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    PvE Suggestion

    Hello Guys.I see that mu generally as a game has a problem.this is its pve system.everything is open world.that means that ALWAYS the strongest will win and he will become stronger and stronger.this problem exist in all mmos at the beginning.how they deal with it?they add dungeons/bosses that was private.you go with your party you kill it and you take some drops.So..my suggestion here is to add drops to private dungeons. Example: Gaion Event:do it 1-2 times per day and add some loot.same with dimension event.this will help newbies that cant hunt due to server progress. YG:ofc world bosses must have the top drops. i hope new ppl join server and become strong!!
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    3 Years Feedback Contest

    It was really hard to select the top3 winners, due to much more worthy feedbacks than expected, but it's a contest in the end, and it should have his winners. Before announcing the winners I want to thank all of you again, for your input, and those with really good feedbacks that aren't in top 3, keep in mind that your feedbacks were great, and many of your things will be taken into account into this year development. Your votes have been given only by the current active staff: Me, Gion and Legion, and while Gion & Legion only confirmed the best feedbacks, I had the though decision to select the top3. Winners: 1st place: @Godsmack - Golden Fenrir + 2 weeks of Silver-VIP. 2nd place: @zebronax- 2 weeks of Silver-VIP 3rd place: @Geralt of Rivia - 1 week of Silver-VIP Really worthy mentions: Cerberus, int24rain Don't forget to PM me with your main character for your rewards (for those that didn't posted the name in the topic). Congrats to everyone involved into this contest and thanks a lot for the time invested to make your words and opinions count! #MakeMUGreatAgain!
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    Thanks for the quick replies. All okay now
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    Russian Roulette Event

    Russian Roulette Event in 10 minutes
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    About drop rate, economy, uniria, etc.

    Again, this corroborates my points. You are biased by an end-game perspective. The end-game can still be fun even if the early stages are fun and challenging as well, even more so. Everything is relative. Also, CC; BC; CC, etc. are not necessities for the game to be enjoyable. The most important things are a healthy player base and a healthy economy; one of those we already have. (Hypothesis: Mu addicts will be addicts regardless of gameplay, economy, or player base. However, most people—the casual players—just want to have some fun distraction. And if the economy and players are alive and kicking, they will stick to the server. But if you immediately give them lots of items to catch up, the grind to the end game abruptly starts and it won't be a fun distraction anymore. So they quit.) Also, I just learned that apparently Devias is full of jewel farmers. This raises some questions in me. I do think AFKing is OK—because I do it as well, and it has been part of the game since forever (I used to put my wallet on my right mouse button)—but, actively playing should be way more rewarding in comparison. Gaining exp used to be and should be the main incentive to AFK, but not to gather jewels or items. Some people can't leave their PC on, some don't want to, etc. Things will always be unbalanced, but rewarding being AFK, too much, disproportionately increases the imbalance. We 'all' AFK and like to be AFK, but ironically no one likes a server where most people are AFK. As I said, actively playing should be significantly rewarded more than AFKing. The Rabbits event is a great example of that, but there can be more. For example, back in the day, it wasn't possible for non-cheaters to pick up jewels and zen while being AFK. There still were lots of AFKers, but there was a good balance between AFKers and active players, and economies were usually good. If you wanted loot, you needed to be online and do the work. I admit, I like actively playing about the same as I like the thought of being able to AFK, and it probably isn't possible to go back to how Mu was played 16 years ago. It should however be possible to mimic similar gameplay, even with the auto looting mechanism. I think drastically increasing the price that mechanism is part of it, as I have touched upon in previous posts. People who AFK 24 hours should get about 6 jewels; 0.25 jewels per hour. People who play 24 hours should get about 48 jewels; 2 jewels per hour. I’m just picking arbitrary numbers, but you get the point: those who play actively the most, get the most jewels on average. This way you don’t need helper bots or silly overpowered medals. Hardcore active players are going to play hardcore and no casual player will ever catch up to them. That’s only fair. But casual active players should be able to compete with hardcore AFKers. Just like it was in the good old days. TL;DR: Play for fun, jewels, and items, AFK for exp. Addendum: when it is viable to AFK for jewels, it disincentivizes partying, because people will want to AFK alone for the jewels. Although my posts so far have been largely critical, I do want to state that for the most part this server is remarkable. The custom features, adjusted event locations (i.e. goldens spawn everywhere), web vault; commands; etc. However, if the economy is broken, the stellar features will have been in vain. In any case, OldSquad has incredible potential.
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    There wasn't any hack involved, there was a guild warehouse module whole which was abused, that only grom and soulset knew, but which soulset said that he fixed but he didn't, which left me once again cleaning after him. The guild warehouse was removed after I found out the abuse, so whoever says anything new it's either part of their group that tries to 'hurt' us with fake statements after they were caught and banned, or just ppl trying to scam you using such excuses. Thanks for posting it though, hopefully ppl will see it and won't get scammed this easily. Cheers!
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    he is just trying to scam u to give him items, that guy is fucking poor. like godsmack said he will try to buy your item with super low jewel offer
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