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    Lower Ice Arrow skill damage


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    Character name - Aqvila


    Suggestion type - Server - balance


    Content - i will skip the part where AE is simply OP overall at the moment, dominating PVP and PVM and stick to a single point: Ice Arrow is supposed to be a Crowd Control spell, not a damage/finisher skill. The skill is strong enough due to the long freeze time, unavaliability of Rings/Pends +4 and the bug that doesn't let you attack while frozen. The high damage it deals currently is the cherry on top.


    How the suggestion could bring value - It would add a little balance to AE (although this alone is not enough IMO) and add some player skill element to playing AE: stun opponent with Ice Arrow, finish the skill with Multishot, Penetration etc


    How the suggestion could be implemented:

    Lower the skill damage for the skill
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    build up ice resistance in rings + pend + ML and u wont get bullied by ae ice

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    1 hour ago, Chukundah said:

    build up ice resistance in rings + pend + ML and u wont get bullied by ae ice

    Getting iced is okay, getting killed by the same spell is not.

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