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  1. Shuryk

    make sw if u cant join, coz sometimes NPC think what u no have more entrances
  2. Shuryk


    add agnis pants
  3. Shuryk

    make one character, exept bk, from test
  4. Shuryk

    @alegzander in the evening we go test server and i will show u good DL equip
  5. Shuryk


  6. U say what power of AE only in mele range, but all clases is mele except Summ and mb DL. BK-Combo, SM-Blast, MG-Blast/Fire Slash, RF-Chain Drive,
  7. I dont agree with Exilia point of vision but here u wrong, from all what i see her i can position AE on place 3-4 (first BK, second SM), mb u and Gion make a some test for all classes but I think you not taken into account optionary stats build. Lttle exemple, u can have 2k agi and 200vit and u best AE on PvM, and in PvP u low, but if u put 1700 agi and 500 vit u remain best from PvM(except AE full agi) and u very stong in PvP. here too, for reale on this moment we have 1.5 range characters (summ and 0.5 is DL) only from summ is reason for range fight, rest clases is melee.
  8. Shuryk


  9. Because you want everything at once, and the resistance from ice, and good DMG, and that would not die. I'm not going to explain everything because you can't hear me
  10. And again, that people are trying to customize the game for himself. I am tired, all play, hunt and dress as they see fit, all fighting for their things, skills and features. What makes you think you see the big picture ? Why I tried to make a Fenrir and you say that it gives me a priority than it is the better compared to your W3 and my W2, or AE, why can't she use all skills in CC? but you're allowed. DD its a problem now because its more easy to make a good set than a good weapon. look from a different angle, and stop trash-talking.
  11. Shuryk


  12. Shuryk

    This event is supported killua 1box+5 , 10B, pend of fire+2%dmg CocaCola Wings Elf and BK lvl2 Ty guys
  13. Shuryk

    thank you all who participated.
  14. Shuryk


  15. Shuryk

    From killua 1bok+5, 10B and Pendant+2%dmg
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