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- 100% Balanced Services.
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Updates 16.01.2019 + Latest News!

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Today at around 18:00 we will release the latest updates on the NonReset Server.


- Fixed PSS non-exc showing level 360 instead of 380 (update via Launcher).
- Fixed 380 options showing the numbers from 50RR instead of the default numbers (update via Launcher).
- Fixed w4 charm mix to require non-exc 380 items not exc (update via Launcher).
- Fixed the mobs from Swamp that didn't gave ML exp.
- Increased Life chance from 50% to 65% - it is not increased by luck with 20% (only soul is) as we always thought (both you and us) - so it was always 50% with or without luck, instead of 50 without luck and 70 with luck.
- Reduced the minimum level of monsters in order to give ML exp from 115 to 107 (all mobs over level 107 will give ML exp from now).
- Released ML exp on Crywolf (the only non-pvp place for ML).
- Buffed HP and DMG of Crywolf mobs.
- Buffed HP of Illusion.
- Added few Zaikans (Tarkan2 - 5 225) and few Cursed Wizards (LostTower3 - 85 185) for those asking for them for quests.
- Removed alliances in order to provide much better competition between the current playerbase. Because of this, now GM's can have up to 25 players in guild instead of 20.
- Banned players have been removed from ranking of chars.
- Increased overall PvP dmg with 20%.
- Added web push notifications:
You will be asked to accept notifications from our web-site.
We recommend you to accept, as we will keep you updated with latest news and updates from our community and you'll be able to easily access them by clicking on the notifications.
- Added a new Unique System: Invasion Normalizer
As we told you, we heard your feedback, and we started working on it. There were 2 main concerns that were very common:
1. Newbies / Weaker-Chars / PvM-Chars getting killed after working hard on their hunt (by the higher people to steal their loot easily).
2. PvP lovers having a hard time trying to fight for their loots due to PK punishment, which reduced the competitive fun at invasions.
We also saw some suggestions, but none of them were good enough to satisfy both type of players, so after a long brainstorming, we came with a great solution to satisfy both type of players: Invasion Normalizer
This system will split WW, Goldens, Cursed and Kundun invasions into 2 type of invasions: PVP & NON-PVP. Each of them will be the same number of times per day, and each day hours are inversed so that all people have the same chances doesn't matter their GMT, etc.
Example: Monday 00:45 PVP WW, Monday 06:45 NON-PVP WW, Monday 12:45 PVP-WW, Monday 18:45 NON-PVP WW, Tuesday 00:45 NON-PVP WW, Tuesday 06:45 PVP-WW, etc. (the type is always announced on invasion announcement).
Difference between the 2 types of invasions:
NON-PVP: The map where the mob/boss is spawned will became NON-PVP until the mob/boss is killed, then it will switch back to normal.
PVP: People are able to PK for FREE into the range of 16x16 from the mob/boss. That means, as long as you are close to the mob/boss, the only kill that will be counted will be the first one (if you are Commoner), after that it will be FREE-PK.
         Apart from the FREE-PK, we decided to make things even more interesting: The people that are killed in the 16x16 range will be respawned PRETTY CLOSE to the zone where they died (random position) - so they can join back the fight easier and put some interesting shows.
IMPORTANT! The system works only for the normal-maps (Gens maps are excluded as they have their own playstyle).
The system is on BETA version, and based on your feedbacks we will adjust it / fix what you find wrong.
In order for the system to do what it is intended, we added the following changes:
- Added a new Kundun spawn (in Kalima6) and a new hour interval (08:00-14:00) - in order to have 1x NON-PVP Kundun (K7) and 1x PVP Kundun (K6) per day for our new system.
- Buffed HP of Kundun, Cursed, Golden Satyros, WW, GGD & Budges for a better spread of rewards (not 1 guy getting from 1 to another pretty fast at non-pvp time) and for longer fights (at pvp-time).
(The System is already up on test-server for courious people).
- Other small fixes & adjustments.

Apart from the Server updates, we are also doing some really needed staff updates:

- @SouLSet is no longer an OldSquad Administrator, we thank you for your contribution in the last 2 years and we wish you all the best moving forward!
- Global moderators group has been removed, only Moderators group remained for 'forum-only' staff.
- New group has been added: Game Managers - this people are both GM in game and have full moderation access on forum - 2nd highest group after Administrators.
- @GameGuard & @HERO have been demoted due to inactivity.
- @Gion has been promoted to his old position: Head Admin - he will start working on his new position after the exams session from this month - he is part of the new group Game Managers.
- @Legion is taking a break from being a player and he's going to focus only on his staff duties. With that being said, Legion has been promoted to Community Assistant and he is also part of the new group Game Managers.
- New GM's are starting their trial-period, after the last recruiting session: @chin, @Bouli and @Overseer112 

Currently our ranks and positions:
Administrators (1) - @ADMIN (Community Manager)
Game Managers (2) - @Gion (Head Admin) and @Legion (Community Assistant)
Moderators (0) - We are looking for 1 Moderator that wants to join our team (slot is open to recruitment until we find one).
MU-Team (2) - @chin (Trial Game Master), @Bouli (Trial Game Master) and @Overseer112 (Trial Game Master) - there is also 1 slot for a Helper and 1 slot for GM that will remain open to recruitment until we complete the team.

We hope that you'll enjoy the new system and we promise that we have much more surprises for you this year, based both on your feedbacks and on our own ideas, so stay tunned with OldSquad!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Updates have been released!

Let us know if you notice anything wrong after this updates and also your feedback related to the new system.


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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