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  1. Devex

    Well, not sure if it help you but I can confirm that FCKSQD acted very weird and he reported you without any reason🤨
  2. Devex

    Because you cannot pickup specific Excellent items, since they have the same name as nonexe when dropped on the ground. Teranu already said that
  3. Devex

    It isn't possible imho to loot SPECIFIC excellent item.
  4. Devex

    Probably you didn't relog since yesterday. Just press ESC and switch character :). You have to "refresh" your entries everyday. BTW. Wrong section.
  5. Devex

    I like the idea. Gambling for bigger potion stacks, SD potions, tickets x10 would be awesome.
  6. Devex

    Totally agree. Same thing happen for summoner Chain Lightning skill. I also experience lags, loading NPC sometimes take ages and this is definitely not a problem of my internet connection speed because mostly I play on 1 Gbps. You should definitelly think about second sub.
  7. Devex

    S> W2 sm +ignore+12 credits / condor / fenrir (with my extra charge) only serious offers, here or in game mail
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