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Patch - 01.11.2019

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Release date: 01.11.2019 at 18:25 - Updates are up and no restart needed!


  • All VIPs (that had it active since at least 4 days ago) got an 8 hour extension on their VIP period - for the downtime(s).
  • Also, this weekend EXP bonus duration is increased from 1.5 hours on each bonus to 3.5 hours on each bonus - total of 8 extra hours of doubled exp!


  • [UPDATED] Now Lock system (with /lock command) will lock the account instead of character!
    • That means you can easily use it now without the need of creating 5 non-deletable characters in account.
      • Note: All current character locks have been deleted.
  • [UPDATED] Now characters can be deleted up to 1 reset instead of up to level 10 and 0 resets, to match the new Lock system changes.
  • [FIXED] Invasion Normalizer not working in Raklion.
  • [UPDATED] Rare items are now released and can drop from OB1 and OB2.
  • [UPDATED] Gens rewards have been given for last month, go to NPC to get them, you have 7 days to pick them up.
    • Note: We didn't made a reset to Gens yet as we're going to rework the system before next gens season.
      • The rework will come (hopefully) with the Stage Patch, and only after that gens ranks will be reset.
        • Your points made until then won't count.
  • [FIXED] Bob (race manager) going crazy when the hour does change - like it happened last time.
  • [FIXED] Now if you disconnect/relog after being registered at race you will be back skinned, chained and registered.
    • Note: This happens only before race start, if you relog/disconnect after race already started, you can't join back.
  • [UPDATED] Now instead of drop from Monsters, Box of Ancients can be given at the end of DS to all participants with 25% chance (DS6) and 35% chance (DS7).
  • [FIXED] Calendar showing events with +1 hour since last night. Update via Launcher!
  • + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.

Mercenary Squad:

  • [FIXED] Mercenary Seal sometimes not being deleted in Battle Maps.
  • [DOCUMENTED] [FIXED] Merc IP Check on register counting the unregistered chars from IP as well.
  • [DOCUMENTED] [FIXED] Any Merc being considered target for "Repel" instead of only the real quest target.
  • [ADDED] Second Chance feature at PvP Quest.
    • Now if you start a quest and you fail to finish it (by running out of time) you will be able to try again in 6 hours (instead of 12).
    • If your Target does Repel you it won't trigger the second chance, you'll still have 12 hours to wait.
    • This can help in cases that you get a very strong target that you can't kill or don't want to kill, with a smaller punishment.
  • [ADDED] Target name being showed each minute during quest time.


We're working on a bigger patch, that will hopefully be released along with the next Stage Patch, can't promise that everything will be ready until then but we're working hard, it will be worth.

One of the important things that will come is a V2 version of Mercenary Squad.
It will contain a lot of improvements and reworks of the current Mercenary Squad.

There will be a challenge feature for 1v1 between target and merc, progressive rewards, points & rewards system reworked, reset intervals for quests, a points system based on target and hunter difference in resets, and other things.

That means there will also be a full Mercenary reset when the V2 will come out, to be a fair new race for the top, as the current race wasn't that fair due to the amount of bugs/abusive things it had in order to gain extra points (that were mostly fixed).

We strongly believe that if we succeed to make everything that we want for V2, it will be much more fun, balanced, fair and less-abusable than current V1 iteration.


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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[FIXED] PvP Quest failing since last patch, instead of retargeting when target goes on safe-zone/bmaps with same gens/etc.
[ADDED] Now if you disconnect/exit character before BC/DS starts (so maximum until xx:15) you will get your BC/DS entry back.
[ADDED] Now if you disconnect during BC/DS (after it already started) you will be reconnected back at the Event, but you won't be part of it anymore (you can't access rewards/points), but you will still be able to farm the xp/drops.

This things are up from now!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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