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    1. Honestly, you are stupid 🙂 Edit by Gion: +1 warn point for this post
    2. Green

      ??? you confuse me again , so 8% dmg raise is useless to you ?
    3. Green

      200x4 , mister
    4. Green

      % raise for Dark Side from agi is capped so it will not scale at some point, and there will be no reason to put more agi points just for def , the def buff is reasonable
    5. Green

      Oh yeah, i forgot, why you didnt report kundun bug and had all early kunduns in game ? m ?
    6. Green

      sMG with good build could 1v1 anyone in game with SAME RESETS, except Zutto + sMG had best PVM dmg, pure facts not trashtalk, you confuse me, mister.
    7. Green

      At this point aRFs are OP without a doubt, BUT what about early game sMG in PVP AND in PVM ? I didnt see CRYYYYYYYY making threads about MG too powerful, please nerf it, cause he was playing it and was a happy kebab. I was basically trash for first 1,5 month, having best gear at that time. Fair price to pay to become strong mid-late game. Dont you think ?
    8. Green

      He thinks when he is owning everyone its normal, but when he gets owned its unfair. Changed to RF from sMG and still couldnt pick the best build 🤡
    9. Green

      Why you CRYYYYYYYYY if its better ?
    10. Green

      You are testing that with full build
    11. Green

      Like a kid - trying to lead discussion into another topic just to avoid him being wrong and beaten
    12. Green

      So you think 7 reset BK had Phoenix Soul set and PSS ? OK
    13. Green

      How is that related to be unskilled player in game ?
    14. Green

      A guy with brass set getting mad when he gets killed by better geared and better built character. Funnneeey
    15. Green

      But you had RFs in team as well , why they didnt kill us ? Maybe trash builds like yours ? Ever wondered ?
    16. Green

      Then ask admin to test me for cheats. Not gonna teach noobs how to play RF and explain everything. Peace
    17. Green

      You had RFs too , whats the problem ? DIEEEEEEEEEEEE changed class to RF without even testing different builds on RF and screaming on video about meta .... really ? Guy with 1 Mirror buff crying about unfair fights, LMAO , just unskilled players, nothing else. Peace
    18. Green

      We driven you to be complete garbage who cannot handle their inside guild dramas ? Ok, i accept that. I keep teasing people here as well as in game in hope that you grow a pair and finally gather and attack and take castle from us. But your baby minds gets mad at me, start cursing which is so fun to watch. Spending so much time in game and still being bad, thats some skills boys. About your PMs bring proofs otherwise its just bla bla bla by another drama queen
    19. Green

      I didnt play when Mercenary was first time launched. I was excited when i heard about it on Inception, and then when i first time got message like " Hi Sir , are you here, i have quest on you '' i was like wtf, thought to myself that that was like one time thing but then it happened multiple times again and it keeps happening every day💩 . Server feels like the nicest place to be in, everyone is so nice to each other, no ks, no mercenary kills, rarely gens map kills. 💚 People cant gather to fight us for CS which is even more pathetic. They keep registering their guild for CS and dont come. Last week we were expecting 3 guilds and prepared well for it, guess what - we had 15 min fight with RedBulls guild and then they quit 🤡 P.S. Tonight our party got killed by Trompeta i hope its a start for something nice to come 😈
    20. No antidotes ? Then remove Ice Storm and Ice Skill in CC ? People will be simply running around until event ends and win with more mobs killed ....
    21. Rules is what held us together through tough times, but when i check guild rankings i see no RAMPAGE there, why ? Cause you are just a bunch of DRAMA QUEENS, who cant calm their tits over some items and some minor disputes. And the text you wrote is what typical drama queen would write just to make more drama and try to somehow demoralize us. But hey, we still here, together and strong unlike you
    22. Reread his post, carefully this time 😉
    23. Read about lvl difference and how it affects pvp
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