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    3 Years Feedback Contest

    It was really hard to select the top3 winners, due to much more worthy feedbacks than expected, but it's a contest in the end, and it should have his winners. Before announcing the winners I want to thank all of you again, for your input, and those with really good feedbacks that aren't in top 3, keep in mind that your feedbacks were great, and many of your things will be taken into account into this year development. Your votes have been given only by the current active staff: Me, Gion and Legion, and while Gion & Legion only confirmed the best feedbacks, I had the though decision to select the top3. Winners: 1st place: @Godsmack - Golden Fenrir + 2 weeks of Silver-VIP. 2nd place: @zebronax- 2 weeks of Silver-VIP 3rd place: @Geralt of Rivia - 1 week of Silver-VIP Really worthy mentions: Cerberus, int24rain Don't forget to PM me with your main character for your rewards (for those that didn't posted the name in the topic). Congrats to everyone involved into this contest and thanks a lot for the time invested to make your words and opinions count! #MakeMUGreatAgain!
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    Russian Roulette Event

    Russian Roulette Event in 10 minutes