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  1. Shuryk

    Mate, score is 0 - 6. Whats is the problem ?
  2. Shuryk

    up. I dont see any Box in DS , someone esle ?
  3. Shuryk

    Guys, someone get acc items from DS6 ? I participe regular on that event and dont see nothing, and i dont know ppls who get it. Mb its turned off now, and they'll start falling as soon as they appear in LoT (good idea). Mb % its very low (bad idea)
  4. Shuryk

    DIEEEEEEEE can confirm, he the entire event could not understand where is opponents EE
  5. Shuryk

    https://ibb.co/YLwD45L https://ibb.co/GvwB1Z3 Only Mute if posible.
  6. I expressed my opinion like you did. I was rude to you ? I think if need to save the world from such as you is. This is a game and nothing more, be careful in terms
  7. LuL, mate about what u talk ?
  8. I have Facts u have only "i had bug" as a minimum, even 2 your friends. Lets admin to read and we will see he position.
  9. I answered this question, Im like any other went in to late, I came when he was ~2 min, I saw you and until I came the second time was only a few seconds. I told about gameplay, let's be honest, if didn't clear the inventory, you would not take buffs, HP ? What did I do ? did I use third-party software ? no! On the wings it is written quite clearly that they dress up 1 LVL and without any restrictions.
  10. Mate, u twice join to RRRR( he too use tricks, allexu too), first time wich RoyalWin second wich Damaan, i think u and ur frineds use some tricks but RRRR make it corectly and dont show wings but u make fail and relog. Ur HP 622-500 (buff) = 122 like allexu, too much of a coincidence. Second, i many times play RoyalRubmble and no one time me and my frineds dont have some "bugs". Its forum, ask ppls if someone have same.
  11. ur proof(link) dosent work ^^
  12. Charter wich nickname RoyalWin claims he doesn't know about wings and HP buffs before joining RoyalRumble
  13. https://ibb.co/XynyM3x I see wings, me temate see wings. U lie what not see that and rejoin coz "somebody say u somthink...." if i dont see nothink i dont care what talk ppls, but u believe on anything anyone tells you. U Lie about Wings, u lie about buff HP. No only us use a tricks for that event, ty @Selphie for screen allexu have 122 HP ? why. Go to ban all ppls coz all use tricks. At least I admit that I knowingly wore wings, but you keep lying despite the facts. And I'm also saying that if it wasn't for YOU, none of this would have happened, and all we play "honesty".
  14. Please don't need this...all ppls see it but u not, u can see int in charter menu, in game when u join in game wich him and in event u too see it I know 100%, only RRRRR have bug or another trick in don't know, only when u hit him u can see miss. U relog only cause all spam "ban ban". I not rejoin coz I don't have time for that, I see u, make sw, find wings, create a new charter and rejoin in last seconds.
  15. . I dont understand why need to encourage RoyalWin, if not him, all wil play normal, about him "example"...everything was chaotic and at the last moment. At that time we acted on the principle " if it is possible, why not ? " we see RoyalWin and make same thing. If punish need RoyalWin too, but I can't decide, keep it on your conscience. Im one of them ty.
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