle

    Thanks, i was flaming for nothing then
  12. Sparkle

    can we play semifinal before quarter final? our openent is already qualified
  13. Sparkle

    agree with that and it was a wish not a "must", 7 h of bonus exp needs focus time on bc, ds , in the mean time are more events like invasions , CC etc Castle siege makes it even harder cause needs preparation setting pt strategy etc
  14. Sparkle

    we have CS tomorrow also 7 h of bonus exp and lots of events so we would like semifinal today
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