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A time has came.

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Hello there.

I would like to announce you something that was inevitable, before that I'll say a few words.

Most of you remember me from both sides, as a player which I've been for a long time since I joined OldSquad community, and from the OS Staff member side. I decided to stop playing MU at the beginning of Inception project, while I was convinced I'll be able atleast to handle my current Game Manager duties, that was caused by time that became very limited in my case. Unfortunately I was barely able to handle basic things since the new OS project started, that's the main reason I had to tell you that personally, I'm no longer able to handle my role as it supposed to be. This is the day I want to announce you my Game Manager role has ended. But...

Don't be so happy yet, i'm not leaving OS community at all, just because of that i'm mostly inactive doesn't mean that I won't watch you from behind the scene from time to time:P From this day my role will be changed to a simple Helper, I'll be available on forum as a support so you can send me PM anytime, i'll be visiting you ingame while time will let me do that also. This is not a goodbye for sure :)

After It's done, I would like to thank you all for the active time spent together untill now, that was few good years with awesome OS community, I'm glad I was part of it & I was rewarded with a lot of new friendships even with those who I had to quarrel with at the beginnig and I was rewarded also with a huge exprience in both aspects, player & staff role 🙃 Again BIG THANKS to all of you!

I would like to thank also whole OS Staff that we current have @Gion , @Reporter & those who were with us in the past & for their contribution.

and especially to : @ADMIN

This is the person who I argued the most since I began my journey with OldSquad.

Trust me or not but I threw a meat at him few times per week for the first months i played here with multiple of reasons, about class stats, game mechanics , minor bugs , cheats that were working, unballance etc etc... God bless him for his patience🤣 . At the end, after I started to understand his hard job, I decided to try find out a solutions and suggest them instead of blaming him that something doesn't work. With a time our discussions brought some positive effects so I decided to take my chance and help to upgrade OS projects as much as I could, partly being voice of players also., That's how I reached this point, my contribution has done and I'm glad I could have been here for so long.


I wanted to put some more words there but didn't want to get you bored at the beginning of reading this 🤣

See you in game,  Cheers !🍻

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One of the greatest players & human characters.

Legion's work wasn't public mostly, but he had a big impact in many of the gameplay changes, a lot of brainstorms together behind the scenes. 

Thanks for everything and wish you the best going forward, even though you'll be around from time to time :)

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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