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    1. TOMMYskillfiger

      im playing casually and i dont have guild but i love to test builds and stuff on the test srv and dl was like a god pvp wise about pvm he got the best mobility and insane def so he shouldnt be close to dmg with other classes that has to be close to boss or dying so fast and without escape mechanic.Dont get me wrong im playing here since the start of oldsquad s6 and i know how disgusting and horrible is to play with firescream,sometimes it hits like crazy sometimes its buggie and doesnt hit at all( about pvp yes it doesnt hit all chars but which class got such a skill that can multi targets at
    2. TOMMYskillfiger

      they were not novels but facts on the otherside the only thing you did on your posts were to qq or rage. Since i played dl in last db and i wanted to quit cuz i had to play with this shitty firescream especially on pvm its disgusting i suggest to keep setting like it is now for cs purposes(sv20) and make him more of glasscannon thing outside of cs (sv1/sv3) (i dont know if its possible tho)i guess most dl's if not all would prefer to play as semi glasscannon with the mobility they got from horse/earthquake
    3. TOMMYskillfiger

      ofc you wont do that much dmg(at 15rr) to someone with ddi set cuz its too early for someone to have ddi set yet when youll get 5-10rr more youll do insane dmg to them too
    4. TOMMYskillfiger

      this game cant be fair cuz elfs maybe are more active. about bc i were in same party with those vrfs and i were checking their life aswell and they had tons of hp so not glass cannon and hadnt ml (double dmg yet) .about burst or dps could be possible if the statue were alive 5 sec max and about luck (more dd more crit/rate even with less crit rate than elves ) could be possible but not everytime. Now about boss fights slow from rf cant be removed as i know but its not the point when your role is to be the killer of the boss you ahve to hide and focus on boss not ice or slow,you got another ppl
    5. TOMMYskillfiger

      isnt that abvious that ae should win any pure pvm fight while she get so low def and hp from vit? in my point of view ae with pure pvm stats should be able to be contested in a pure pvm fight only from pvm smg/ arf(since his aoe side isnt that good like emg)and pure pvm summ or even emg idc but to be able to have 50k hp and winning a pure pvm fight imagine what advantage is this in pvp boss fight. Anyway im just expressing my opinion admin and his team can check for himself and see whats better for his server.
    6. TOMMYskillfiger

      im just waching someone defending his class with cheap comments. we are at 15rr rf yet hasnt double dmg from ml and his dmg will raise more and more cuz of the formula %. If paper ae cant win even in a pure pvm fight like bc statue and im talking with pure pvm stats no vit no ene only str/agi imagine what will happen on bosses later on where survivability matters too. now answer me whats the point to play ae if she loose even on pvm and his pvp possibilities is till mid game. Atleast make her pvp char or pvm top like it was advertised. dont be greedy you cant have everything wi
    7. TOMMYskillfiger

      @Spawn i focus my build in one direction but still i loose. it could be fair if arf was on same level with ae(pure pvm) since he sacrifice his pvp capabilities but vrf >ae( pure pvm) is just a joke.... next please P.S and the rfs i were compete with hadnt mlvl dd yet
    8. TOMMYskillfiger

      it has nothing to do with the country but the person itself, my friends in mu call me greedy greek but it has nothing to do with greece but just me
    9. TOMMYskillfiger

      Character name:??? Suggestion type:Server Suggestion content: heart of love is not dropping set for summoner so he got to use elf set instead, "the problem" is requirement stats to use it has no sense with summoner building atleast early on My suggestion is to lower agi requirement to use them or even remove it at all. Ae is adding agility anyway so its not gonna break something
    10. TOMMYskillfiger

      @ThaiBinh how can you miss the message that pop up every 5 min in game? feel sry for you about truesquad ratatatatatatatatata going that far for an in game item atleast make you creepy but wp since ppl cant get it yet. This method is here for 2-3 dbs now...
    11. TOMMYskillfiger

    12. TOMMYskillfiger

      You must be joking
    13. TOMMYskillfiger

      well yeah from this perspective you are correct i even tried to buy antitodes when i saw the changes xD but you could make them really expensive for a small period of time till patch so ppl who rly need them in the near future could buy them.btw i were not playing ae tank on cs but ee and imagine me with such a low def trying to escape from ice storm or anything without antitode even with antitode im almost half sd xD.lastly can sign of dimension drop be abit higher or im just unlucky? i got like 1/5 in 1 day solo spot and i never said that you are my enemy im just trying to explain what im t
    14. TOMMYskillfiger

      changes are good about antitodes and all that staff but yeah patch notes for changes about gameplay should be announced earlier imo
    15. TOMMYskillfiger

      Speaking about honor ex rampage members(vladislav,redbull,ragnarok..),one member of them joined the other pt in bc8 to steal the quest item and then rejoin to his pt so all of them can get the reward. P.s they were not squadron but vietnamese Keep it up everytime you loose you are talking about honor and all that stuff but in the end you talk shit
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