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  1. Devex

    I don't really know how to build and play MG but this guide looks pretty nice :). Everything described, nice formatted. Nice to look on it ;). +1 from me for how it looks like. Waiting for summoner guide =D. May I ask you for calculator site?
  2. Don't get me wrong bro, but there is nothing useful. You can just add "eather" and you will still pick it up. If you want to create a guide about helper try to include more informations for example how to pick up an armor +5 with luck and option or how to pick up a weapon with skill +3 + luck + opt ;). For now there are three points: remember about " ` ", go to invasion and remember about space 😄.
  3. Devex

    Is it a rule that I have to pay 30 at least? I can buy it cheaper for sure and I won't overprice an item becuase I don't need it right now or becuase someone told me "you have to pay at least 30 jewels". Create your own topic if you want and sell/buy for how much you want. Thanks :).
  4. Devex

  5. Devex

  6. Devex

    Don't be an asshole ;). It isn't perfect but I don't have any problems with reading and understanding what he wrote =D. About feather drop - well it's low. You can fight for a spot as we all did or you can just regulary vote for server and hunt some goldens - collecting 500 credits takes about 1-2 week of casual playing. Just buy these damn wings :).
  7. Devex

  8. Devex

  9. Devex

    bump, PM me if you need something - I will put it on web market.
  10. BUY: Ancient Items +L+DD+HP AA Stick+L+EDR Chrono Ring Semeden Armor Ingame: Devex (but I prefer PM on forum)
  11. Devex

    Thank you then. PM me if you change your mind.
  12. Devex

    Thank you but it is too high for me :). If you change your mind I can offer 5 jewels (you can mix bless/chaos) per item.
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