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  1. Colossus

  2. Colossus

    Sorry ,ADMIN.But do you have some news? Did you tested? do you have any other opinion ?
  3. Colossus

    Today I've experienced the same thing .What can i do is to describe the process that I made ,and check .I have rf and bk .I went with bk in noria ta CM >>>made a invitation >>>Invitated RF to TRADE >>>FINISHED TRADE>>Moved RF to lore>>Entered BC>>>BUG So the trade was finished ,also left party before joining BC .
  4. Colossus

    I understand your point of view ,but if u make some test STR vs AGI u will see that there are no big differences between adding agi or str .Truly is that adding str u will hit harder ,but agi rises dmg(a bit less than str) as well and also attack speed and def.So test 8k str - 5k agi VS 5k str and 8k agi and you will see what i mean .Just check killing time for both . But the main thing is : why a 10 rr RF hits pvm like a 5-6 rr SM ? Teranu : i tested also the vit rf .8k vit gives 20 k hp .so a build of 8kvit+5k str hits 8k (1hit) Same attack as an SM 6 rr ,but this rf build hits just 1 target .
  5. Colossus

    I've made some test right now ,on test server with the next build : 5500 str,8000 agi ,1000 vit,1000 ene (this means 10 rr RF) and the damage was between 5k -8k ,9 k edr(with 380 level weapon +15 F.O.) .This damage and attack speed are made by a SM 6 rr with a non exe weapon . Also I am really dissapointed ,untill now no point of view of any GM .Are you interested in this subject? or should we all change classes?
  6. Colossus

    About VIT RF can tell more Oklahoma . Truth is for a class that its main stats are agi vit ,rf has low hp (lower than elf as said before ) and also slow attack ,low dmg and low def . So ,oklahoma if you can help us here ,we are grateful . Looking forward on other opinions and a resolve from admins side .
  7. Colossus

    Yeah, we also need to think about the race .It's a race that most builds are based on vit agi .Agility bonuses are too nerfed(compare to an elf) and also vit is too nerfed .A elf gets more hp than RF ,a class that needs to add vit to "survive" .I understand that the class had to be nerfed ,but then lets make vit bk with a third of his actual HP ,and surely people will complain ,cuz are the class advantages that we are talking about . ADMIN ,if you read this topic ,please give an answer (yes ,no or i am testing) . Thank you!
  8. Colossus

    I would like to present my point of view here ,regarding the Rage Fighter character at this moment in game . At the moment ,as I've observed ,yesterday the damage done by mobs was rised and it was not announced .Because of this ,I would like to suggest ADMIN to check again the "Funcionality" of Rage fighter in game .I understand very well that RF gets stronger and stronger with each RR ,but ,at the moment a RF with 5500 agi has just 1150 def rate(PVM) which is very low for this much points .At 8000 agi ,i won't be able to stay at condra or relics ,and I will be limited by the Stage 1 (max 8000 points per stat) and this is not balancing the game ... At the moment a RF can't : PVP ,HUNT ,stay on spots that other chars at same rr can stay ,can't deal damage . Also ,before all talk ,i wanna tell that even the argument : RF WILL BE BEST IN END GAME is not valid .Go and test it on test server ,mail me in game and i show u that he has nothing more than other classes . What i suggest is to rise (a bit ) the def and dmg done by RF .I am not interested in rising the PVP dmg ...just PVM and PVM def ,so a RF can level-up like others do . This i my opinion ,if i am wrong i accept it ,but you need to demonstrate this .
  9. Colossus


    I am curious ,if now at 5 rr we have 380 level set ....what we will do at 15-20 rr? just level up? Pends+edr are present Acc are present , Rings are present Fenrir is present +11 mid game sets are present and now lv 380 items ...all at 5 rr Will this server have enough activity untill 25-30 rr? just think about it ,and then make changes that need to be done .Cuz as I see the server ,at 10 rr will be socket sets ,and is over.
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