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  1. Colossus

    I think the same of cyclone .Idk if it is a bug or anything ,but if i ICE a MG/BK and run 3-4 squares ,he can catch me by using 1 cyclone .in PvP looks like the cyclone range is 6-7 and that is a lot .
  2. Colossus

    SM: ESM -> With focus mostly on Energy for full MS & PvM potential. Hybrid -> With focus on both AGI & ENERGY for full PvP potential. Main PvP Skill: Blast (Cometfall). As you can see ,SM can't HUNT .PvM is on spot (holders).sMG can HUNT if u check the topic with characters build .
  3. Colossus

    The only one su*king here I see it's you ...2 times per day at selupan ,2 times per day at medusa and so on ... I see you have time to su*k us all in a week
  4. Colossus

    I think no one used bad words.Cuz If we have used ,we would have told that you are the prostitute cuz we are just sharing you to kill .Taking turns in beating the shit out of you .You can give even your account to some1 to play this CS.
  5. Colossus

    As i know in our guild there were no internal fights .The only problem was that we had a lot of afk players ,and my team mates re-made parties when CS started and we started playing each other on other ones accounts to try to make something .I also came at 6 ,so i've been there just 1 hour .As for mafy's wish ,I never seen him say that he want peace ,so let's not all make a fuss .Also there won't be any peace ,if they choose to start a thing ,i wish them the courage to finish it as they started ! Also i've read the interview and i can say that beside other members from that guild ,i respect mafy more ,cuz he personally said that sometimes he may get overwhelmed by rage and do some shitty things ,while his others mates are fine being assholes .
  6. Colossus

    What can i say is that this Castle Siege may be the fairest from this db and also the best by players experience.Even if hardcore joined ,we know that playboys didn't had a deal with them and they were fair play .Also the CS was so balanced ,that in the last 15 minutes they took the crown ,and we took it back in the last 5 minutes ,that made us win .Congratulations to all PlayBoys players ,and respect to all players from there.
  7. Colossus

    Believe me we are nothing like you ,nothing would have happened .Also u made "fun" cuz u d.c-ed in selupan and medusa...As I've said ...you do shitty things for a game ,things that show us your character as a man(pussie).Same things today at CS ,you tried to make us lose and again you failed ...i Think it burns you ,you die slowly :))
  8. Colossus

    Sparkle ,i think that all members of attack guild ATM can say that we are sorry for what ZaZaX said .we know he was overreacting most of the times.But as i said ,firstly we helped squadron ,its true .And after what they did,we choose to never do it again.But your friends started to do shitty things as I've said ...d.c-ing almighty in events and some other trashy things ,we choose to never let you get the Caste .Also ,please be realistic that every time ZaZaX said a bad word about you ,he was also provoked by one of your guild mates .So some of you have a part in it also ... But maybe u dont accept it Also as you've said in game ,each of us has different expectationa about the rivala caractere ,lets keep our personal ideology to us and play .If some1 does shitty things ,lets expect that they will be hated in the server and not insult each person that does a thing that we individualul dislike . Long made short : shut up and play 🤣
  9. Colossus

    and also d/c our players in events .Cuz just you know how do you know their passwords.
  10. Colossus

    Like you? As i know you left server cuz u get really upset on changes...or again is a hardcore player on other forum accounts?
  11. Colossus

    Same flaws affected all players ,but some choose to cry about it ,and others choose not to.And if we take it like you say ,each character can find 10 different flaws than others and lets all cry on forum that the server is not what we individually want to be .So please ,if some want to behave like 14 years old children ,we are not supposed to support them in this .Go cry home to mommies and daddies.
  12. Colossus

    Some from hardcore do really have a BIG problem with the ego ...BEST here best there best there and oh ,they are best even there ... While they have 1 HARDCORE player playing on 5 accounts ...
  13. Colossus

    You know just cry cuz you lost guys .When you do shitty things no one cries .You cried from the start of the server ....i don't expect anything more from hardcore .If you dont win you cry .Cuz we joined them ,cuz rf is strong ,cuz sd potins restore too much ....Long ago started to be lame what you do ,now you just make us sure that you are totally lame and u can't sleep at night ,cuz you have " The perfect builds " and you still can't get the CS .The only player that I can truly say its a good player it's Muerte .Without him your guild won' existe ,nor your items ,nor your actual level in resets. You started with anti-game and with shitty things like d/c-ing our players from long ago .You started playing this game like trashes and now you cry cuz we entered PlayBoyz,while you are too afraid to let us participate at CS .
  14. Colossus

    I am curious what you will write the next week .Let me tell you a subject :LOSECORE registered 3 guild to CS(Beside LOSECORE) ,so they could make a party with adrian and teleport them in room ,where their guild members will kill so they could gather enough points to win the castle .But unfortunately ,another shitty tactic that didn't got them the CS .Lets see what will they stormbrain for the next week .
  15. Colossus

    Yeah ...You learned to correctly write in english in 1 day ...=)) (compare your last message broken english with this last message =))
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