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    Announcing Phoenix #4 - Bring the Light!


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    Hello OldSquaders,

    Even though it is still kind of cold outside, our Phoenix is ready to bring you some warmth!

    We're ready to announce the opening of the #4 Edition of Project Phoenix - with a totally reworked gameplay.

    Grand Opening: 25 March at 19:00 GMT+2 (Mobs will spawn at 20:00 GMT+2).

    Phoenix has been through multiple concepts reworks since it was born, none of them totally satisfied us, so we've brought our A game and redesigned it once again.

    I'll highlight in short some of the changes that you'll find on this edition, and the rest of them can be found in our official info topic(s):

    We want to highlight the biggest gameplay change that Phoenix has, as always you can consult our official information topic for everything you need to know:

    • Phoenix is now a fully non-reset server (resets were removed).
      • 3 Game periods: Hard, Mid & Soft and 3 reworked Breaks.
      • Way slower level 1-400 progression.
      • Limit on ML that can be raised by doing quests at level 400.
      • Extra stat points & DMG/DEF/HP bonuses gained from quests.
    • Castle Siege V3 - main things:
      • Ally can now join CS as well with same rights.
      • There is a maximum amount of players per ally that can be at CS.
      • 2 new objectives during CS: Statues & Gigas Golem.
      • Summoner sleep will prevent any damage on the affected players.
      • Lots of balance changes.
    • Old Box System V2 - main things:
      • Only 3 boxes now.
      • Only relevant rewards for Early, Mid, Late game, based on box.
      • There's a new Mix that you can use to combine lower boxes into higher boxes.
      • They can be found on most events now.
        • Full info can be read on Official Info Topic -> Old Box System V2.
    • Big Economy rework - main things:
    • New jewel: Old Jewel.
      • Info can be read on Official Info Topic -> Special / Hot Features that you should know.
    • Fruits Extra Stats - if you reach maximum amount of Points from Creation Fruits you'll receive extra 150 points to spend.

    Some of the other changes worth mentioning (and there are way more that you can find by exploring our Info Topic):

    • Wings level 4 will always come with both exc options.
    • Wizard Ring & Moonstone Ring are now tradeable.
    • Added /resetwings command
      • It will reset (remove) the life option from the currently equipped wings.
      • The wings will be placed back in your inventory (you need to have space for them).
      • The cost for the command is 300 credits & 150kk Zen.
    • Removed Quiz Event.
    • Removed Illusion of Kundun.
    • Icarus is now a normal levelling map.
    • IT System is now the same as on Inception (can join any IT, you need IT ticket, there's IT Queue, etc.)
    • Gamble now has a 2kk Zen tax for both players involved.
    • Bonus System now starts at 17:35 and 08:35 and at 20:35 on Sunday.
    • SM Teleport is now disabled in Dungeon.
    • Rageful Blow is no longer part of combo - it is now the main BK PvM skill.
    • Dark Side no longer require level 180, it now requires 423 Agility.
      • Note: Even if the parchment will show with red when you don't have enough stats, you'll still be able to learn it without the needed stats - BUT IT WON'T WORK (DO DAMAGE) until you have the required stats.
    • Dragon Roar no longer require level 150, it now requires 378 Energy.
    • Chain Drive no longer require level 150, it now requires 519 Vitality.
      • Note: Even if the parchment will show with red when you don't have enough stats, you'll still be able to learn it without the stats needed - BUT IT WON'T WORK (DO DAMAGE) until you have the required stats.
    • Rageful Blow no longer require level 170 and Blade Knight class, it now require 513 STR and Dark Knight class.
    • Death Stab no longer require level 160 and blade knight class, it now requires 452 STR and Dark Knight class.
    • Twisting Slash no longer require level 80, it now requires 207 STR.
    • Greater Fortitude no longer require level 120, it now requires 154 ENE.
    • Ignore Defense no longer require level 120.
    • Increase Block no longer require level 50, it now requires 264 ENE.
    • Increase Health no longer require level 80, it now requires 370 ENE.
    • Reset Fruits can now be farmed from Rabbits & Doppelganger (only).
    • Splinter of Armor, Bless of Guardian & Claw of Beast (fenrir mats) can be farmed from BoK+4 Goldens, BoK+5 Goldens & Doppelganger.
    • Outside of Early Old Box, Loch Feather & Monarch Crest can be farmed from Cursed Dragon, IT1, IT2.
    • Outside of Mid Old Box, Condor Flame can be farmed from Balgass, IT3, IT4, IT5 & Mercenary Bounty Advanced.
    • Now if you join the IT Queue, if you're not selected for priority you won't get back your IT ticket, basically it will be consumed for the chance for priority.
    • And lots of smaller changes (mix chances, rates, etc.) that can either be found on the updated Official Topic or directly in game.

    More than that, Phoenix #4 is also featuring most of the improvements, fixes & features that were worked on Inception in the last 6 months (and there are hundreds), adapted for Phoenix.

    While most of the information is updated, there are still things left to be added to the info as well as maybe few changes before the Phoenix actually starts (or before that specific content is released in game).

    Prepare yourselves for another great journey brought to you by OldSquad Community!

    Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2884-phoenix-official-information-everything-you-need-to-know/

    Official discussions topic for Phoenix #4: 

    Test-Server for Phoenix will be opened to public somewhere between Sunday & Monday!


    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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