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    1. Teranu

      Any feedback after the fight? I see castle owner changed.
    2. Teranu

      You cannot pickup specific Excellent items, since they have the same name as nonexe when dropped on the ground.
    3. Teranu

      What about a vitality RF? Is it still weak in PvM?
    4. Teranu

      Played in this server in 2017 and now. I can't say i'm particularly fond playing without EE. A more linear gameplay/rewards would be better: 5rr training in relics and k2 condra is way too early in my opinion. To increase the popularity of CS, i would have made a special spot in LoT, which would give 20-25% more exp than let's say a good karutan2 spot. Single spot, so it could turn into a discord apple in a guild if not managed properly. Remove ancients from anywhere else, lord mix 1/day and 1 really strong Erohim/1 day (boosted with every stage, 5 party to kill), both LM and Erohim same drop. Related to CS, i've played in a server where each party that was participating was forced to have a maxim sum of resets. For example lets assume for the next week the max level party cap would be 45. This means two things: 1. people will think in advance if they continue level-up or not; 2. party making will be more tacticised. I understand that you need to balance the late game with some debuffs and nerfs, but i feel it's too much. Honestly i haven't given a thought into this, but it sure feels the gameplay is too altered. My personal experience: i really enjoy playing on the server, but i will never get a chance to compete with active people. Sure, the active ones deserve to be there, and deserve their rewards, but i feel the most of us are in my situation, where we can only exp 99% of the time, and ocasionally find an overpriced gem on the market. This is why all the servers die at a fixed point. The active ones achieve maximum, the afk ones get bored of levelling, and the server dies. Not pointing a finger, but finding balance here will surely extend the life of the server.
    5. Teranu

      Your initial problem seems to be solved. For your second problem try playing in a lower resolution, or right click the taskbar, and check autohide. But i still think your whole problem comes from a wrong registry, edited by other launcher (server) you played.
    6. Teranu

      Go to settings before starting game, and see if "window mode" is checked. If it is, a window mode registry editor could solve the problem.
    7. I see on my char that with each level my Att Rate goes up 3 points, but i can't find this info on forum.
    8. Please don't be so tutoring, if i'm missing some info share it here.
    9. Players with 4 resets can't kill players with 0-1 resets.
    10. Today i was looking for a spot in dungeon3, was lvl 80 wanting to get 10 levels for atlans. All spots were full by farmers, so i randomly decide to kill a DL after checking his info: 342 lvl, 2 resets. Problem was i couldn't kill him, even if he was afk. 4 out of 5 hits were a miss, and i was only hitting for 200SD and 70 dmg. Went to website to check his gear, he had a zen set with no extra options, wearing a small cape and riding a horse. My SM is not geared for PVP, but one would say a lvl 80, 4 reset SM could have done the job. Wrong! So here is my question: how come a SM with 2k agi, and 2.3k energy can't kill a 2 reset DL? Why so many missed attacks?
    11. I would still like to see it as lottery style NPC. Imagine you buy a 5$ lottery ticket and you win 1.000.000$. Having 50% chances to get bok for 100KK zen, it's like putting BOK's for sale at merchant for 200KK zen. But having 0.5% chances to get a BOK for 1KK zen feels much more like gambling, let's keep it fun also. You can replace BOK and percentages in this equation on your own desire, the main ideea is to keep Moss as a lottery intended NPC. Someone said that if we add BOKs the market will be soon saturated, and that's true. Consumables like 255 mana or hp stacks will soon be obsolete. Beside my opinions from other posts, here's another idea: remove Gaion, Ilusion Temple, mirrors ingredients from monsters drop, and add them here.
    12. I know you guys are mostly AFK. But c'mon! Bring your ideas here, is not that hard. Everyone is complaining about smth, but when we have the option to do something the way we want, everyone goes silent. Damn!
    13. Having Moss spawn random times is not a necessary feature. Gambling in different tiers is a great idea. I would love to see a great prize every week. This week could be random wing 2 or feather or crest. Or maybe a token that could be exchanged in website for credits. I would add a very low chance for a 3opt exc item. That is not somehting that you can get from bok, and a DD,HP,REF hypothetical item options would be a huge encouragement for people to play.
    14. Teranu

      Giving zen a tangible value would increase the market flow. We will see jwls and items sold for zen. Moss merchant raffle should be set at 2-5M zen each, so it fits every wallets. The chances should be calculated accordingly: IMO a very good prize should be won at every 10Billion zen in this economy. At a rate of 2.000.000 zen a ticket, every 5000th ticket should be a good winner; translated into 0.02% chance. Related to this Admin could calculate which treshold should be obtained for each prize. I would say every 10th hand or should be a winner, but the really good prize should occur at a much lower percentage. 1/200 bok1 0.5% 400M 1/400 bok2 0.25% 600M 1/600 bok3 0.166% 1.2B 1/800 bok4 0.125% 1.6B 1/1000 bok5 0.1% 2B 1/2000 BCx10 0.05% 4B 1/2000 DSx10 0.05% 4B 1/2000 bless x10 0.05% 4B 1/2000 soul x10 0.05% 4B 1/2000 life x10 0.05% 4B 1/2000 Demon 0.05% 4B 1/5000 ToC 0.02% 10B 1/5000 Seed Sphere 0.02% 10B 1/20000 Top Prize 0.005% 40B (this could be a wing 3, or a +12 (3 opt)item, etc.. This is just an example, and the percentages and rates should be changed.
    15. Teranu

      How about gambling for something that is not game changing, but would benefit everyone? ToC, BOKs, BCx10, DSx10, Demons, you get it... Fine tune a good drop rate and it will be a nice slot machine to spend cash on. Maybe do some weekly events, and add a great prize every week with a very low drop rate, F.E.: random wing 3, 1 drop in 1.000.000 chances.
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