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  1. Devex

    Probably you didn't relog since yesterday. Just press ESC and switch character :). You have to "refresh" your entries everyday. BTW. Wrong section.
  2. Devex

    I like the idea. Gambling for bigger potion stacks, SD potions, tickets x10 would be awesome.
  3. Devex

    Totally agree. Same thing happen for summoner Chain Lightning skill. I also experience lags, loading NPC sometimes take ages and this is definitely not a problem of my internet connection speed because mostly I play on 1 Gbps. You should definitelly think about second sub.
  4. Devex

  5. Devex

    Hi, B> Anubis Ring B> Enis H, A, B In game: Devex (mail, or PM here)
  6. Devex

    Market -> My Items && Market -> History Kupiec == Buyer IMHO it should be seller = Sprzedający.
  7. Devex

    still lf chrono
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