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  1. TOMMYskillfiger

    @ThaiBinh how can you miss the message that pop up every 5 min in game? feel sry for you about truesquad ratatatatatatatatata going that far for an in game item atleast make you creepy but wp since ppl cant get it yet. This method is here for 2-3 dbs now...
  2. TOMMYskillfiger

  3. TOMMYskillfiger

    You must be joking
  4. TOMMYskillfiger

    Maybe its for certain classes arf full rave ae full aruan (full pvm)and summ with chrono is not tanks i guess prob smg is just broken there and thats why you didnt mentioned it
  5. TOMMYskillfiger

    Is it possible to make doppleganger event abit easier we tried to do it as 3 ppl 14rr and we were not even close to complete it.Its abit hard to find 5 seperate ppl to do it and reward isnt that much for 5 seperate ppl as you can get even 3 buffs/pots.
  6. TOMMYskillfiger

    Speaking about honor ex rampage members(vladislav,redbull,ragnarok..),one member of them joined the other pt in bc8 to steal the quest item and then rejoin to his pt so all of them can get the reward. P.s they were not squadron but vietnamese Keep it up everytime you loose you are talking about honor and all that stuff but in the end you talk shit
  7. TOMMYskillfiger

    im suggesting to add an option in IT, when you get x number of warns you wont have the option to warn them back.
  8. TOMMYskillfiger

    then it will be fine i guess
  9. TOMMYskillfiger

    add more bc/ds hours per day but keep entries as it is, its almost every time full and i cant imagine what will happen when everyone will have ml. p.s if you have ml you join bc 8 and ds7 at any lvl?
  10. TOMMYskillfiger

    sm v2 is awesome and both summ wings are cool hard to vote T_T
  11. TOMMYskillfiger

  12. TOMMYskillfiger

  13. TOMMYskillfiger

    discord is sexy <3
  14. TOMMYskillfiger

    good luck like yours??? xDDDDDD
  15. TOMMYskillfiger

    sry but your videos doesnt prove nothing ^^ are you trying to say that you didnt cheated or something?
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