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  1. nd6ncghj

    kOlea ёпта
  2. nd6ncghj

    B>Anubis Gloves B>>Anubis Ring T>Enis Helm T>>Gaion Armor T>>>Semeden Armor+L / Boots+L / Helm T>>>>Vicious Helm / Pants T>>>>>Karis Set T>>>>>>Agnis Pants
  3. nd6ncghj

    Hi, i think what its a good idea to change something, but no in that part. First i think what we need to clean Earthshake efect from DL, its rly trash when a lot of DL's just spam that skill. Secondly, the reason why we have such a low kill potential...okay, okay, I know I'm boring everyone with this idea...its BK, all classes put a lot of stamina for the sake of not dying with one combo. The gameplay looks balanced until BK comes, i fight with all classes and we have +- normal balance, depend just from the items and rr, exclude BK. I took the advice of the admin and threw a lot of stamina, now my dmg is less but whatever i die from 1 combo. I send proof to admin but i think he dont care about it and just ignore me. ok NP. And times perishing all began to write what have them here weak characters, want in third remind that "FireSlash" not works under congestion people, that makes MG almost useless
  4. nd6ncghj

    Mate, We stay on top spot in ds until you were hiding in street corner that would not die, second, forum for this and created, that would to discuss gaming moments, if you until now this not understood and leave stupid comments, forum not for you.Third, it takes time to report an error, you can't report an error without testing
  5. nd6ncghj

    If you think BK damage on the boss is bad, then why would he combo? Which makes it already unkillable? Let beats twisting in boss and combo for PvP. P. S. I writing that just for exemple of mg problems, but it's rly no bad idea to resolve mg Fire Slash problem, equally DPS Fire Slash and Flame Strike. Or we again have a problem with that? @ADMIN
  6. nd6ncghj

    @Chukundah u talk about different problem , You write about the original settings that have always been known, you knew from the beginning what you will have strengths and weaknesses, I write about the changes that have been made now, which are not fair to others
  7. nd6ncghj

    2rd, after fix drop box of acc in DS, just first 1 or 2 day box droped, now we have 1+week no one from guild dont see any box in DS, whats happen ?
  8. nd6ncghj

    Whats happen with last updates? why need so radical changes on middle game ? maybe I should start complaining about the injustice of my class ??we play so many projects with such settings but now someone writes to the admin and he radically changes the gameplay. I too dont like buff already strong BK in Kalima, or usles MG in mass fights, especially at the CS. If there was such a wave of changes, make the same DPS for Flame Strike like Fire Slash. Or give your suggestions
  9. nd6ncghj

    do not write in CAPS, I am for this screen is not asking for punishment, this is just an example of ur "good" behavior and proof that this is not the first case
  10. nd6ncghj

    da "guild de cacat" nu e provocare ?:D I know this man, he insults only us because we speak Russian, and he calls us "Racists" for it. And all time say somthink shit about Moldova. Non-Reset https://ibb.co/vYGVgsR Special pentru tine https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rasism
  11. nd6ncghj


    Сan close the topic, sorry for the inconvenience and for my carelessness.
  12. nd6ncghj


    OK, i agree with u. For rly its my mistake but no only. U will can close that discusion on first post, u will can say what SD RECOVERY DONT WORK here, coz all my arguments from first post its base just on that argument mate....😁
  13. nd6ncghj


    i will repeat no one dont hunt and dress on these items ever, in no one edition, no one guy, never. (Dark soul, Gread Dragon, Red Spirit etc. But now,when from senyor dop 380 exe, all ppls will hunt that items. Diference bettwen Gread Dragon and Dragon Knight is HUGE, and problem no is in def, but in opts what give 380 in special Armor and Helm.
  14. nd6ncghj


    Enough one of last Item on individual with air and this destroys All economy, all items depreciate, because TOP characters create economy buying RD, devine, Guardian, Storm crow Legendary etc. EVER I dont know a 100% statistic, but I will share my observations. From first my project here (Max30) i see only 1 full soket set equp be mamed, and its first Max30, to be honest, there were more people but as it turned out at max 50 items were obtained through the BUG in the market, and they get ban for that Not defence make 380 sets better like other, but SD recovery, disable 380 options on top tier items and add from bok1-2 items and u will see what nobody dont dress DK,Venom etc.
  15. nd6ncghj


    Hi, Now im home and have a feel time for normal discusion. Facts, i like it.You compare 2 different servers with different settings and maximum stats. In phoenix will be gread to add from senior box non exe 380, 1 or 2 box and random drop (by the way here it would also gread) Mb i dont say same but i accentuate what add from senior mix LAST tier items without alternative its a bad idea Proof https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3314-discussions-about-inception/#
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