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    1. we use my set on Trippy, Zutto stopped and passed me his set + bb's which were given from guild im not asking were did u get ur bb as i said,as long as i can manage 10 shitstepy im ok, but thx for respect that u require from me more and more why u always cryy? start to play boy, ah u stopped, coz u got fked - sorry! it was all written who i am talking about, shitstepy members, unfortunately only 25 slots for noobs not gonna write anymore, pointless, u are not worth it
    2. do not show up again pls
    3. noone stole items, u play dirty, u deserve dirty cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, always cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, yes u left, nice, as always, next time do not start please, even u use different nick i will find out who u are as this time when at the beginig of the server u were hiding in kundun as a BK ccryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    4. havent stole anything, helping u to make equal chances if u cant on ur own yes i mean nothing, thats why u are in the place u are now stfu trash, keep playing with idiot players, keep items for uself and keep to not care about anything
    5. im ok with playing a bk, as long as i am fking shitstepy im ok with my abilities, 1vs min10
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