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    1. b1ack

      Toasted grilled chickens!
    2. b1ack

      Yeap, it's like playin chess w/ people who don't predict next moves. My goal in here is to get some people attention to force them with his own anger throw those memes to get the A game in-game. Probably memes works like this, but I'm sorry if I get to someone with too much hard-stuff. ARCHON could get some advantage by the falls of Imperium guild, becouz few of my buddys from other SV playing with him in that guild. At least thats what I heard them saying in our Discord conversation, while we were getting that hype to go smwh else in other SV. Although it's great to hear in other SV Disc
    3. b1ack

      got double reaper and @ADMIN Excalibur sword
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