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  1. Colossus

    Yeah ...You learned to correctly write in english in 1 day ...=)) (compare your last message broken english with this last message =))
  2. Colossus

    Beside swearing ,most important goal of them is to make players get out of this community :)) .May Hardcore be more despicable than GROM ? Reporter why don't you write some rows about how good guys are HARDCORE for this community?:)) We understand that this is a game ,but as i see ,those guys don't understand ...Even made an account and cried "they swear about my family" when they do the same . Perfect character guys ....worst than any other guild on this server .Even some of them left game ,cuz they can't eat their own shits :))Just a bunch of cry babies ,that think they have the power ...but they have no CS ,3 players play on all guild accounts ...they see each other and speak just in weekends :)) But wait ,They have the PERFECT MG =)))) pahahahaha always the same ...Arrogants
  3. Colossus

    You just made a new account and posted this ^^ .You from HARDCORE have a lot of free time :)).
  4. Colossus

    Hello, As killua said ,the thing with gens ranking needs to be re-checked . Personally I like this server ,it is a bit interesting ,this season was not so much competition as I hoped to be ,but its ok atm.What I suggest: When there are some bugs ,try to fix them as quick as possible .I understand that you may depend on some other to fix the bugs ,or something ,but you know ,Its YOUR server ,YOUR work ,and we,players,don't lose anything ,cuz we can just quit .What loses is the community . Also about the changes that are made without letting players know .Here I am not speaking about RF change ,i understood.But there was also in the beginning a patch that rised mobs damage ,from which ,3 friends left just for this .I suggest you to announce those kind of changes before u make them ,and you can also listen some ideas from the players. Also i suggest to some of you to work on their support side .I understand that when a lot of people complain you may get frustrated ,but lets understand that you NEED to listen ,if you want to evolve ... So to make me clear ,so no one will make me arrogant or something else .I like this server ,its working based on some good ideas ,what can be improved is on support side ,This means bug fixes ,the way some talk with players and so on . Also ,I would re-think damage formula in CS ....Its really easy to make a tank ,but really hard to make a killer (not talking about making a vit rf)
  5. Colossus

    Yep...somethings is still wrong ^^
  6. Colossus

    You just hold your point that RF has Huge Def .Let me show you that in end game you have higher ,and you can beat him . My SM with 12 rr ,9000 agi and 16 points in first defense ML ,has 4300 def rate. My RF with 16 rr 16000 agi and 18 ML points in def has 5300 def rate.If i go till full agility ,RF defense will be approx. 7500 k. while a SM defense with 20 000 agi will be 9 k def rate.Lets not speak about BK which has highest def rate (ADMIN said very clear agi BK will be best in PvP) .Your only problem here ,is that your characters need vit/ene/str right now to deal pvp ,while aRF add agi and get damage too .But this thing will change .If u wanna beat us now ,go add agi ,otherwise you are crying for nothing .As I said before ,you say that RF is OP now .Same was sMG ,sBK and tank DL for CS ,the only difference is that we are not some crybabies and we waited for our characters to have upperhand .We know that in end game situation will change ,but please ,some of you need to use that test server ....otherwise you are just complaining. ADDED AFTER EDIT: Also seriously guys ,you darkyo ,you complain cuz he killed u and u have just made 16th rr and he almost makes 19 rr .Also at 16rr i hit the max agi for this stage (16 000) and you stil cry about it .My Dmg doesnt rise till first 3 make a rr ,so till i am 20 rr i have same dmg .Please ,stop this trash talk ....and go make some resets ...with a gap of 3000 points its normal for him to beat you .
  7. Colossus

    If people will leave ,they will be the owners of MG's .Cuz they got used to being best character in pvp hunt cs ,and now they find a lot of reasons to keep their position .No one left when just MG was top ,lets remember ....just Zutto could compete with MG's ,and no one left .Now same for Oklahoma .He can be killed ,but if you guys don't use all buffs in CS while he does ,its your problems .You can get 120 more attack rate from buffs ... All this trash talk just show how much need of appreciation some of you need and you don't make the difference between a game and real problems .Those kind of guys will always find a problem when they are not top .Try getting in top by not destroing your competition ,but by doing better than them . Good luck with this topic !
  8. Colossus

    Yep I confirm ...that night it was not .And also from that moment raid doesnt stop ,has no end .You can kill and get points even outside the event time.
  9. Colossus

    Personally i did test it in end game ,and tested it to moon and back for end game .Everything will be more balanced .I expected to be this way ,cuz agi vit str gives dmg to RF while now ,rest of the classes add vit ,or agi ,or ene .We permanently receive damage ,but in end game ,it will be balanced .It is true that i didnt test it for 15-20 rr .But thats it .sBK had his first rr and also still now can be good ,aSM is also good now , sMG had its resets so people should stop complaining .Lets remember at 5-10 rr when MG had so high attack speed that you had no chance to hit him back ....
  10. Colossus

    I think you dont know how to read in english ....i said both times we didn't cry when you OP 5 players at once .But i dont expect much
  11. Colossus

    yeah ...i see who is complaining about game ... you try to do something with that shit build .Change to sm and go str SM ...same thing with you build .
  12. Colossus

    I just read what some of you write here and what i can say is that you are naming yourselves PRO PLAYERS. We have here some pro's who know that in this season,normally rf îs much more OP in other servers.From the start rf was OP and admin did Something about it. As I've said it is true that now rf may be OP ,but it is overpowered cuz ii can rise his dmg a lot ,till the opponents have enough def and HP .It îs true what ADMIN said about agi rf ,his Power in the end will be limited ,cuz If not i would add 34k agi to match your end game state . Some of you said to lower the DS range .If You test ,a summ Sm and DL can hit a RF from a distance that ragefighter cant hit them ,but as i see You are capable just of crying and no testing .I am a RF and those range thing happened when fighting : PornStar,Skitch,Kumaniok,Gh0st and some others .Why don't they complain ? Cuz they know how to play . I've said it before ,dieeee ,no one cried when You fought 5 players in arena in the same tine and won,so keep your mouth shut.You all had access to test server ,it is free not a privilege ,so go and test .Dieee If You were a fair player ,You would have cried about your mg killing each boss and also going to CS and same time solo-ing .At the moment rf can just pvp .Și stop this non sense .U cant use attack speed buffs cuz u personally choose a build that doesn't let you. As for those DL tanks in CS .You all chose the DL to tank .Change Race in BK ,make agi vit build ,get a set and what a surprize ? U can tank better ! I was prezent ar CS and was dissapointed ,most powerful players from Hardcore(, not tanks) held the switches .The tanks ...where going to kill Oklahoma ....No Buffs No parties . Guys ...help your existing rf guild mates ...make a strategy and go buffed to the castele as they did ...and You will win .... Also ,get an EE for CS to complete guys
  13. Colossus

    1.you got the wrong guy .I am not in the video . 2.you cant expect to beat no one if you are lower rr ,so make rr and make a set and a build .Build does everything here ,this server is Hard style ,so get along .Get 30 rr and show us u are good . 3.Arf truly hits insane with fenrir ,but same for SM and other classes ,so again dont cry for this one
  14. Colossus

    If you ask ,i can tell u is about PvM defense .As you know there is PvM defense and PvP Defense .Also for the rest that are complaining vRF vs aRF.From the first day that test server was on ,you could have checked the delay in chain drive ,vs attack speed in dark side ,so why do you complain? cuz you were to lazy to test?
  15. Colossus

    u can solve this by entering wint re auto or re off .If re auto pass and some1 gives u party ,you get this bug .
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