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  1. either the official information on drops from BoK1 is wrong, or the server drop tables havent been changed yet, because i got guardian / sacred fire tier items from bok1
  2. Luluu pizza

    for some reason, after adding harmony and guardian options to sword / mace, i cant use their skills anymore, they just show up as grey (unusable) skills in my spell bar, meaning i cant use the BK combo https://ibb.co/82g973W
  3. Luluu pizza

    Reporter:" Have you stolen any capes or wings , recently, from people who might me guild master?" Snook :" Oh yes, when i learned the acc and pass of BeBe , my *** instincts kicked it, and i couldn't resist playing some dirty gypsy tricks during castle siege, and i decided to "borrow" the set and cape from OneStepy former guild master, just so my fellow gypsys at HardcockCore could have a victory "
  4. Luluu pizza

    Yea, onestepy lost CS because gypsy rapper Snook, used his dirty gypsy tricks and "borrowed" Bebe's set and cape, and disconnected him multiple times. Why you write these articles if you actually dont know what happened??
  5. DarkMaster is not TrueSquad 😆😆😆
  6. Luluu pizza

  7. Luluu pizza

    why would you fix it, if everyone can use it ?
  8. Luluu pizza

    umm, a little context? what are we looking at here ?
  9. Luluu pizza

    Yea, AE is hand down, worst in ever aspect. Hunting, pvp and lvling. Attack speed on multi shot is way too low, its basicly as fast as bow skill, it should be double or tripple of what it is now. Even putting in on tripple speed, it wouldnt deal as much dmg as fireslash or firescreem. Pvp, also, very very bad. i had to go to spot 5 times, to kill SMG with roughly the same lvl and set as me. Elf really needs a look over and some buffs dmg wise, deff is ok.
  10. Luluu pizza

    how did he get them ?
  11. Luluu pizza

  12. Luluu pizza

    And Azir is league of legends champion, whats ur point ? https://www.google.com/search?q=Azir&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjftpORi7npAhUh2aYKHYD6AW4Q_AUoAXoECD8QAw&biw=1523&bih=903
  13. Luluu pizza

    Hi, im very upset, this is 3rd time i cant get in an event, because the qualifiers are bugged. Last 2 times gion told me that it was already clicked, and i didnt know better. But today, the qualifier spawned right next to where i was waiting , and it said its "already clicked" after like 20 sec, some other dude comes, and clicks it and gets in . https://imgur.com/a/AMJ9HI7
  14. Luluu pizza

    report seller and get his item is very good incentive for people to report other people who are trying to sell items for real money, not just tolerate them, or ignore them.
  15. Luluu pizza

    maybe if the pve / pvp invasion doesnt work with merc squad, disable it ? Either disable different kinds of invasions, or disable merc squad till its fixed?
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