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  1. Shuryk

    sorry mate, it's called honesty, you and your friends in kindergarten didn't learn it.
  2. Shuryk

    https://ibb.co/njNqfqN Someone post screen where I called Zutto a bastard or something that, would be honest. I did not have time to make this screen.
  3. Shuryk

    Rework pls this ds 3 coz its rly no rentable spots, from first to last min u have alltime atlans1 monsters, that its little better like devias. After 15 min bettwen atlans first monsters u have spawn 1-2 Devil, 1 Great Bahamut, 1 Lizard. In last 5 min u have +1 Silver Valkyrie and+1 Hydra
  4. PK Punishments & Allowance If you are PK you can: Be summoned by a DL (if it is not on the same IP with you). Teleport to most of the Maps via Web Site (But with a much higher cost of Zen). Punishments: You can't use Shops if you are PK. You can be attacked on Non-PvP maps. You have specific Kill Limits based on the map where you currently are. You can't join LoT if you are PK.
  5. Shuryk

    2kkk zen have lags, take max 1-1.5kkk zen and try.
  6. Shuryk

    make sw if u cant join, coz sometimes NPC think what u no have more entrances
  7. Shuryk


    add agnis pants
  8. Shuryk

    make one character, exept bk, from test
  9. Shuryk

    @alegzander in the evening we go test server and i will show u good DL equip
  10. Shuryk


  11. Shuryk


  12. Shuryk


  13. Shuryk


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