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  1. Shuryk

    Grats guys for all the work done. And so start. About last update, (block exp) its abuse feature coz not one newbie cant get PvP event, in all events participate and get only TOP ppl who transfer they items on low lvl character and dont give a chance for newbies.That need to fix i think. About (©summon in a party if DL does have a Guild ) Make that from Teleport Ally too. About ML and PvP defense/attack rate this need to nerf little or change basic formulas coz they make very big disbalance on gameplay. One char ~10 ML make more impact on PvP than 5-10 ppl 350-400lvl. And if consider that server have low exp it will take a very long time for that to have a chance to confront him. I propose or decrease x2 ML PvP defense/attack rate or rise basic formulas x2. (lvl 400 u have 2.200-2.800 defense rate// Attak rate~1-1.5k depend of stats, but 10lvl ML give u 3k defence/attack rate, IMHO its very imbalance ) About PK. A lot of my friends leave server by reason bad PK system , absolutely no one guy from server dont want to make PK coz its suicide, server its boring from best aspect of Mu online (PK). For example Icarus, stay 2 full pt on spot and all have only one PK, now system work that:Kill one guy=> clear PK=>Kill one guy. Its a rat game, nothing fun and boring. Another example from max30/50 :Relics warp relics=>kill all map=>return to spot, and this cycle repeat every 10-20 min. ofc ppls leave and online decrease I propose next: Summon on PK, Summon on Battle maps and free PK on Elbeland. restrictions for PK: All restrictions what we have + cant use shop(for pots) and cant join nonPvP maps(aida,CW,Kalima) (optional wichnot CC,PvP Arena, Illusion Temple) P.S. Remove Death King Invasion About forum, i think better its dont close post after responding staff , mb ppls have more suggestions or another opinion, it need to close after some days inactivity(not spam). sorry for my English, I hope everything will be clear. ©DIEEEEEEEE
  2. Shuryk

    My opinion is that: u can Help only attacking side, coz defense the Castle is all time easier than assault. This amendment will make often change owners of CS, that will give an incentive to many guilds.
  3. Shuryk

  4. 2acc per ip and I agree with the rest
  5. Shuryk

    About this, @HERO here say " next insult = Baned"
  6. I agree wich u, double bipass or/and double dmg(380 BB) give huge advantage...
  7. Shuryk

    King of Toilets
  8. I do not understand a bit what you really want to say, but I expressed my opinion about it ...usually it is always right
  9. I dont like charter who allways stay on 2rd widow and make only disconford in game. My practice show me what no one dont play with then but u obliged to make it coz it(EE) make much impact
  10. Shuryk

    hm....u have 1 rr and lvl 3= 800 stats 500str +300 agi = 800stats where u get 220 more stats ?
  11. nu sunt deacord cu asta, ca exemplu Raklion ai posibilitatea sa te folosesti de summon doar 5 min cit portsile sunt deschise, dar pvp se incepe cu mult mai devreme.Relics la fel. Imi aduc aminte cind sa dat intrebarea de crestere ML in nonPvP maps, Admin ai spus ca asta e specificul la mastel lvl, daca lai facut cresti doar in battle maps, dar la summon NONStop dai disable ignorind aceasta afirmatsie... I dont agree wich this affirmation, for example in Raklion u can use summon only 5 min when door its open, but pvp for locations starting earlier, in Relics its same. When someone ask admin why he cant up ML lvl on nonpvp maps Admin say if u make ML u can up it only on battle maps(ML its battle tree) but possibility of summon on Battle maps u decrease....
  12. 😢😢😢 About Elf buffs...mb remove it spells? i think past this time where peoples really want to play from EE. and here where summon work 5 min on day...helpless elf.
  13. . Guys it's better wich summon pk, coz many ppls kill wich twins, and it don't change nothing, that rly no interesting. I think I better kills wich main chars. For me battle maps it's bad idea, coz it's pk which not consequences, something come every 10 min and clear all Bmaps.
  14. @ADMIN and about PK system ? summon wich PK? Summon in Battle maps ?