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  1. Teranu

    Any feedback after the fight? I see castle owner changed.
  2. Teranu

    You cannot pickup specific Excellent items, since they have the same name as nonexe when dropped on the ground.
  3. Teranu

    What about a vitality RF? Is it still weak in PvM?
  4. Teranu

    Your initial problem seems to be solved. For your second problem try playing in a lower resolution, or right click the taskbar, and check autohide. But i still think your whole problem comes from a wrong registry, edited by other launcher (server) you played.
  5. Teranu

    Go to settings before starting game, and see if "window mode" is checked. If it is, a window mode registry editor could solve the problem.
  6. Teranu

    Giving zen a tangible value would increase the market flow. We will see jwls and items sold for zen. Moss merchant raffle should be set at 2-5M zen each, so it fits every wallets. The chances should be calculated accordingly: IMO a very good prize should be won at every 10Billion zen in this economy. At a rate of 2.000.000 zen a ticket, every 5000th ticket should be a good winner; translated into 0.02% chance. Related to this Admin could calculate which treshold should be obtained for each prize. I would say every 10th hand or should be a winner, but the really good prize should occur at a much lower percentage. 1/200 bok1 0.5% 400M 1/400 bok2 0.25% 600M 1/600 bok3 0.166% 1.2B 1/800 bok4 0.125% 1.6B 1/1000 bok5 0.1% 2B 1/2000 BCx10 0.05% 4B 1/2000 DSx10 0.05% 4B 1/2000 bless x10 0.05% 4B 1/2000 soul x10 0.05% 4B 1/2000 life x10 0.05% 4B 1/2000 Demon 0.05% 4B 1/5000 ToC 0.02% 10B 1/5000 Seed Sphere 0.02% 10B 1/20000 Top Prize 0.005% 40B (this could be a wing 3, or a +12 (3 opt)item, etc.. This is just an example, and the percentages and rates should be changed.
  7. Teranu

    How about gambling for something that is not game changing, but would benefit everyone? ToC, BOKs, BCx10, DSx10, Demons, you get it... Fine tune a good drop rate and it will be a nice slot machine to spend cash on. Maybe do some weekly events, and add a great prize every week with a very low drop rate, F.E.: random wing 3, 1 drop in 1.000.000 chances.
  8. Teranu

    I think Moss merchant would be a nice add..
  9. Teranu

    It seems that there is too much Zen available in server economy. Can we give zen some value? Maybe something really expensive in shop, or Chaos machine combinations price increase, or more zen required for reset?
  10. Teranu

    Good stuff. My 2 cents here: defending Castle at this early stages is much more easier than attacking. You need to outpower your oppenent 2 to 1 to take the throne.
  11. It seems that jwl drop rate is very high. Haven't participated in any event and been playing afk all the time, but i easily managed to get a ton of jwls only from leveling. Not sure in the middle and late stages of the server how many you need, but having a lower drop rate i think would be more fun.
  12. Teranu

    In any server SM is weaker than AE at hunting (focusing single target), either reset or non-reset.
  13. Teranu

    Can we connect a third account somehow to test server? Sorry for off-topic.
  14. Teranu

    At invasions AE always steal the show. It's meant to be. My SM hits 650 crit with flame, and a friends elf hits 650 EDR with triple shot. Clearly elf deal 50% more DPS, even if it's lower level and less well equipped than my SM.
  15. Teranu

    Yeah, it's clear now. But i didn't find this info in the Inception topic.
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