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    1. livy0u

      Gotcha! :)) mystery revealed, everyone knows you now Fane
    2. livy0u

      🤣🤣 good one. If you want, give us the question list and maybe we can catch him 1-2 min /day so in December you can make an update 🤩
    3. livy0u

      Interesting. Most AFK player? 🙃 PS: looking for a title 😅
    4. livy0u

      You forgot the fact that at PvP invasion every time you become PHONO ... even if it's PVP Nothing changed since now and don't think that things will change in the future.
    5. livy0u

      for example i have a laptop wich drops FPS a lot when many players are in one place ( even with anti - lag patch ), do you imagine how i can enter IT? fast clicking? near 100+ characters? this is a joke! and why not give more chances to the rest of the players? as Fane sayd, if you make your math at how many online players are .... too low percentage. I sugest to give it a try ( ADMIN ) with one extra IT in 12 hours... Let only 1 entry / day but give others chance to play IT as it`s normal. Only my opinion.
    6. livy0u

      Hello. I tottaly agree with Fane. Even if i`m an active player, i had like 0 chances to go IT since this DB has started. You have to do something with this IT, its kinda trash this way cose you dont have a chace to enjoy a good event. Not to mention about rewards .... every day, same players and definetly it`s not ballanced db this way. Cheers!
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